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No more half-measures on corporate taxes

Globalization has gotten a bad rap in recent years, and often for good reason. But some critics, not least US President Donald Trump, place the blame in the wrong place, conjuring up a false image in ...More

EJ Insight2019-10-08


在美國總統特朗普打造的新世界裏,一個衝擊緊接另一個衝擊,從來沒有時間仔細思考正在轟炸我們的事件的完整含義。7月 ...全文

名家論壇Project Syndicate2019年08月22日

Trump's deficit economy

In the new world wrought by US President Donald Trump, where one shock follows another, there is never time to think through fully the implications of the events with which we are bombarded. In late ...More

EJ Insight2019-08-12


Facebook(fb)和它的某些盟友公司認定,世界真正需要的是另一種加密貨幣,發行這樣一種貨幣是用好他們所掌 ...全文

今日信報EJ GlobalEJ GLOBAL plus 彙編選輯Joseph E. Stiglitz2019年07月27日

Thumbs down to Facebook’s cryptocurrency

Facebook and some of its corporate allies have decided that what the world really needs is another cryptocurrency, and that launching one is the best way to use the vast talents at their disposal. The ...More

EJ Insight2019-07-03


怎樣的經濟制度最有益於人類福利?這個問題成為現時代的一大特徵,因為美國和其他發達經濟體在經歷了四十年的新自由主 ...全文

今日信報理財投資博集先機Joseph E. Stiglitz2019年06月04日


尼爾森(Kirstjen Nielsen)被迫辭去美國國土安全部長一職,這絕非好事。誠然,她是在美國邊境強制分 ...全文

名家論壇Project Syndicate2019年04月17日

Trump’s most worrisome legacy

Kirstjen Nielsen’s forced resignation as US Secretary of Homeland Security is no reason to celebrate. Yes, she presided over the forced separation of families at the US border, notoriously housing you ...More

EJ Insight2019-04-10


世界發達經濟體正在爆發各種深層次問題。特別是在美國,不平等程度達到了1928年以來的最高峰,與第二次世界大戰後 ...全文

名家論壇Project Syndicate2019年03月15日

Market concentration is threatening the US economy

The world’s advanced economies are suffering from a number of deep-seated problems. In the United States, in particular, inequality is at its highest since 1928, and GDP growth remains woefully tepid ...More

EJ Insight2019-03-12

How can we tax footloose multinationals?

In the last few years, globalization has come under renewed attack. Some of the criticisms may be misplaced, but one is spot on: globalization has enabled large multinationals, like Apple, Google, and ...More

EJ Insight2019-02-14


這個社會大部分人對其眼中的「體制」,尤其是政治階層,深感不滿,早已不是什麼新聞。因法國總統馬克龍以對抗氣候變化 ...全文

名家論壇Project Syndicate2019年01月08日

From Yellow Vests to the Green New Deal

  It’s old news that large segments of society have become deeply unhappy with what they see as “the establishment,” especially the political class. The “Yellow Vest” protests in France, triggered by ...More

EJ Insight2019-01-08


不到十年之前,經濟表現和社會進步指標國際委員會(International Commission on the ...全文

名家論壇Project Syndicate2018年12月11日

Beyond GDP

Just under ten years ago, the International Commission on the Measurement of Economic Performance and Social Progress issued its report, Mismeasuring Our Lives: Why GDP Doesn’t Add Up. The title summe ...More

EJ Insight2018-12-04


美國長期以來都把自己視為民主的堡壘。它推動了全世界的民主,並在二戰期間付出了極大的代價進行歐洲反法西斯民主鬥爭 ...全文

今日信報理財投資博集先機Joseph E. Stiglitz2018年11月08日

Can American democracy come back?

The United States has long held itself up as a bastion of democracy. It has promoted democracy around the world. It fought, at great cost, for democracy against fascism in Europe during World War II. ...More

EJ Insight2018-11-07


隨着11月國會選舉的臨近,所有的目光都集中到了美國。而此次選舉的結果也將為兩年前特朗普贏得大選後催生的許多疑慮 ...全文

名家論壇Project Syndicate2018年10月18日

People vs money in America’s midterm elections

All eyes are on the United States as November’s Congressional elections approach. The outcome will answer many alarming questions raised two years ago, when Donald Trump won the presidential election. ...More

EJ Insight2018-10-12


薩默斯(Larry Summers)正確地指出,「長期停滯」一詞從二戰臨近結束時開始流行。Alvin Hans ...全文

名家論壇Project Syndicate2018年09月12日

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