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US eases some curbs on Huawei to keep mobile networks operating

... list that makes it nearly impossible for the Chinese company to purchase goods made in the US. Huawei is now on a list of entities that are banned from doing business with US companies without licens ...More

EJ Insight2019-05-21

Regina Ip: Extradition bill to pass amid Liaison Office push

...  the bill makes progress, lawmakers can still request some revision in the contents, she said. According to Lee, she has asked members of the House Committee to submit their opinions by 5pm Tuesday on ...More

EJ Insight2019-05-20

Hong Kong: China demands right to extradite

... and. That makes any scrutiny of the bill by the legislature superfluous. James Tien Pei-chun, founder of the Liberal Party, said that as a result of Wang’s speech, “the pro-establishment camp will all ...More

EJ Insight2019-05-20

China's millionaires ponder: Leave or remain?

... ars. This makes it impractical for parents to plan for the education of their children since kids can no longer qualify for dependent visas when they turn 21. China-born investors have accounted for a ...More

EJ Insight2019-05-16

China's millionaires ponder: Leave or remain?

... ars. This makes it impractical for parents to plan for ...全文

今日信報時事評論EJ InsightFrank Ching2019年05月16日

How Finland’s education system inspires the DreamStarter project

... tive that makes dream projects initiated by students come true, providing assistance through raising awareness, mentoring, crowdfunding and crowdsourcing support. Hong Kong students usually excel in r ...More

EJ Insight2019-05-14

What's in a word?

... edent and makes up a new rule, evidencing that he is only the government's hand puppet. Similar criticism of Leung Chun-ying, also justifiably laid, did not result in Legco members being ejected. So, ...More

EJ Insight2019-05-10

Facebook rejects co-founder call for breakup

... trust law makes such a proposal tough to execute because the government would have to take the company to court and win. It is rare to break up a company but not unheard of, with Standard Oil and AT&a ...More

EJ Insight2019-05-10

Trump eyes more China tariffs as make-or-break trade talks start

... China now makes. “It’ll be the old-fashioned way, the way we used to do it: We made our own product.” US stock indexes closed lower on Thursday ahead of the trade talks, though they pared losses after ...More

EJ Insight2019-05-10

Recurring income is a nice investment theme

... xes. That makes them interesting investment targets. This article appeared in the Hong Kong Economic Journal on May 8 Translation by Julie Zhu with additional reporting [Chinese version 中文版] – Contact ...More

EJ Insight2019-05-09

Google launches US$399 Pixel phone

... or weeks, makes Google a more serious contender in the industry. Earlier Pixel devices have drawn strong user reviews for camera features and artificial intelligence capabilities that beat those in ph ...More

EJ Insight2019-05-08

Why Cyberport expansion plan is well justified

... ects that makes it a tech hub. Projects attract financiers and the more investors there are, the more projects are attracted to the ecosystem. The article pointed out that 31 percent of the office spa ...More

EJ Insight2019-05-06

Leave the renminbi out of US-China trade talks

... ontrols – makes sense for an economy with business cycles that seldom coincide precisely with those of the United States. With its declining trend economic performance, overbuilt housing sector, and ...More

EJ Insight2019-05-06

Facebook Groups could spell more trouble for users

...  Facebook makes Groups a bigger and major part of the Facebook user experience. Users will see a personalized feed of activity across all the groups they have joined in their home page. News Feed, whi ...More

EJ Insight2019-05-03

Tencent-backed insurer Waterdrop seeks unicorn valuation: report

... e company makes sure to keep government officials updated on its activities, Shen said. This March, Tencent (00700.HK) led the series B funding round for Waterdrop, which raised 500 million yuan (US$7 ...More

EJ Insight2019-05-02

How to rebuild America’s economic foundations

... ideas and makes it easier to turn those ideas into products and companies. Creating new basic knowledge involves spillover effects: because no one person or company can capture the full benefits, all ...More

EJ Insight2019-05-02

How Bangladesh makes careful use of China's BRI money

Bangladesh has made careful use of the money it has received from China, including that under the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). It is a good example of prudent management and how to avoid a "debt tr ...More

EJ Insight2019-05-02

How Bangladesh makes careful use of China's BRI money

Bangladesh has made careful use of the money it has rec ...全文

今日信報時事評論EJ InsightMark O’Neill2019年05月02日

Why ESG reporting is important for HK firms

... he report makes the point that in the long term, the creation of shareholder value will increasingly be linked with a company’s treatment of a wide range of stakeholders and the environment. This is n ...More

EJ Insight2019-04-30


...  lie that makes us realize truth,是畢加索說的。吉洛特,是個真藝人。 巴黎,一 ...全文


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