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Nigeria’s mental health stigma and innovative solutions

... ues – no small share of the population. But with improved legislation, education, and support systems – designed and implemented with the engagement of mental-health advocates, practitioners, and dono ...More

EJ Insight2020-05-27


... ociety’s small potatoes are no longer able to laugh at the vices and follies of the high and mighty, that will signal the end of freedom of expression. The reality is that it is impossible to satirise ...More

EJ Insight2020-05-22

Europe’s Hamiltonian moment

...  fund is small change in an era when politicians and central bankers conjure up trillions almost daily. And what about the gulf between words and action throughout the EU’s history? Skepticism about t ...More

EJ Insight2020-05-22


... 導人在拉姆安拉(Ramallah)舉行緊急會議。阿巴斯在會上說,所有和美國及以色列政府達成的協議和備忘錄,包括 ...全文

今日信報EJ Global2020年05月21日

HK-focused VC fund Beyond Ventures eyes two IPOs

Global coronavirus pandemic has posed an existential threat to some small and early-stages businesses. But startups working on pivoting their business models to adapt to the new circumstances can surv ...More

EJ Insight2020-05-15

COVID-19 is clarifying the climate challenge

... hoods of small-scale farmers, pastoralists, and fishermen are adversely affected as well, while small and medium-size enterprises may be forced into bankruptcy or closure, driving low-income and middl ...More

EJ Insight2020-05-13

A new Cold War between US and China will benefit no one

... sters to small and medium enterprises shutting en masse ...全文

今日信報時事評論Brian Wong2020年05月13日

病毒變異廢疫苗 動產遠勝不動產

... 在零售物業中,商場(Mall)受創最重,比起二○一六年,平均樓價跌去百分四十五! 有關的「苦況」,港人莫不瞭然 ...全文


離CBD及最繁華購物街僅10分鐘車程 澳洲布里斯本「潮區」現代豪華公寓The Coterie

... en Street Mall、Wintergarden、Myer和Brisbane Arcade等都聚集於此。 ...全文


新聞秘書上周確診 美副總統彭斯據報自我隔離

... 言人Devin O’Malley稱,彭斯沒有啟動隔離流程,因為醫生沒有作出有關建議。 報道引述彭斯身邊的高級官 ...全文


A new Cold War between US and China will benefit no one

... sters to small and medium enterprises shutting en masse due to the unrest, from those deserted by the exodus of foreign capital to those who struggled under government-imposed lockdowns, the movement ...More

EJ Insight2020-05-11

Climate action can help fight pandemics

... e that a small increase in long-term exposure to particulate-matter air pollution can significantly increase the odds of someone dying from COVID-19. This effect was apparent even after accounting for ...More

EJ Insight2020-05-08

The pandemic helps promote development of telemedicine in HK

... g Kong formally announced the guidelines for telemedicine, reducing the gray area in providing the service. It happened in time to address the raging epidemic starting from beginning of the year, lead ...More

EJ Insight2020-05-07

Payment unicorn Airwallex: Pandemic won’t stop globalization

... ite this small setback, our commitment to the Hong Kong market remains unchanged. We will continue to support SMEs and enterprises to navigate financial complexities to help them grow internationally. ...More

EJ Insight2020-05-07

擬開發電子錢包 引KOL專頁推銷

香港電視(01137)旗下網購平台HKTVmall,4月續派亮麗成績表,月內訂單總商品交易額(GMV)達4.9 ...全文



...  4月,曾於HKTVmall購物的獨立客戶數量37.3萬人,按年增加81.07%。 港視指出,集團致力實現及加 ...全文


The misguided war on global value chains

...  provide small and medium-size domestic firms opportunities to join strong international networks of partners, suppliers, and clients, which can bring access to finance, higher standards, and expanded ...More

EJ Insight2020-05-06


... thinking small)。這個大消息,就是Amazon擬把第二季約40億美元營運利潤全數用於抗疫,包括購 ...全文


新地旗下3大商場 齊推抗疫餐飲優惠

新鴻基地產旗下旺角MOKO新世紀廣場、葵芳新都會廣場以及元朗YOHO MALL形點由即日起,聯同近130間食肆 ...全文


受惠東部經濟走廊 坐擁亞洲最大商場

... 港元)。其中The Mall Group斥資100億泰銖(約24億港元)在區內興建大型商場;鄰區的MEGA B ...全文


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