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Why the government doesn’t want the virus to go away

... yment and mounting poverty. Even relief measures are being tailored to match political objectives, most notably in the timing of the HK$10,000 handout to all citizens just ahead of the September Legco ...More

EJ Insight2020-06-01

Investment ideas for re-opening phase of the coronavirus crisis

... emendous amount of BBB rated investment-grade debt – more than USD 900 billion – that could be downgraded to high yield because of the economic environment. These “fallen angels” notably could have th ...More

EJ Insight2020-06-01

Economic recovery from COVID-19 unlikely near term

... d a huge amount of monetary and fiscal stimulus into the global economy in the past two months – amounting to US$15.86 trillion or 8.8% of global GDP. The key question on everyone’s lips therefore is ...More

EJ Insight2020-06-01

Recovery fund could permanently change the EU

... the huge amount of subsidies received by its companies. Currently, its share of the total amount of subsidies that the EU-Commission has approved is slightly above 50% of all crisis-related subsidies ...More

EJ Insight2020-05-29

Nigeria’s mental health stigma and innovative solutions

... – an insurmountable barrier for many. Nigeria is failing those of its people who struggle with mental-health issues – no small share of the population. But with improved legislation, education, and su ...More

EJ Insight2020-05-27

China new infrastructure initiative to boost cloud computing

... the vast amounts of data that companies generate. Switching from on-site data management to cloud services can also save up to 30% of a company’s Information Technology (IT) costs. Once a company’s IT ...More

EJ Insight2020-05-25

The digital path to citizen-centric finance

Today, “mobile money” – a service enabling people to send, receive, and store money on a cellphone – allows a market trader in Kenya to borrow a modest amount at sunrise to buy her stock, and then pay ...More

EJ Insight2020-05-25

Asian value stocks attractive amid pandemic recovery

...  massive amounts of fiscal stimulus being pumped into regional economies could help support cyclical companies that are more dominant among value stocks. Faster Out of the Block The coronavirus battle ...More

EJ Insight2020-05-22


... y by the amount of satire it can endure.’ When society’s small potatoes are no longer able to laugh at the vices and follies of the high and mighty, that will signal the end of freedom of expression. ...More

EJ Insight2020-05-22

Europe’s Hamiltonian moment

... The plan amounts to only 3% of the EU’s GDP, compared with the 15% of GDP already committed by Germany to industrial support. Creating any EU recovery plan will require unanimous support from the EU’s ...More

EJ Insight2020-05-22

Protecting women during the pandemic

... ntinue to mount. Recent progress toward more effective and inclusive health systems and gender equality may be reversed. Action must be taken to limit the fallout. At the 1994 International Conference ...More

EJ Insight2020-05-22

澳洲布里斯本租金回報為全國第二高 樓價卻是悉尼的一半 墨爾本的七成

... 台可眺望布里斯班河、Mount Coot-tha、Moreton Bay等。交通便利,1分鐘步程即到火車站,1 ...全文


How would you answer that history exam question?

...  largest amount of indemnity under the Boxer Protocol. Teacher: Good point. What else? Me: Japan also fought the Russians on China’s territory during the Russo-Japanese War. She gained control of sout ...More

EJ Insight2020-05-20

Put the theme parks out of their misery

... ice that amount for longer-term renovation. Meanwhile the miserable failure that is the Disney theme park in Lantau has slunk deeper into the mire as it too remains shuttered in the wake of the corona ...More

EJ Insight2020-05-18

The most important skills of the century

... ary, the amount of online orders also increased by 42%. It is expected to be listed on the NASDAQ stock market in the U.S. in Q3 this year and reportedly aims to raise up to US$80 million (over HK$624 ...More

EJ Insight2020-05-13

Sustenir to boost HK’s local food supply amid coronavirus crisis

... ease the amount of local food production,” said Moy, “2 percent [of local vegetable production] is a low base right now. There is a lot we can do to double, triple, or expand five times the amount of ...More

EJ Insight2020-05-12

The misguided war on global value chains

... es could amount to a death sentence for many low-income economies and would worsen inequalities between countries, thus exacerbating the current weakness of global aggregate demand. After all, global ...More

EJ Insight2020-05-06


土地註冊處資料顯示,山頂聶歌信山道8號MOUNT NICHOLSON B座中層,實用面積4264方呎,露台面積 ...全文


Covid-19: An independent investigation is good for China

... ses will amount to trillions of U.S. dollars. But is China responsible? After all, as China tells it, while the country was the first victim of the coronavirus, it was not its source and not responsib ...More

EJ Insight2020-05-04


... 住宅獎的「山住宅」(Mountain Dwellings)和哥本哈根海港浴場等。 其中一個最令筆者嘖嘖稱奇的項 ...全文


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