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鬧市桃源 天空花園

... 市綠洲(Urban oasis),營造一個氛圍自由、溫馨且內外邊界模糊的「Spaces in-between」 ...全文


港義工建音樂學校 緬童奏出新生

... 棟附近舉行,他們邀請Oasis Kid在會議開幕儀式上表演,官員十分讚賞,更邀請樂團參與閉幕晚會演出。樂團從寂 ...全文

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東芝分拆 無頭曱甴

... 3月,以香港為基地的Oasis對沖基金在別無選擇之下控告東芝工廠系統與服務(在東京掛牌,東芝是大股東)的董事, ...全文

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Mother and daughter jump to their deaths in Tseung Kwan O

... Residence Oasis housing complex that stands above the Hang Hau Station. The woman's husband, a person surnamed Chan, is said to be a senior accountant and board members of several companies. Chan and ...More

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... ck想發展Mars Oasis「火星綠洲」項目,在火星進行種植,並跑到莫斯科商討購買火箭。賣家開價8000萬美 ...全文


Jobless man charged with rape of two women he met online

...  Lung Mun Oasis in Tuen Mun earlier that day. She said she had agreed to go to his home after he claimed he had goods for her to sell for profit. When police officers went to the flat the next day, hi ...More

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【國際金融篇】減產協議終達成 油金魅力難持久

... 達科他州主要頁岩油商Oasis Petroleum看好油價回穩,其於2016年10月買入5.5萬英畝土地,只要 ...全文


Photo exhibition to highlight housing woes of underprivileged

... e Central Oasis in Central Market from October 13 to 26. Sze Lai-shan, a member of the Executive Committee of SCO, points out that many of the underprivileged are hardworking people who refuse to acce ...More

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... 搖滾樂隊Suede和Oasis非常流行,我也跟風開始接觸,買了第一隻Suede專輯Head Music,喜歡這 ...全文

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Creative architecture: Serpentine Pavilion & Summer Houses

...  secluded oasis that blends with the landscape Khan's pavilion is a spiritual, rounded structure that connects the viewer to the 300-year-old Temple made by William Kent to celebrate Queen Caroline’s ...More

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Hair and music in a Hollywood Road speakeasy

... ace as an oasis in uber-commercial Hong Kong. He built a place according to his taste, not for one-size-fits-all retail service. In return, he has garnered a loyal following: clients who return to him ...More

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Colonial gems: a detour from malls and skyscrapers

... The urban oasis at the heart of bustling Tsim Sha Tsui used to be huge, heavily-guarded barracks. The site was built in the 1890s for the British Indian garrisons and occupied by the British Military ...More

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新Kindle也輕薄 售2262元

網購巨擘亞馬遜(Amazon)推出新版電子閱讀器Kindle Oasis,配備可充電外殼,外形流線簡潔,重量約 ...全文

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... 發生在名為「綠洲」(Oasis)的全球虛擬網絡中,此一網絡的人物可從中學習、社交、參加尋寶活動。 Oculus ...全文


Mega projects that will change how you look at Hong Kong

... an “urban oasis” featuring verdant greenery, an amphitheater, a sports complex, a reflection pool and a cycling track. Who would not want our city to have this spacious, “floating” scenic boulevard cu ...More

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Eat This: Misokatsu in Nagoya

... c blue of Oasis 21’s observation deck after dusk. Right beside it is the Aichi Arts Center, where you can get tickets for the fine arts museum or watch a show in the performing arts theater. Visit Myo ...More

EJ Insight2015-12-31

Massive youth hostel project in Yuen Long to provide 1,680 beds

... med Youth Oasis, has passed reviews by the Town Planning Board and the Yuen Long district council during the past few months and has been gazetted. The next step is to get funding. Chan said applicati ...More

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... 經典也是上世紀的,連Oasis、Robbie Williams、辣妹組合都成大叔大嬸了,利物浦不能再唱什麼Le ...全文



... 妝:[email protected] Studio 撰文:林艷虹 攝影:陳縱宇 [email protected] ...全文


China market woes prompt foreign investors to focus on India

China's stock market tumult is prompting some global investors to shift their equity exposure to India, Bloomberg News reported. "The recent travails in China make India seem like an oasis of calm in ...More

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