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Trump-Kim summit set for Singapore's Sentosa Island

The summit between US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un will be on Singapore’s southern island of Sentosa, Reuters reports. White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said in a Twi ...More

EJ Insight2018-06-06

Why home purchase restrictions won't work in Hong Kong

... ng, chairwoman of the Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Hong Kong, has suggested that the government introduce home purchase restrictions. Financial Secretary Paul Chan Mo-po did ...More

EJ Insight2018-06-06


... 球有關,由瑞典男士Tomas Lundman創下,他全程用頭部控波,2004年2月,以8小時32分3秒完成挑戰 ...全文



... nitive automation) 這即是類似電影《鐵甲奇俠》男主角製作先進武器的過程,不單是室內,還可以利 ...全文



... ack 2 Diplomacy」;2014年開始有了中國國防部的直接參與,自此升格為「Track 1.5 Di ...全文



... 奧特、京士利高文(Coman)等球星也忍痛放棄,誰叫國際足協只準帶23人上機?巴西球星大衞雷斯和英格蘭的韋舒亞 ...全文


EPD revising indoor air quality standards

... ycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. The same update also removes requirements like room temperature, relative humidity, air movement rate, and seven other species of VOCs. The updated objectives are propos ...More

EJ Insight2018-06-05

Four charged by ICAC with leaking HKDSE exam questions

...  Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE). One of the four defendants is Weslie Siao Chi-yung, 42, a celebrity Chinese language tutor from tutorial school Modern Education (Hong Kong) Ltd., the Hon ...More

EJ Insight2018-06-05

Mainland woman who took photos in court gets 7 days jail

A mainland woman who broke rules by taking photos last month in a Hong Kong courtroom during a trial was on Monday handed a seven-day jail term. Tang Lin-ling, 35, was found guilty of criminal contemp ...More

EJ Insight2018-06-05

Meet the HK startup that brings smart contracts to the masses

... eement automatically, are of intense interest to businesses. A Hong Kong startup has launched DINO, a cloud-based platform that allows users with zero programming knowledge to build smart contracts by ...More

EJ Insight2018-06-05

US strategic agenda aimed at undermining Beijing's influence

...  just diplomatic maneuvers to facilitate the accomplishment of his strategic goal. Once Washington succeeds in winning over Pyongyang, that will definitely put Beijing in an embarrassing position. As ...More

EJ Insight2018-06-05

Chatbots: 'Say hello to my little friend'

... d home automation (turning on and off lights, A/Cs, etc), and also get greeted when I get home, or get notified on my phone if someone has come into my apartment. – Contact us at [email protected] RC ...More

EJ Insight2018-06-05

US ex-intelligence officer held over alleged spying for China

... eattle-Tacoma International Airport to get a connecting flight to China. The department said he has been accused of trying to transmit national defense information to China and with receiving “hundred ...More

EJ Insight2018-06-05


... n Scott Thomas坐在飛機前座——抑或是後座呢?那架肯定不是滑翔機……浪漫得要命,當然,結局是要了她 ...全文



... 三任總統傑佛遜(Thomas Jefferson)的理念,似乎要重新找到外交的道德支點。特朗普日後會否配合,值 ...全文


約旦連日示威 撤換首相息民怨

... 現任教育大臣拉扎茲(Omar al-Razzaz)接任首相,以平息民怨。屬改革派的拉扎茲曾任世界銀行經濟學家。 ...全文

今日信報EJ Global簡訊2018年06月05日

Africa: A Chinese success story

The decision of Burkina Faso, a landlocked country in West Africa, to sever diplomatic ties with Taiwan and establish relations with China, is the latest evidence of Beijing’s phenomenal success in Af ...More

EJ Insight2018-06-04

US urges China to account for 'ghosts' of Tiananmen

... ry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said on Monday. The Chinese government sent tanks to quell the June 4, 1989 protests, and has never released a death toll. Estimates from human rights groups and witnesses ...More

EJ Insight2018-06-04

創意壽司 華麗盛宴

... 才壽司師傅,他主理的Omakase(廚師發辦)不受傳統約束,猶如驚喜連場的視覺表演。只要嘗過Hiroki所設計 ...全文


殖民科學 如何去殖?

... 的政治家麥覺利(Thomas Macaulay),除了指印度人天生落後,更諉過於梵文「沒有任何有用的知識」、「 ...全文


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