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... 。37歲Ilhan Omar及42歲Rashida Tlaib兩位年輕政治女將成為歷史上首兩位回教徒眾議員;3 ...全文



... tp://www.komasa.co.jp ...全文

今日信報副刊文化食家講場Walter Kei2018年11月17日

Tesla vows to deliver new Model 3 orders by year-end

... ter an automaker hits 200,000 delivery mark, which Tesla hit in July. The incentives then reduce by 50 percent every six months until it phases out. Tesla has promised a profit for its fourth quarter. ...More

EJ Insight2018-11-16

US imposes sanctions on 17 Saudis over Khashoggi killing

... vious diplomatic rift between the United States and Saudi Arabia, the US government did not impose sanctions on Saudi officials over the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks on the US, in which 15 of the 19 hijacke ...More

EJ Insight2018-11-16

Why a Kaohsiung race is drawing much focus in Taiwan local polls

... rm of diplomatic controversy in the region. No matter whether Han’s plan is feasible or not, one thing is for certain: his surge in popularity is, to a significant extent, a reflection of growing publ ...More

EJ Insight2018-11-15

May secures cabinet backing for Brexit deal, sees tougher battle

... . 25, diplomats said. But EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier cautioned that the road to ensuring a smooth UK exit was still long and potentially difficult. May, an initial opponent of Brexit who won t ...More

EJ Insight2018-11-15

Goldman Sachs bankers 'cheated' Malaysia over 1MDB: Mahathir

... OJ spokeswoman said the United States continued to pursue justice with respect to its 1MDB investigations. Whenever possible, recovered assets would be used to “benefit the people” harmed by corruptio ...More

EJ Insight2018-11-14

Amazon picks NYC, Washington DC area for new offices

... ss the Potomac River from downtown Washington D.C., could hand Amazon greater political influence in the US capital, where it has one of the largest lobbying shops in town. Locating close to the Penta ...More

EJ Insight2018-11-14

Britain, EU reach draft agreement on Brexit

... text, diplomatic sources said. The EU and Britain need an agreement to keep trade flowing between the world’s biggest trading bloc and the UK, home to the biggest international financial center. But M ...More

EJ Insight2018-11-14

US in China trade talks again, demands 'change of posture'

... omic, diplomatic and political pressure on China, Pence told the newspaper. “We really believe we are in a strong position either way. We are at US$250 billion [in tariffs] now; we can more than doubl ...More

EJ Insight2018-11-14


... 人士阿卜杜勒阿齊茲(Omar Abdulaziz)因為不斷批評人權問題,成為王儲目標,沙地政府曾設法騙他進入沙 ...全文


三大僵局壓頂 市場忽晴忽雨

... 防失速系統」(automated stall-prevention system),亦未有為機師提供系統有問題 ...全文


Cosmetic surgeon, 86, arrested after woman dies in botox case

... year-old woman surnamed Cheung is said to have gone to Li’s beauty clinic, located along Humphreys Avenue, and received some botox shots. Not long after the injection, Cheung fainted. She was taken to ...More

EJ Insight2018-11-13

Stan Lee, creator of Spider-Man and the Hulk, dies at 95

... nts from Romania. At age 17, he became an errand boy at Timely Comics, the company that would evolve into Marvel. He got the job with help from an inside connection, his uncle, according to Lee’s auto ...More

EJ Insight2018-11-13

味覺探索 Gin酒世界

... 國的Grands Domaines Organic Gin-Élevé en Fût同樣驚喜十足,先是強調選用 ...全文



...   Grands Domaines Organic Gin-Élevé en Fût 以有機的杜松子及小麥等材 ...全文


China gets prepared for a long-drawn-out trade war with US

... “debt diplomacy” (extending excessive credit to another country and then extracting economic or political concessions when they are unable to meet the payments) and allegations of election meddling. I ...More

EJ Insight2018-11-12

Natural vs surgical: The big divide

... gency HK Romance Dating, 90 percent of Hongkongers said they would likely turn down any request from their partners for plastic surgery to enhance the looks. Some 70 percent of Hong Kong men and over ...More

EJ Insight2018-11-12

Saudi Arabia braces for tougher post-election US attitude

... c and diplomatic boycott of Qatar. US officials have argued that Saudi policies complicate their efforts to isolate and economically cripple Iran. The officials assert that the boycott of Qatar and th ...More

EJ Insight2018-11-12

Why Kavanaugh saga could have cost Democrats control of Senate

... people automatically believe the female accuser in a sexual misconduct case even in the absence of any solid evidence. The Democrats’ notion that one should believe the victims of sexual assault carri ...More

EJ Insight2018-11-12

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