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A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush

...  been few places for investors to hide. In November, I wrote about the risks of positive stock-bond correlation in a rising interest rate environment. Now I want to address the topic again from a diff ...More

EJ Insight2022-05-20

Latest HK regulatory developments in the ESG space

... m and workplace. Single-gender boards would be given a 3-year transition period after the amendments take effect to appoint at least one director of the other gender onto their boards. With a combinat ...More

EJ Insight2022-05-18

Germany’s great pacifism debate

... is taking place in the political mainstream rather than on the fringes. While there are clear differences across political parties, there is also substantial support for each camp within each. Both le ...More

EJ Insight2022-05-17


... n創辦人章濤、D2 Place──LYCHEE & FRIENDS等藝術家的NFT項目。   ...全文



... 團,向Dunbar Place、嘉苑、寶雲閣、巴富洋樓、巴富花園、愉寧苑、敬德臺、本立臺、毅廬、美寧臺、翠華大 ...全文


How to well spend the HK$300 million allocated to art tech?

... ower of a place, but are also an important part of the economy. According to a report released by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in 2018, the cultural an ...More

EJ Insight2022-05-16

The inflation tail is wagging the policy dog

... singly displace both unskilled manual laborers and skilled service professionals. Wall Steet bankers, traders, investors, and lawyers everywhere might soon find their jobs at risk. They should conside ...More

EJ Insight2022-05-16

鮑威爾連任主席 誓遏通脹

... 電台節目Marketplace訪問中表示,使通脹受控依然是他的首要目標,但這並不容易,因為就業市場緊張推高了工 ...全文

今日信報EJ Global2022年05月14日

Can the international community still do big things?

... zed by complacency, petty rivalries, and inward-looking nationalism. Consider this year’s International Monetary Fund and World Bank Spring Meetings, which offered an opportunity to mobilize the finan ...More

EJ Insight2022-05-13


... 美國媒體Marketplace訪問稱,聯儲局首要工作是通過加息令通脹受控,並保持就業市場強勁及經濟維持增長,但 ...全文



... ying in a place of choice,已非一般大眾市民可奢望;主觀及客觀因素與障礙繁多,有待日後 ...全文


Ending the war of attrition in Ukraine

... hich took place 60 years ago this coming October. President John F. Kennedy saved the world then by negotiating an end to the crisis – agreeing that the US would never again invade Cuba and that the U ...More

EJ Insight2022-05-12

Advancing responsible business conduct

... t to take place. A NAP is a powerful tool for all governments to assess progress, set priorities, coordinate action, and communicate gains on business and human rights issues.  The U.S. NAP focuses on ...More

EJ Insight2022-05-11

How synergy between the metaverse and big data helps businesses

... esses can place real-time advertisements in the metaverse based on their footprints in this virtual world as well. That is why businesses have to get the ball rolling, if not invest more, on big data ...More

EJ Insight2022-05-11

Re-opening Hong Kong a must

... made this place their home, who had contributed and pai ...全文

今日信報時事評論EJ InsightBrian Wong2022年05月11日


... E CENTRAL PLACE)批出後,近5年首個推出的市建局港島區住宅地盤。市建局於2017年7月啟動該項目 ...全文


Re-opening Hong Kong a must

... made this place their home, who had contributed and paid taxes for decades, who had proudly identified as Hong Kongers, till the rigid and unrelenting wave of COVID-19 measures over the past two years ...More

EJ Insight2022-05-10

No health without mental health

... niversity places last year, and up to 100,000 places by 2030. The policy was proposed before the COVID-19 pandemic, now it seems that the government has foresight. Why? The mental health tsunami broug ...More

EJ Insight2022-05-10

The Fed does not deserve all the inflation blame

A growing crescendo of commentary places the blame for the current surge in US inflation squarely on the Federal Reserve. But much of the criticism is stupefyingly naive about the political pressures ...More

EJ Insight2022-05-10

Soft power after Ukraine

... ilians in places like Bucha, a suburb of Kyiv, has reduced Russia’s soft power and reinforced Western sympathies for Ukraine. The longer-term effects on Russian soft power remain to be seen. UN member ...More

EJ Insight2022-05-05

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