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How businesses can effectively empower remote working

... t have a broad and geographically diverse employee base need a way to optimize workloads, as well as deliver secure, rich content to their staff. A Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) enables remote ...More

EJ Insight2020-05-07

Payment unicorn Airwallex: Pandemic won’t stop globalization

... that's a broader idea. Q: As we know that Airwallex previously joined the push for Hong Kong’s virtual bank license, yet, it couldn’t make it to the final shortlist. Will you apply for the license aga ...More

EJ Insight2020-05-07

非裔美作家黑人題材 兩度奪普立茲小說獎

... round Railroad)初奪普立茲小說獎(Pulitzer Prize for Fiction),3年後 ...全文

今日信報EJ Global2020年05月06日

美股借「洩毒」調整 恒指不虞再急跌

... ly on the road to recovery.)。 聯儲局上周三議息後保證無限量QE,刺激華爾街主要指 ...全文


美股借「洩毒」調整 恒指不虞再急跌

... ly on the road to recovery.)。 聯儲局上周三議息後保證無限量QE,刺激華爾街主要指 ...全文


The time is right to use China A-shares to optimize equity mix

... look for broader investor participation and potential lower volatility. With investors being able to access the domestic Chinese economy with relative ease through Stock Connect programs to invest in ...More

EJ Insight2020-05-04


... low brick road):那是前人建造的,循着前進,理應最終可以抵達自己想去到的地方。於是,做一日和尚, ...全文


受惠東部經濟走廊 坐擁亞洲最大商場

... ngna-Trad Road(快速公路S1 Section部分路段)是發展倉儲和物流業務的上佳位置。 挽那縣更 ...全文


Are we putting corporate governance at risk - again?

... osing to broaden the rules to permit not just individuals, but also corporates, to hold WVR shares. It is easy to understand why HKEX wants to relax its rules further. The business of landing high pro ...More

EJ Insight2020-04-29

醫療創新有賴跨國跨科合作 ──

... 考美國博德研究所(Broad Institute)或英國弗朗西斯克里克研究所(Francis Crick In ...全文


Time for a break

... at a crossroads. Financial markets are keeping a close eye on the possible options for a return to normality and have shifted their focus from fiscal and monetary policy measures to macroeconomic data ...More

EJ Insight2020-04-28


... ham Court Road站也預計在明年開通運營,為Fitzrovia房產帶來增值保障。高等學府雲集更值得一 ...全文


China bond markets resilient amidst COVID-19 crisis

... remained broadly resilient throughout this crisis and even posted small but positive returns (according to the S&P China Corporate Bond Index, a very broad measure of credit in China). This positi ...More

EJ Insight2020-04-27


... 坐落在Avenel Road 35號的一間3房獨立屋,連前後院和車庫,佔地556方米(約5985方呎),今年3 ...全文


天在看數據難造假 法例規限索償不易

... 大範圍活動指數」(Broad Activity Index),四月初中國地區為負零點二,為爆發「武肺」以來的最 ...全文


Fanning the embers

... en for a broad ranging independent inquiry into the protests, including allegations of the abuse of power by the police. Just because the Police Commissioner denies that there has been any such abuse ...More

EJ Insight2020-04-21

How the pandemic could reshape consumer and business behavior

... ons have broadened unemployment benefits to workers not traditionally covered, offered grants so that employers can continue to compensate furloughed workers and provided assistance with rents etc. Ev ...More

EJ Insight2020-04-21

道期挫近300點 歐股中段個別走

... 羅德班特(Ben Broadbent)指出,新冠危機帶來的衝擊非常重大,英央行3月推出的刺激措施想確保需求受到 ...全文


Hong Kong government capitulates to Beijing office

... e public broadcaster RTHK reported that the government “fully reversed its position in a series of apparently self-contradictory statements” from Saturday to Sunday morning. “Its original statement is ...More

EJ Insight2020-04-20

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