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Uber clings to hard-knuckled tactics in pursuit of growth

Uber co-founder and former chief executive Travis Kalanick used to tell investors he liked to keep his company teetering between order and chaos. By the time he left, it was chaos. The company was bat ...More

EJ Insight2019-05-08

Two students open fire at Colorado school, wounding eight

Two students walked into a Denver-area science and technology school and opened fire on Tuesday, wounding eight of their schoolmates before they were taken into custody, Reuters reports. Several of th ...More

EJ Insight2019-05-08

Google launches US$399 Pixel phone

Alphabet Inc.’s Google launched more affordable versions of its Pixel smartphone at about half the price of its current models, Reuters reports. Since hitting the market three years ago, the Pixel has ...More

EJ Insight2019-05-08

Apple teams up with SAP on iPhone business apps

Business software maker SAP and Apple are teaming up to help clients develop their own mobile business applications using Apple’s machine-learning technology, Reuters reports. This will make it possib ...More

EJ Insight2019-05-08

FAA召開跨機構會議 評估737 MAX軟件更新

美國聯邦航空管理局(FAA)表示,已經召集多個機構參與技術顧問委員會(TAB)會議,研究波音公司提出的737 ...全文


39直資校申加學費 聖保羅男女漲5%

直資學校近年獲家長趨之若鶩,教育局收到39間直資校申請在2019/20學年加學費,佔全港72間的54%,其中加 ...全文



政府這盤生意最好做,因為政府這角色永遠都有需要,既然它是必要的存在,那麼交稅便無可避免。不論你滿意政府施政與否 ...全文



近日兩間本業並非保險的公司先後宣布提供獨有保險服務。Tesla(NASDAQ︰TSLA)行政總裁馬斯克這樣形容 ...全文


Evolve獲維港及蓋茨基金投資 美嬰兒益生菌製劑攻港

美國生物科技公司Evolve BioSystems周一(6日)宣布,在香港和新加坡等市場,推出其嬰幼兒益生菌產 ...全文

今日信報財經新聞StartupBeat 創科鬥室2019年05月08日

Facebook offers insights for HK online community news outlets

Last year, Facebook announced that it would cut down on the dissemination of hard news, and return to its original intention of building an online community news network that truly belongs to individu ...More

EJ Insight2019-05-07

Is Google serious about its smartphone business?

Google, the world's largest search engine operator, will host its annual developer conference on Tuesday.  The company is expected to unveil updates to its Android operating system as well as other ne ...More

EJ Insight2019-05-07

Scientists warn a million species at risk of extinction

One million animal and plant species are at imminent risk of extinction due to humankind’s relentless pursuit of economic growth, scientists said in a landmark report on the devastating impact of mode ...More

EJ Insight2019-05-07

Turkey to re-run Istanbul election lost by Erdogan's AKP

Turkish authorities scrapped the result of a vote for Istanbul mayor lost by President Tayyip Erdogan’s candidate, responding to calls by his AK Party for a re-run, Reuters reports. The High Election ...More

EJ Insight2019-05-07

Tariff hike prompted by China reversal: US officials

China backtracked on substantial commitments it had made during trade talks with the United States, prompting US President Donald Trump to impose additional tariffs on Chinese goods slated to go into ...More

EJ Insight2019-05-07

Virtual reality relieves pain of patients

When it comes to virtual reality (VR), most people may think of computer games, but the application of VR is far more than that. VR is widely applied today in medical services, particularly in pain ma ...More

EJ Insight2019-05-06

Govt should keep things simple over extradition law changes

On April 28, tens of thousands of Hongkongers took to the streets to protest against the proposed extradition law changes. Although there are huge discrepancies between the turnout figures released by ...More

EJ Insight2019-05-06

Ex-finance chief John Tsang on the frontline of innovation

After his unsuccessful bid to become chief executive two years ago, former financial secretary John Tsang Chun-wah has moved away from politics and is now technology evangelist. He was appointed vice ...More

EJ Insight2019-05-06

How to live a 120-year life

An average person usually retires at around 60, after working for around 40 years. But the human lifespan is becoming longer, and it’s no longer a dream to live till 120, with new technologies that he ...More

EJ Insight2019-05-06

US rejects Tesla bid for tariff exemption for Autopilot 'brain'

US trade officials rejected Tesla Inc.’s bid for relief from President Donald Trump’s 25 percent tariffs on the Chinese-made Autopilot “brain” of its Model 3 and other electric vehicles, one of more t ...More

EJ Insight2019-05-06

Why Cyberport expansion plan is well justified

A recently published article criticized Cyberport for accepting tenants running “non-digital” businesses such as those engaged in fund investment and furniture retail. While some rented office units i ...More

EJ Insight2019-05-06

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