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We need more robust anti-discrimination laws

 I could vividly recall that day, when a Mandarin-speak ...全文

今日信報時事評論EJ InsightBrian Wong2021年11月17日

彭博評論指選舉操弄 曾國衞反駁

特首林鄭月娥早前表明會鋪天蓋地式宣傳下月舉行的立法會選舉,但彭博日前發表評論文章,形容是次選舉是「受到操控(S ...全文


We need more robust anti-discrimination laws

I could vividly recall that day, when a Mandarin-speaking banker was encircled and surrounded by a group of virulent, acrimonious protesters (or pedestrians?) in Central. That was an otherwise rather ...More

EJ Insight2021-11-16


美國證券交易公告顯示,截至9月底止,沙地阿拉伯公共投資基金(PIF)持有的美國股票組合,總值達到434.5億美 ...全文



新型冠狀病毒肆虐全球,mRNA(信使核糖核酸)疫苗被視為讓疫情終結的靈丹妙藥,因此mRNA技術的相關投資也受帶 ...全文



統籌:陳志輝教授及中大EMBA課程 主持︰潘嘉陽、張璧賢 嘉賓︰林家禮(香港數碼港有限公司主席)   潘 潘嘉 ...全文


NASA押後載人登月 2025年前無望
歸咎藍色起源官司拖累 勢落後中國

美國太空總署(NASA)周二宣布,原定在2024年展開的載人登月任務延後至少一年,推遲至不早於2025年執行。 ...全文

今日信報EJ Global2021年11月11日

拔萃男書院 強烈歸屬感傳承助人精神

提起傳統名校,容易聯想到一班暮氣沉沉、經常拉長臉皺起眉的嚴肅教師。眼前的拔萃男書院(下稱男拔)校長鄭基恩親民得 ...全文


The economy that planetary health requires

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, analysts and pundits spun visions of how the crisis would reshape the global economy. Many heralded the opportunity to transform our financial systems, suppl ...More

EJ Insight2021-11-09

Climate policy is social policy

The number of days each year when the temperature exceeds 50°C (122°F) has doubled since the 1980s, and occurs in more places than ever. This extreme heat is having a dramatic effect on the health of ...More

EJ Insight2021-11-09

UK struggles to find coherent China policy

Following its departure from the European Union, Britain is struggling to find a coherent China policy. The government of Boris Johnson is caught between the demands of Washington and anti-China hardl ...More

EJ Insight2021-11-08

Making best use of spatial data to enhance HK's competitiveness

The Geospatial Commission of the United Kingdom commissioned a consulting company earlier to undertake a detailed economic study on the size, features and characteristics of the U.K. geospatial or loc ...More

EJ Insight2021-11-08

LGBTQIA+ isn't the issue. Bigotry is.

Early last month, gay widower Henry Li dropped a legal ...全文

今日信報時事評論EJ InsightA Hong Konger2021年11月06日

SMEs deserve faster, cheaper cross-border payment service

Hong Kong is home to over 340,000 Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), making up a whopping 98% of businesses in Hong Kong. It’s no exaggeration to say that SMEs are the driving force of Hong Ko ...More

EJ Insight2021-11-05

LGBTQIA+ isn’t the issue. Bigotry is.

Early last month, gay widower Henry Li dropped a legal challenge againt the SAR government over its refusal to recognise him as the surviving spouse of his deceased partner. The case was resolved thro ...More

EJ Insight2021-11-05

Net zero is not zero

It may seem as if the world is finally taking the climate crisis seriously, judging by the number of pledges to reach “net-zero emissions.” Among the major emitters, both the United States and the Eur ...More

EJ Insight2021-11-05

On the Mental Health of Our Youth

A recent survey conducted by the Hong Kong Federation o ...全文

今日信報時事評論EJ InsightBrian Wong2021年11月05日


語不驚人死不休是全球首富馬斯克(Elon Musk)的本色。聯合國旗下世界糧食計劃署(WFP)行政總監Davi ...全文


How to optimise land use in redeveloping old districts

As mentioned in the previous article, the redevelopment project of the Urban Renewal Authority (URA) in Kim Shin Lane of Sham Shui Po includes 90 nine-storey buildings over 50 years old. The major pro ...More

EJ Insight2021-11-04

On the mental health of our youth

A recent survey conducted by the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups found that over a half of secondary school students surveyed showed signs of depression. Teens are finding it hard to concentrate ...More

EJ Insight2021-11-04

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