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... ission on the Measurement of Economic Performance and S ...全文

名家論壇Project Syndicate2018年12月11日

Examining Lantau reclamation plan from a scientific perspective

Many young people in Hong Kong seem to bear an over-simplistic view of the Lantau reclamation plan put forward by Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor in her policy address in October. A lot of ...More

EJ Insight2018-12-11

【看圖測市】英國推遲脫歐協議投票 英鎊/美元暴跌創20個月新低

周一(12月10日)英國首相文翠珊(Theresa May)向下議院議員發佈聲明稱確認政府推遲原定周二(12月 ...全文


Govt dismisses talk of Huawei CFO holding multiple HK passports

... lacement, the old passport will automatically be canceled upon issuance of the new document. The security chief told reporters that on the approval of a passport replacement application, immigration o ...More

EJ Insight2018-12-11

US returns bells looted after Philippine wartime massacre

Church bells taken as war trophies by US forces more than a century ago arrived in the Philippines on Tuesday, ending Manila’s decades-long quest for the return of some of the most famous symbols of r ...More

EJ Insight2018-12-11

Bus driver gets 30-month jail term for deadly Sham Shui Po crash

... guilty to the charges of dangerous driving causing death and dangerous driving causing grievous bodily harm, the Hong Kong Economic Journal reports.  Handing the punishment, District Court Judge Frank ...More

EJ Insight2018-12-11

The increasing importance of perennials in the workplace

While companies, particularly in the tech sector, are vying for young employees by offering chic offices, flexible working hours and other things, another category of workforce has been growing rapidl ...More

EJ Insight2018-12-11

Handbrake failure/driver negligence suspected in fatal bus crash

Police are investigating a fatal road accident that took place on Monday involving a school minibus, with officers trying to confirm if failure or improper application of the handbrake led to the cras ...More

EJ Insight2018-12-11

Can Nokia recover lost glory in smartphone market?

While Apple and Samsung Electronics are battling for the top position in the global smartphone market, Nokia, one of the oldest players in the business, is making a relatively low-key comeback with a ...More

EJ Insight2018-12-11

Zhejiang pledges billions to drive technology, innovation

China’s coastal province of Zhejiang, home to e-commerce giant Alibaba, has pledged more than US$17 billion to drive the tech industry and innovation in the coming five years, the state news agency Xi ...More

EJ Insight2018-12-11

Thailand to hold general election on Feb. 24, says poll body

Thailand will hold a much-delayed general election on Feb. 24, pending the lifting of a ban on political activity by the junta in Bangkok by January, Reuters reports, citing the Election Commission. T ...More

EJ Insight2018-12-11

Indian rupee, stocks dive after central bank chief quits

Indian markets plunged before recovering some ground on Tuesday as Reserve Bank of India Governor Urjit Patel’s unexpected resignation on Monday shocked investors, Reuters reports. For further directi ...More

EJ Insight2018-12-11

Bohemian Rhapsody most-streamed 20th century song

They said it would never sell, with its six-minute playing time, operatic passages and lyrics about Galileo and Scaramouche, but the Queen song Bohemian Rhapsody has become the most streamed song from ...More

EJ Insight2018-12-11

Why the Sabrina Meng passport saga is a cause for concern

Sabrina Meng Wanzhou, chief financial officer and deputy chairperson of Chinese telecoms equipment giant Huawei Technologies, is in the media spotlight following her arrest by Canadian authorities, at ...More

EJ Insight2018-12-11

How much should an investor worry about the trade war?

... wice, all the gains could be lost if the next prediction is wrong.  Such an approach to investing is like betting on one’s luck. What investors should do instead is focus on the operation and earnings ...More

EJ Insight2018-12-11

NASA probe finds signs of water on nearby asteroid Bennu

... eters) of the asteroid Bennu some 1.4 million miles (2.25 million km) from Earth, found traces of hydrogen and oxygen molecules – part of the recipe for water and thus the potential for life – embedde ...More

EJ Insight2018-12-11

【異動股】基金不反對私有化 合和曾升3%

... 合和第二大股東Southeastern Asset Management(東南資產管理),昨天發新聞稿,表明不 ...全文


China's G7 backed by Tencent, others in new funding round

Chinese fleet management services and Internet of Things (IoT) technology company G7 announced on Monday that it has completed a sizable funding round with the backing of HOPU Investments and some exi ...More

EJ Insight2018-12-11

NASA's Voyager 2 probe crosses into interstellar space

Voyager 2, a NASA probe launched in 1977 and designed for just a five-year mission, has become only the second human-made object to enter interstellar space as it continues its marathon trek billions ...More

EJ Insight2018-12-11

Betting on dystopia

With the price of Bitcoin down 80 percent from its peak a year ago, and the larger cryptocurrency market in systemic collapse, has “peak crypto” already come and gone? Perhaps, but don’t expect to see ...More

EJ Insight2018-12-11

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