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Samsung unveils foldable Galaxy Z phone, 5G Galaxy S

Samsung Electronics on Tuesday unveiled a foldable smartphone shaped like a large makeup compact and put 5G mobile network capabilities into all of its other flagship devices, Reuters reports. The Gal ...More

EJ Insight2020-02-12

Lyft forecasts slower growth, keeps end-2021 profit target

Ride-hailing services firm Lyft on Tuesday forecast slower revenue growth in the new year and stuck to a target to achieve profitability on an adjusted basis by the end of 2021. The company refused to ...More

EJ Insight2020-02-12

Google takes on EU in court over record antitrust fines

Google is seeking to overturn the first of three hefty European Union antitrust fines at Europe’s second-highest court in a landmark case, Reuters reports. The company will lay out its arguments again ...More

EJ Insight2020-02-12

FTC demands data on small deals by tech giants

Concerned that big tech companies are unfairly engaging in potential anti-competitive behavior, the Federal Trade Commission has ordered Alphabet Inc.’s Google unit, Amazon.com Inc., Apple Inc., Faceb ...More

EJ Insight2020-02-12

Why Tesla shares may not see further big gains for now

A big jump in Tesla's share price early last week has led to renewed chatter in the market on the prospects of electric cars as well as autopilot technology. Widespread adoption of the latter is unlik ...More

EJ Insight2020-02-12

T-Mobile-Sprint merger wins approval from US judge

T-Mobile US Inc. edged closer to a takeover of Sprint Corp. after a federal judge approved the deal, rejecting a claim by a group of states that said the proposed transaction would violate antitrust l ...More

EJ Insight2020-02-12

Five grey swans that could swing markets - Part 2

Awareness of potentially high-impact but improbable developments should help investors prepare for unexpected changes in market conditions. Here, we consider the grey swans – alternative scenarios out ...More

EJ Insight2020-02-12

Coronavirus outbreak may be over by April, says medical expert

The coronavirus outbreak in China may be over by April, the country’s senior medical adviser said, and the latest numbers of new cases may further feed that optimism. Hubei, the province at the epicen ...More

EJ Insight2020-02-12

Fed's Powell says economy in good place, warns on coronavirus

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell told Congress that the US economy is in a good place, even as he cited the potential threat from the coronavirus in China and concerns about the economy’s long-t ...More

EJ Insight2020-02-12


... (00012)西半山The Richmond周二更新價單,調高12伙餘貨售價最多約2%。■ 領展(00823) ...全文



... 更成為總理,and the rest is history不必細表。有此歷史教訓,德國政界自然對形同新納粹的A ...全文


武漢肺炎有時盡 禁言禍害無絕期

... 月24日在《刺針》(The Lancet)發表的一篇關於武漢肺炎病人的研究,第一作者是武漢市金銀潭醫院副院長黃 ...全文



... dex便廣為人知,是The Economist在1986年提出的非正式經濟指數,並建基於以上理論評估各地物價。 ...全文



... ning with the Devil)中提到, 我們常有一種想法,為了堅守原則,並確保自己的地位和權威不會動 ...全文



... 方動力計劃」(Northern Powerhouse Rail)的高鐵3號線得以去馬。英國對有關項目反應兩極, ...全文

今日信報EJ Global2020年02月12日

Richmond餘貨提價 周六賣6伙

內地新型冠狀病毒肺炎疫情下的新盤成為淡市奇葩,由恒地(00012)發展的西半山The Richmond,早前兩 ...全文



... 龍」(Thanatotheristes Degrootorum),前半是源自希臘死亡之神Thanatos,後半 ...全文

今日信報EJ Global2020年02月12日


早在上世紀的六十年代初,筆者仍在新加坡南洋大學念書時,看了一齣當時很叫座的電影《一個修女的故事》(The Nu ...全文


美財赤攀升 GDP難反映經濟實況

... oeconomic theory),而GDP屬有關理論的重要一環。經濟大師凱恩斯(John Maynard K ...全文

今日信報理財投資前沿思考John Mauldin2020年02月12日

黃色抗疫圈之O Chef Lab名廚外賣

...  want, is the meaning of every such offer; and it is in ...全文


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