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China to test new development model in Xiong'an

... and blue (wetland) and green (forests) areas will take up 70 percent. (About 10 percent of the new area's land will be put under permanent protection as basic farmland). The total area of land availab ...More

EJ Insight2018-05-02

Video surfaces of witnesses at suspected arson in wetlands area

As police struggle to establish the facts in relation to suspicious fires that broke out recently at a wetland area in the New Territories, a media outlet has secured video footage of one such inciden ...More

EJ Insight2018-04-25

Arson probe stepped up as another fire hits Yuen Long wetlands

A fire broke out on Monday in Nam Sang Wai, a bucolic wetland area to the north of Yuen Long which is popular among picnickers and birdwatchers. It was the fourth time the wetlands in the New Territor ...More

EJ Insight2018-04-03

Dozens stage rally for protection of Nam Sang Wai wetlands

Around 100 people staged a rally at Nam Sang Wai on Sunday to call attention to the need for enhanced protection of the wetlands area that has witnessed a spate of fire incidents this month.  Particip ...More

EJ Insight2018-03-26

Firemen battle blaze at Yuen Long wetland area for hours

A major fire broke out at a wetland area in the New Territories on Monday, prompting worries about potential damage to the eco-system in the vicinity. At around 3 pm, a blaze took place at Nam Sang Wa ...More

EJ Insight2018-03-13

Disrupting climate change

...  managing wetlands, and using rotational grazing techniques, among other measures. The power of markets to drive radical changes in energy and land use is great, but as the storm season of 2017 should ...More

EJ Insight2017-10-09

Learning from Harvey

... ticularly wetlands, which can play an important role in absorbing the impact of storms. It means eliminating the risk that a natural disaster could lead to the discharge of dangerous chemicals, as hap ...More

EJ Insight2017-09-11

HK records hottest day before typhoon

... Hong Kong Wetland Park in Tin Shui Wai reached as high as 39 degrees. The extraordinarily high temperatures only subsided after 3 p.m., when it began to rain. Air pollution was also worsened by a cont ...More

EJ Insight2017-08-23

Can Xiongan match the success of Shenzhen or Pudong?

... ed from a wetland into China's financial hub. It seems that Xi is keen to build Xiongan New Area into his own legacy. Also, Xu Qin, the party secretary and mayor of Shenzhen, has been appointed Hebei ...More

EJ Insight2017-04-05

China orders provinces to draw up ecological 'red lines'

... rests and wetlands amounting to 38.6 percent of its total area, while central Hubei province has announced plans to protect 33.4 percent of its territory. It is not yet known whether the "ecological r ...More

EJ Insight2017-02-09

Hong Kong sets three-step plan to end ivory trade by 2021

... rector of wetlands conservation in WWF Hong Kong, said the government’s determination to eliminate ivory trade is welcome but it must also step up law enforcement to combat the illegal trade. -- Conta ...More

EJ Insight2016-12-22

China details operating areas for foreign NGOs under new law

... hange and wetland conservation. The list makes no mention of the term "human rights". In November, the government twice issued clarification statements, saying there would be no grace period for NGOs ...More

EJ Insight2016-12-22

A beautiful mistake in Sham Chung

... ed into a wetland, home to various species. But in 1999 the natural wetland was destroyed and converted into a grass field by some property developers who wanted to build a golf course. Call it fortun ...More

EJ Insight2016-11-18

Indian maid said to have admitted killing employer's son

...  near the Wetland Park in the afternoon. Earlier, the maid had tried to seek help from the Indian consulate general but failed. After finding her at around 4 p.m., police took her back to the family's ...More

EJ Insight2016-10-26

Nam Sang Wai could be lost forever

... protected wetland. Facebook groups are calling for letters to the Town Planning Board to protect Nam Sang Wai’s valuable resources. They said any construction work in the area will upset the biodivers ...More

EJ Insight2016-10-20

Journey back in time to a Hakka walled village in Sheung Shui

...  existing wetland in Hong Kong, which is home to farmers as well as over 200 kinds of birds and other animals. The valley landed in the news in 2002 when the government endorsed a plan to construct th ...More

EJ Insight2016-09-30

Legislator wants full-scale probe of dumpsites, tougher laws

... Hong Kong Wetland Park and Mingle Farm -- and continues to expand, the report said, citing residents of nearby Kingswood Villas. Lee said all excavation trucks and earth movers should be required to h ...More

EJ Insight2016-03-08

Tin Shui Wai dumpsite raises fears of massive landslide

... Hong Kong Wetland Park and right next door to Mingle Farm, a recreational site for camping, fishing and barbecue. The Environmental Protection Department and the Planning Department said they are inve ...More

EJ Insight2016-03-07

Weekend travel: A derelict village that fuels urban myths

... ch of the wetland, while wild flowers welcome you along the way to the village. Ramshackle houses are no surprise, but visitors will find it intriguing as they will discover some newly-written couplet ...More

EJ Insight2016-02-27

Green groups see hidden agenda beneath Tai Po canola fields

... ighboring wetlands to water the flowers, upending the delicate ecological balance and potentially destroying the natural habitat. In the past, green groups have accused the villagers of destroying tre ...More

EJ Insight2016-02-19

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