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Why US is not the only winner of the trade deal

The long-awaited Phase 1 trade deal between China and the United States was signed last Wednesday. The talks hit a serious snag last year, but since then China has apparently yielded to some of the US ...More

EJ Insight2020-01-20

Tesla moves a step closer to opening first European factory

Tesla has agreed to buy a property on the outskirts of Berlin, bringing it a step closer to opening its first European factory, Reuters reports, citing local authorities in Germany. The US electric ca ...More

EJ Insight2020-01-20

港交瑞通零乙熊B(59621) 債券及結構性產品 - [到期公告 - 牛熊證]

港交瑞通零乙熊B(59621) Bank Vontobel AG - 強制贖回事件及提早到期之公告(125KB ...全文


摩通:平保上破100元後回順 國壽接力 留意平安購19741沽20677中壽購28554沽16797

... Broking (Hong Kong) Limited為認股權證、界內證、牛熊證及/或交易期權的莊家及流通量提 ...全文


The truth about the Trump economy

As the world’s business elites trek to Davos for their annual gathering, people should be asking a simple question: Have they overcome their infatuation with US President Donald Trump? Two years ago, ...More

EJ Insight2020-01-20

Macau is paradise but HK is hell for mainland tourists

Macau must be heaven for mainland tourists, while Hong Kong is shunned. Most, if not all, of the 27,000 hotel rooms of the six licensed casino operators in the former Portuguese enclave have been full ...More

EJ Insight2020-01-20

BT和沃達豐傳擬致函英首相 籲勿禁華為

路透引述消息人士透露,英國電訊(BT)和沃達豐(Vodafone)正考慮敦促英國首相約翰遜不要禁止中國電訊設備 ...全文


Putin's bid to rule forever and what it means for the West

Despite having four more years in his current term as the Russian president, it appears Vladimir Putin simply couldn’t wait to make preparations now in order to allow him to remain in power after his ...More

EJ Insight2020-01-20

債券及結構性產品 - [到期公告 - 牛熊證]

美團瑞通零甲牛W(50057),中移瑞通零六熊A(56520) Bank Vontobel AG - 強制贖回 ...全文


How a UK-based startup is finding success with SME banking

... nks lend money to SMEs. In an exclusive interview, co-founder and CEO Rishi Khosla told EJ Insight that his firm is proving that lending to SMEs can be an effective business model, with OakNorth ackno ...More

EJ Insight2020-01-20

China confirms 139 new pneumonia cases; outbreak spreads

China on Monday reported 139 new cases of pneumonia over the weekend, caused by the outbreak of a new coronavirus strain that medical experts are still struggling to understand. Authorities also said ...More

EJ Insight2020-01-20

China moves to phase out single-use plastics

China is stepping up restrictions on the production, sale and use of single-use plastic products, Reuters reports, citing the state planner and the environment ministry. The National Development and R ...More

EJ Insight2020-01-20

China unveils new standards for copper and aluminum scrap

China's market regulator published new standards for high-grade copper scrap and aluminum scrap metal on Sunday, shedding some light on what material will be allowed into the country from the second h ...More

EJ Insight2020-01-20

EU official dismisses fears strict security rules could delay 5G

European industrial policy chief Thierry Breton dismissed claims that relying on European companies to build a 5G network would delay its rollout, weighing in on an increasingly tense debate in German ...More

EJ Insight2020-01-20

Iran: No decision on sending downed plane's black boxes overseas

Iran said on Sunday that it is trying to analyze the black boxes of a Ukrainian airliner that its military shot down this month, denying a report that a decision had been taken to send the voice and f ...More

EJ Insight2020-01-20

Trump endangers security, Democrats say in impeachment document

Democratic US lawmakers leading the impeachment case against Donald Trump said on Saturday that the president must be removed from office to protect national security and preserve the country’s system ...More

EJ Insight2020-01-20

【新股追蹤】GHW超購20倍 下限0.51元定價

綜合服務市場的應用化學中間體供應商GHW International(09933)公布招股結果,每股以下限0. ...全文



... 「十年一遇大輪換」(Once in a Decade)到底可維持多久,要事後才可知道。 最近看到一篇關於內地基 ...全文



... 在「享受」着buy on rumor……,老徐仍主觀相信,一直期待的sell on fact效應很大機會隨着中 ...全文



美國太空探索企業SpaceX行政總裁(CEO)馬斯克(Elon Musk)周日表示,該公司很可能在第二季首度進 ...全文


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