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Confusion surrounds timing of Occupy Central protest

...  Causeway Bay district and end in Chater Road. -- Contact us at [email protected] AM/JP/RA ...More

EJ Insight2014-09-16

Apple shop draws queues, but it's not just for iPhone 6

...  Causeway Bay district on Thursday, not knowing that the new phones won't be available for many more days at the store. A few shoppers, meanwhile, were said to have landed at the wrong Apple store, a ...More

EJ Insight2014-09-12

Occupy Central plans major rally on Sunday

...  Causeway Bay to Central to alert the public about the course of action it will pursue before it stages its final act of blockading the streets in the Central financial district later, Tai was quoted ...More

EJ Insight2014-09-11

Residents evacuated after cracks seen at Causeway Bay building

Dozens of residents have been evacuated from an old building in Causeway Bay after several cracks appeared in one room, RTHK reported Wednesday. Police and firemen arrived at the five-storey building ...More

EJ Insight2014-09-10

Developers seek to boost supply by building smaller homes

...  Yau Tong Bay that has proposed to significantly increase the number of units by more than 1,300, to a total of 6,556. The average unit size will be cut by over 20 percent from original 820 square fee ...More

EJ Insight2014-09-08

Ming Pao: Village protesters sold Lantau land decades ago

... ad been a bay until the government built a highway across it in the 1990s.   The highway changed the river flow and estuary and the mangrove forest grew in the area, they said. The villagers are oppos ...More

EJ Insight2014-09-04

Pescod to fill new role in troubled cultural project

... ear Water Bay in 2009. He denied any knowledge of the unauthorized structure. Until April, he had lived in Sailing Look, 6 Lloyd Path on the Peak in a 5,000 square foot house with a monthly rental of ...More

EJ Insight2014-09-02

Take a selfie? Why not, say 6 in 10 Hongkongers

... learwater Bay beach, selfies in princess costumes at Inspiration Lake near Hong Kong Disneyland and selfies resembling television drama scenes at the stairs at Duddell Street in Central. -- Contact us ...More

EJ Insight2014-09-01

First Xiaomi HK store opens in Kowloon Bay

... n Kowloon Bay, one of the largest shopping malls in Kowloon East. The key products available include Redmi Note, Redmi 1S and Mi 3. CSL Mobile’s chief marketing officer Bruce Lam and Xiaomi Global's v ...More

EJ Insight2014-08-29

Discovery Bay dog bite victim, 10, spends week in hospital

A 10-year-old boy was hospitalized for a week after being attacked by a dog in Discovery Bay late in July, Apple Daily reported on Thursday. The incident has fueled public concern, especially among pa ...More

EJ Insight2014-08-28

Quayside Singapore eateries turn tables over prices

... ng Marina Bay Seafood Restaurant and Haven Lobster & Seafood Restaurant, it costs S$9, while two outlets run by Forum Seafood Village charge S$9.80 per 100g of sea bass, after discount. These pric ...More

EJ Insight2014-08-26

HK car owners reel from rising parking costs

... n Kowloon Bay, the couple took advantage of the four-hour complimentary parking at the Kowloon Bay International Trade & Exhibition Centre, took a shuttle bus to go to Telford and come back for th ...More

EJ Insight2014-08-22

HK govt braces for Occupy Central blockade

...  Causeway Bay were forced to close amid protests during the World Trade Organization ministerial conference. Also likely to be paralyzed are some government functions, the report said. One suggestion ...More

EJ Insight2014-08-20

How pro-Beijing march turned into a dud

...  Causeway Bay district to Central, there had been slightly more than 80,000 marchers. Police estimated attendance at 110,000. We could say Hong Kong's silent majority preferred to stay silent and chos ...More

EJ Insight2014-08-18

'Protest against what?' Many elderly come along on the march

...  Causeway Bay from Tai Po as he thought there is no reason to occupy Central and the most important thing is having a stable and happy life. A mainlander surnamed He criticized the Occupy Central move ...More

EJ Insight2014-08-18

Anti-Occupy Central marchers given cash, free lunch: reports

...  Causeway Bay. I-Cable TV also reported that the General Association of Hong Kong Heyuan Societies was believed to have offered participants up to HK$380 in cash. An undercover reporter from pay-TV ne ...More

EJ Insight2014-08-18

Anti-Occupy Central rally pales in comparison to July 1 march

...  Causeway Bay and Wanchai, was not packed with people at yesterday's event, unlike the overwhelming crowds that were seen in the pro-reforms rally on July 1, Apple Daily noted. Sunday's rally marked t ...More

EJ Insight2014-08-18

Market outlook: Does anyone really know?

...  Causeway Bay these days. But history shows that every time a government official has warned that the party would be over, there is usually some extra time (probably translating to another 1,000 point ...More

EJ Insight2014-08-14

Details emerge about Robin Williams suicide

... Francisco Bay Area. Schneider left the house in the morning, thinking Williams was still asleep. An assistant found Williams's body at about 11:45 a.m. Williams was pronounced dead at 12:02 p.m. Willi ...More

EJ Insight2014-08-13

New gripe against mainlanders: Crowded swimming pools

... , Repulse Bay and Gold Coast and in swimming pools along the West Rail Line. The visitors sometimes disturb order in the swimming pools, adding to the workload of lifeguards. A spokesman for the Leisu ...More

EJ Insight2014-08-04

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