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Shunned ‘New Model’ reappears in final Obama-Xi discussions

Last month, US President Barack Obama was in Hangzhou for a G-20 meeting and, while there, held what is likely to be his last substantive bilateral talks with Chinese President Xi Jinping. The two men ...More

EJ Insight2016-10-03

How China is making progress in repatriation of fugitives

This has been a good month for China in its efforts to seize fugitives on the run, some of whom allegedly fled the country with large amounts of illicit funds. Beijing is now taking concrete steps to ...More

EJ Insight2016-09-26

Chinese players face Chinese players at table tennis Olympics

After a clean sweep of the Olympics table tennis stakes in Rio, winning all four gold medals in the men’s and women’s singles and the men’s and women’s team events in table tennis, China is moving for ...More

EJ Insight2016-09-19

Localists’ arrival brings silver lining

Reverberations from last week’s election continue to be felt as the former British colony enters a new historical phase with a changed political landscape. Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying extended an ...More

EJ Insight2016-09-12

High drama in Hong Kong elections

A record turnout, an increasingly politicized electorate (thanks to the 2014 Umbrella Movement) and last-minute strategy changes by pan-democrats have enabled the opposition to thwart hopes of Chief E ...More

EJ Insight2016-09-08

40 years after Mao: The judgment of history

Friday, Sept. 9, marks the 40th anniversary of the death of Mao Zedong, who led the communist revolution to victory in 1949 and, after that, created turmoil in the country through one political moveme ...More

EJ Insight2016-08-29

Singapore route to independence: Is that what HK people want?

Of late, discussion of Hong Kong’s possible independence from China has been in the air, a cause no serious politician has espoused since the former British colony returned to Chinese sovereignty in 1 ...More

EJ Insight2016-08-23

Hong Kong talks went well for Ramos and Fu

More than a month after the arbitral tribunal set up under the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea decided in favor of the Philippines in its arbitration case against China on disputes in ...More

EJ Insight2016-08-15

In a world of women leaders, China is way behind the times

In America, Hillary Clinton is calling for the shattering of the highest and hardest glass ceiling of them all by electing a woman president of the United States. In Britain, Theresa May was catapulte ...More

EJ Insight2016-08-09

Overseas Chinese at own risk in using China re-entry permits

Last week, two Hong Kong journalists were sentenced to prison in China. The similarity of their case to that of the five disappearing/reappearing booksellers grabbed public attention since these two m ...More

EJ Insight2016-08-02

How China is working to discredit The Hague tribunal

Two weeks after the arbitral tribunal of the United Nations Convention of the Law of the Sea issued its award to the Philippines, China continues to seek to undermine the legitimacy of the tribunal, m ...More

EJ Insight2016-07-26

Tribunal ruling brings legal clarity to South China Sea

An international court in The Hague has ruled that China's trump card in its claims in the South China Sea – its long historical relationship – as depicted in a nine-dash-line shown on official maps e ...More

EJ Insight2016-07-14

South China Sea tribunal ruling: It’s still up to China

Even before the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague announced in late June that the arbitral tribunal in the case of the Philippines against China will issue its award, or decision, on July 12 ...More

EJ Insight2016-07-11

Booksellers’ case is China’s Watergate

Disclosures by released bookseller Lam Wing-kee of his treatment in mainland China and the resultant outcry have spurred Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying to ask for a review of the notification mechani ...More

EJ Insight2016-07-04

For China, Brexit may be a blessing in disguise

The British referendum on quitting the European Union, which is causing tremors across Europe, is being used by China to strengthen its argument against democracy. On Friday, the state-owned Global Ti ...More

EJ Insight2016-06-27

Lam Wing-kee is a Hong Kong hero

Lam Wing-kee. Lam Wing-kee. Lam Wing-kee. Remember that name. That is a name that should go down in history – Hong Kong’s history and China’s history as well. For Lam Wing-kee, a 61-year-old bookselle ...More

EJ Insight2016-06-21

Beijing dilemma: Whose flag is it anyway?

The Chinese Communist Party finds itself in a dilemma: should it rejoice over the decline this year in the number of Hong Kong people who commemorated the anniversary of the June 4, 1989 crackdown in ...More

EJ Insight2016-06-13

What minister's outburst over human rights in China tells us

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi’s scolding of a Canadian reporter for daring to ask a question about human rights in China has made headlines around the world. The unexpected rant reflects China’s at ...More

EJ Insight2016-06-06

Who is threatening ‘one country, two systems’ and the Basic Law?

The visit by Zhang Dejiang to Hong Kong, during which he held a brief meeting with four pan-democratic legislators, was clearly an attempt by Beijing to appear to be conciliatory. Zhang – the third-ra ...More

EJ Insight2016-05-31

For its own sake, China must rise above the bully's mentality

In response to the thoughtful inaugural address by Taiwan’s new president, Tsai Ing-wen, China’s Taiwan Affairs Office had a simple rejoinder: her speech was an “incomplete test answer”. In Beijing's ...More

EJ Insight2016-05-23

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