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Why we need independent energy bodies

The diplomats have done their job, concluding the Paris climate agreement in December. And political leaders gathered last week at the United Nations to sign the new accord. But implementation is sure ...More

EJ Insight2016-04-28

America returns to Cuba

Barack Obama’s visit to Cuba is the first by a US president since Calvin Coolidge went in 1928. American investors, expat Cubans, tourists, scholars, and scam artists will follow in Obama’s wake. Norm ...More

EJ Insight2016-03-23


2016年伊始,世界經濟正在經歷動盪。股市崩盤;新興經濟體疲於應付大宗商品價格暴跌;難民流入進一步動搖著歐洲; ...全文

名家論壇Project Syndicate2016年02月19日

How to make this a new century for Middle East politics

The United States, the European Union and Western-led institutions such as the World Bank repeatedly ask why the Middle East can’t govern itself. The question is asked honestly but without much self-a ...More

EJ Insight2015-12-21


如果要說出一件影響你未來的大事,答案會是什麼?身為子女的你,可能會說「大學畢業」、「找份筍工」或者「買個安樂窩 ...全文


The Japan syndrome comes to China

China is now experiencing what Japan went through a generation ago: a marked slowdown in economic growth after demands by the United States that it restrict its exports. In the late 1980s and early 19 ...More

EJ Insight2015-10-20

How a Greece failure can bring down the rest of Europe

The Greek catastrophe commands the world’s attention for two reasons. First, we are deeply distressed to watch an economy collapse before our eyes, with bread lines and bank queues not seen since the ...More

EJ Insight2015-07-13

希債博弈過兩關 人民浪漫債未還

上周提到,希臘瘋子男神以「細路仔玩泥沙」的姿態進行內外博弈過兩關;在friendly threat之下,定必揸 ...全文


Statemanship and the Greek crisis

Sovereign-debt crises such as the one in Greece can be resolved only through bold steps by both debtor and creditor. The debtor needs a fresh start through a debt write-off; the creditor must find a w ...More

EJ Insight2015-07-07

The endgame in Greece

After months of wrangling, the showdown between Greece and its European creditors has come down to a standoff over pensions and taxes. Greece is refusing to acquiesce to demands by its creditors that ...More

EJ Insight2015-06-17

Can the world escape the impunity trap?

Ours is a world of impunity. Allegations of corruption swarmed around FIFA for decades, culminating in mass indictments of officials of the international soccer federation last week. Yet FIFA presiden ...More

EJ Insight2015-06-04

How investors can save the world from global warming

Around the world, institutional investors – including pension funds, insurance companies, philanthropic endowments, and universities – are grappling with the question of whether to divest from oil, ga ...More

EJ Insight2015-02-02

The ECB’s new macroeconomic realism

The European Central Bank has finally launched a policy of quantitative easing (QE). The key question at this stage is whether Germany will give the ECB the freedom of maneuver needed to carry out thi ...More

EJ Insight2015-01-23

The war with radical Islam

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls was not speaking metaphorically when he said that France is at war with radical Islam. There is, indeed, a full-fledged war underway, and the heinous terrorist attac ...More

EJ Insight2015-01-16

Paul Krugman and the Obama recovery

For several years, and often several times a month, the Nobel laureate economist and New York Times columnist and blogger Paul Krugman has delivered one main message to his loyal readers: deficit-cutt ...More

EJ Insight2015-01-06

Financing climate safety

The purpose of the global financial system is to allocate the world’s savings to their most productive uses. When the system works properly, these savings are channeled into investments that raise liv ...More

EJ Insight2014-12-29

Sustainable development economics

Two schools of thought tend to dominate today’s economic debates. According to free-market economists, governments should cut taxes, reduce regulations, reform labor laws, and then get out of the way ...More

EJ Insight2014-11-27

US yielding global leadership role to China

The biggest economic news of the year came almost without notice: China has overtaken the United States as the world’s largest economy, according to the scorekeepers at the International Monetary Fund ...More

EJ Insight2014-11-24

Why we need a new macroeconomic strategy

I am a macroeconomist but I dissent from the profession’s two leading camps in the United States: the neo-Keynesians, who focus on boosting aggregate demand, and the supply-siders, who focus on cuttin ...More

EJ Insight2014-11-14

Our last chance for a safe planet

Humanity has just about run out of time to address climate change. Scientists have pointed out that a rise in temperature of 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels will put the Earth in dangero ...More

EJ Insight2014-05-29

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