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Twenty-one killed in shootouts in northern Mexico

... aturday, sparking alarm on social media and fresh criticism of the Mexican' government’s approach to handling the powerful gangs. Riding into town in a convoy of heavily armed pickups, gunmen sprayed ...More

EJ Insight2019-12-02

新盤成交1316伙 明翹匯暢銷帶挈

... d Seasons Park(710伙)及恒大位於長沙灣東京街的恆大.睿峰(414伙),亦有機會隨時推出發售, ...全文


家寧香港墨爾本Hawthorn Park 投資講座反應熱烈

家寧香港早前舉行之墨爾本Hawthorn Park投資講座已圓滿結束。是次活動請來家寧國際澳洲總公司銷售部董事 ...全文


PolyU handed back to management as police operation ends

... de the carpark of the university were found to have been damaged, with most of the vehicles damaged for the gasoline in them, Li added. Deputy Chief Fire Officer (Licensing & Certification) Wong C ...More

EJ Insight2019-11-29


... on. James Parker Smith)作了一個報告,報告中引述一位數學家Major MacMahon的 ...全文

今日信報理財投資數裏見真章陸俊杰 鄒小敏 林建2019年11月29日

嘉峯匯現睇樓潮 擬提價加推
三新盤搶閘 恆大.睿峰突載樓書

... d Seasons Park,提供710伙,最快下月中開售;中國恒大(03333)長沙灣恆大.睿峰昨突上載樓書 ...全文


Wetland Seasons Park有機會下月中推

... d Seasons Park。新地副董事總經理雷霆指出,項目鄰近元朗洪水橋核心商業區,前景無限,其中第1期正待 ...全文


China gives P2P lenders two years to exit industry

...  bosses, sparking public anger as well as a broader government crackdown. The transition plan, which will begin at the end of November, is “an active approach to resolve risks contained in the existin ...More

EJ Insight2019-11-28

Japan hot bath chain Gokurakuyu said to eye China unit spinoff

... ney theme park in Shanghai. The company intends to list its China business after hiving it off, as per Japanese media reports. Gokurakuyu was founded in 1980. Most of its shops are in downtown areas i ...More

EJ Insight2019-11-28

fb曾向Fitbit「提親」 最終敗給谷歌

... 裁帕克(James Park)今年6月11日曾經與A公司行政總裁會面,談及Fitbit業務。其後,Fitbit ...全文

今日信報EJ Global2019年11月28日


...  National Park)巡邏時,發現一頭10歲野生公鹿死亡【圖】。官方稱,公鹿生前吞了7公斤垃圾,包括男 ...全文

今日信報EJ Global2019年11月28日

Only one woman found in search of PolyU campus

... nd the carparks. They found a female adult, who appeared physically weak and emotionally unstable,” according to a statement issued by the university. “The Hong Kong Red Cross first-aid team provided ...More

EJ Insight2019-11-27

Coping with a crisis

...  tunnels, parking availability and weather in major districts. With maps, icons, charts, and real-time images, laymen find it easy to grasp the situation. The software and hardware required are alread ...More

EJ Insight2019-11-27

谷歌同意收購Fitbit前 傳fb曾秘密介入

... 行政總裁James Park在6月11日曾經與某公司行政總裁會面,談及Fitbit業務。其後,Fitbit與對 ...全文


繁華都市的世外桃源 盡享悠閒靜謐英倫生活

... 綠公園,Trent Park位於倫敦北部,是四周被綠化園林包圍的典雅住宅項目。位於Trent Park的中心, ...全文


China's Zimbabwe donation saga

... that has sparked strong opposition within Zimbabwe against Chinese influence over the country’s economy and politics. In a 2020 budget presentation unveiled last week, Zimbabwean Finance Minister Mthu ...More

EJ Insight2019-11-25

Nike新一哥 人生寶貴的兩堂課

獲全球最大運動服裝鞋履製造商Nike任命、明年1月接替帕克(Mark Parker)出任行政總裁的多納霍(Jo ...全文

今日信報EJ Global人氣我寫2019年11月23日

傲玟3房戶半億沽 Napoli複式戶破頂

... 地(00016)元朗PARK YOHO Napoli亦錄高價成交,位於地下複式戶以3608.24萬元「破頂價」 ...全文


債券及結構性產品 - [內幕消息 - 債務證券]

TUSPARK B2206(04599),TUSPARK B2108(05143),TUSPARK B2103 ...全文


Security chief accused of double-speak over PolyU protesters

...  morning sparked a backlash almost immediately, with Lee being criticized for using imprecise descriptions. Pro-democracy lawmaker Au Nok-hin said while students or protesters were forced to leave th ...More

EJ Insight2019-11-21

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