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The algorithm society and its discontents

In my view, the most profound and insightful work of political economy written in the 2010s was neither a journal article nor a monograph nor a book in the traditional sense. Rather, it was an online ...More

EJ Insight2023-03-09

The culture-war trap

The United States is in the midst of a book-banning frenzy. According to PEN America, 1,648 books were prohibited in public schools across the country between July 2021 and June 2022. That number is e ...More

EJ Insight2023-03-08

Evidence for equity

“What gets measured gets done.” It is a well-worn maxim, attributed to everyone from management guru Peter Drucker to physicist Lord Kelvin. Regardless of who said it first, the point is a crucial one ...More

EJ Insight2023-03-08

Popping China’s balloon

When US President Joe Biden and his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, met in Bali last November, they agreed to hold high-level meetings to establish “guardrails” for the Sino-American strategic compet ...More

EJ Insight2023-03-07

Why the Russia sanctions are missing the mark

US President Joe Biden deserves all the praise he received for his recent trip to Ukraine and Poland to mark the first anniversary of Russia’s full-scale invasion. Biden’s ten-hour train ride from the ...More

EJ Insight2023-03-06

The climate security failure

World leaders, diplomats, intelligence officials, and scholars convened in Germany in February for the annual Munich Security Conference amid a raging land war in Europe and heightened geopolitical te ...More

EJ Insight2023-03-06

Trouble with carbon markets

In January, it was revealed that as much as 90% of the carbon credits approved by one of the world’s largest certifiers may be phantom, thus not representing actual reductions of carbon in the atmosph ...More

EJ Insight2023-03-03

Are Russian oil prices being rigged?

In 2012, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission grabbed international attention by investigating the manipulation of LIBOR, Euribor, and other interest-rate benchmarks. By 2015, the CFTC had fined s ...More

EJ Insight2023-03-03

The UN must not be powerless

The first anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has been a good opportunity to reflect on the war’s global implications. In addition to untold human misery, Russia’s aggression triggered a histo ...More

EJ Insight2023-03-02

Development banks must embrace nuclear energy

Multilateral development banks (MDBs) have historically been reluctant to invest in nuclear energy, and the World Bank has not financed a nuclear power plant since 1959. In the absence of MDB funds, t ...More

EJ Insight2023-03-02

What Europe’s economy needs now

Faced with growing investment gaps, most European policymakers seem to think it is time for another broad-based stimulus package, despite high inflation and high levels of public debt. But I am afraid ...More

EJ Insight2023-03-01

Who stands for freedom?

The Republican Party has long wrapped itself in the American flag, claiming to be the defender of “freedom.” The GOP believes individuals should be free to carry firearms, spew hate speech, and eschew ...More

EJ Insight2023-02-28

High time for a high-seas treaty

Our planet’s tightly woven, interconnected natural systems are vital to life and livelihoods. Yet with each passing season, we are witnessing the crushing realities of the climate crisis and biodivers ...More

EJ Insight2023-02-27

The crusade to ban ESG makes no sense

When it burst into the mainstream several years ago, the sustainable investment movement met relatively little resistance as it sought to persuade managers and shareholders to shift their focus from s ...More

EJ Insight2023-02-27

Digital-payment systems could revolutionize health care

The year is 2025. A woman with diabetes living in a rural area, where there is a shortage of health-care workers, must manage her condition. To whom or what does she turn? Her smartphone. In just two ...More

EJ Insight2023-02-24

India at a crossroads

India is poised to become the world’s most important country in the medium term. It has the largest population (which is still growing), and with a per capita GDP that is just one-quarter that of Chin ...More

EJ Insight2023-02-23

India’s broken state

The town of Joshimath may be nestled 6,000 feet (1,800 meters) above sea level in the Himalayas, but it is sinking fast. In early January, large cracks split homes, hotels, and roads, leaving the town ...More

EJ Insight2023-02-21

Financing global survival

We must face, and act upon, an inconvenient truth. The impact of human activities on Earth’s geology and ecosystems is threatening the foundations of life on our planet and decades of progress in huma ...More

EJ Insight2023-02-20

How to prevent humanitarian crises

The world is in the midst of the worst food crisis in modern history. As a confluence of geopolitical, economic, and climate crises fuels global shortages, a staggering 326 million people in dozens of ...More

EJ Insight2023-02-17

Closing the eco gender gap

A recent Twitter spat between influencer Andrew Tate and climate activist Greta Thunberg epitomized the eco gender gap. Tweeting at the activist, Tate – the epitome of a man who views saving the plane ...More

EJ Insight2023-02-16

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