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Leung inaction could trigger an Occupy the Mall movement

Even the most naïve person would not regard the chaos that took place at New Town Plaza in Sha Tin on Sunday as an isolated case. In fact, it was the continuation of similar chaos that broke out in Tu ...More

EJ Insight2015-02-18

How political fight delays HK response to flu epidemic

Since the Occupy Movement ended, our society has witnessed a deterioration of the deep-rooted social conflicts exposed during the protests, thanks to the bellicose regime of Leung Chun-ying which embr ...More

EJ Insight2015-02-16

100 banks lose US$1 bln in cyberattack, security firm says

As many as 100 banks and other financial institutions around the world have been hit by a sophisticated cyberattack, Russian security firm Kaspersky says in a report to be released Monday. The firm es ...More

EJ Insight2015-02-16

More RRR cuts seen to avert capital outflow

The People's Bank of China (PBoC) last week cut banks' reserve requirement ratio (RRR) by 50 basis points, a move that came as a surprise for some market participants. The decision does make sense gi ...More

EJ Insight2015-02-09

Is Hong Kong just another supermarket for mainlanders?

It's bad enough that on any given day, our immigration checkpoints are overwhelmed by visitors from the mainland and our government is hard pressed to do anything about the situation. But when we hear ...More

EJ Insight2015-02-09

Border shopping center: the right solution to parallel trading?

Parallel traders are becoming an increasingly annoying -- and, some think, insolvable -- problem for Hong Kong. Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying has revealed government plans to build a shopping center ...More

EJ Insight2015-02-05

China brings back floor for RMB to stem outflows

The People's Bank of China is using its official guidance rate to put a floor under the renminbi, Reuters reported. The move suggests Beijing is worried enough about growing capital outflows to resume ...More

EJ Insight2015-02-04

Chinese Estates chief tapped for planned tech bureau

Chinese Estates chief executive Lau Ming-wai has agreed to be a key official in a proposed technology bureau. The elder son of Hong Kong tycoon Joseph Lau will become an undersecretary in the new agen ...More

EJ Insight2015-02-03

師資並重 加強科技教育課程

上周評論《施政報告》協助創業的政策,本周繼續評論當中有關教育和人才培育的部分。政府雖然重視國民教育多於科技教育 ...全文


Japan Inc shifting to merit-based pay

Top Japanese companies are moving away from seniority-based pay into a merit system. Companies such as Toyota, Hitachi and Panasonic are joining others in shaking up the country's labor market in resp ...More

EJ Insight2015-01-28

Forget about independence for Hong Kong, says Regina Ip

Hong Kong does not have the prerequisites to become independent, and the government should genuinely seek direct talks with youths who persist in such wishful thinking, lawmaker Regina Ip Lau Suk-yee ...More

EJ Insight2015-01-26

China arrests 60,000 in multi-city drug sweep

Chinese authorities have arrested 60,500 people for drug-related crimes and seized 11.14 tonnes of narcotics in a massive, multi-city sweep, Reuters reported Friday, citing the official Xinhua news ag ...More

EJ Insight2015-01-16


在當下的教育界工作並不容易。以香港的新高中課程為例,其中一個設計重要元素是回應社會(主要為政商界)對廿一世紀人 ...全文


Ten macro trends in global markets in 2015

Funds and other institutional investors usually adjust their portfolios according to what happened at the end of the year and the start of the new one. Here are the top 10 investment themes for 2015: ...More

EJ Insight2015-01-15

What Leung needs to say in his 2015 policy address

Hong Kong's Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying will deliver his annual policy address on Wednesday. There is speculation that he may announce new measures to help the younger generation climb up the soci ...More

EJ Insight2015-01-13


行政長官將於本周三發表《施政報告》,有消息指當局會採取加強學校的國民教育,撥出更多資源用於青年向上流動,例如協 ...全文


StanChart to shut loss-making institutional equities business

Standard Chartered Plc is closing its institutional equities business, eliminating about 200 jobs, Bloomberg reported Thursday. Shutting the loss-making cash equities, equity capital market and equity ...More

EJ Insight2015-01-08

China economy to rely more on e-shoppers, not homebuyers

China's e-shoppers will take over homebuyers as the main engine of economic growth in the years ahead. The nation has transformed its economy from an agricultural backwater into an industrial power wi ...More

EJ Insight2015-01-02

A-share performance in 2015 depends on MSCI index inclusion

The mainland's A-share market may have a strong upside next year if it makes it to the MSCI China and emerging markets indices. Chinese authorities have been breeding a bull market to stem a hard land ...More

EJ Insight2014-12-23

Why China doesn't have to be too concerned about ruble crisis

The recent turmoil in the Russian ruble has raised market risk aversion and caused fund outflows from emerging markets (EM). Brokers' EM fund-flow data shows that dedicated EM funds sold a net US$7 bi ...More

EJ Insight2014-12-19

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