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Doris Day, Hollywood star of the 1950s and '60s, dies at 97

...  for four seasons. Day did not learn until after Melcher’s death that he had committed her to do the show and she was initially reluctant to do it. In 1976, Day married restaurant owner Barry Comden b ...More

EJ Insight2019-05-14

Easter traffic was great, but not so much

... ring peak seasons. On average, however, the number of passengers was below 80,000, the forecasted passenger throughput for the pricey transport. As for the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge (HKZMB), the p ...More

EJ Insight2019-04-23

Premium brands take up challenge to reach out to more customers

Some might have noticed a shop under renovation with the Four Seasons logo in downtown Central. The bakery occupies a street-level storefront at Pacific House in the heart of the business district. It ...More

EJ Insight2019-04-02

四季麵包店 vs 國泰廉航

... 店英文名稱Four Seasons及其logo,整個情景有點突兀,令人懷疑是否「山寨四季」。實際上,這反映了一 ...全文


It's not just new homes, HK also needs more hospital beds

During the peak flu seasons, public hospitals in Hong Kong are often overcrowded 100 percent or more, and the average waiting time for patients at the accident and emergency departments (A&Es) usu ...More

EJ Insight2019-02-15

Three seasons in a year instead of four

...  all four seasons. What's wrong? Well, there are only three seasons instead of four because the winter has gone. The Observatory has informed us that we now have the warmest ever February. Tomorrow, t ...More

EJ Insight2019-02-12

The HA only has itself to blame for acute nurse shortage

...  peak flu seasons. Meanwhile, the AHKNS has also urged the HA to reintroduce the 16.5 percent cash allowances and incremental jumps of pay for healthcare workers in public hospitals. Hong Kong's curre ...More

EJ Insight2019-01-22

Seven HK restaurants get 3-star rating in latest Michelin Guide

... d in Four Seasons Hotel in Central, was the only one that was upgraded, while the other six outlets had three stars even in Michelin's previous annual guide.  Caprice has been in the red guide for the ...More

EJ Insight2018-12-12

Apple signs up film studio A24 for original productions: report

... dered two seasons of a series starring Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston to bring in more content for its users. Other projects Apple had announced include a remake of Steven Spielberg’s 1980s sc ...More

EJ Insight2018-11-16

Govt must gear up for early arrival of flu season

...  peak flu seasons beforehand and mount recruiting campaigns accordingly. As far as flu prevention efforts are concerned, the administration said that since the launch of the Government Vaccination Pro ...More

EJ Insight2018-11-13


... //www.fourseasons.com/zh/macau/dining/restaurants/zi_ya ...全文

今日信報副刊文化食家講場Walter Kei2018年11月03日


豐盛控股(00607)早前公布,旗下全資附屬Five Seasons及董事會主席季昌群,各自與一名獨立第三方, ...全文



豐盛控股(00607)及中國高速傳動(00658)公布,豐盛附屬Five Seasons及最終控股股東季昌群各 ...全文



... 打卡地點是Four Seasons),寫的是「就快做醫生太太了, 特意來做個spa好好放鬆一下!」不要問我「就 ...全文


Winter is coming?

... kes eight seasons of the show for winter to arrive!  This article appeared in the Hong Kong Economic Journal on Oct 16 Translation by Julie Zhu Chinese version 中文版] – Contact us at [email protected] BN ...More

EJ Insight2018-10-19

Six key market risks investors should consider

... come: but seasons change. As Steinbeck noted in his book, without change there is no adaption: “I’ve lived in a good climate, and it bores the hell out of me. I like weather rather than climate.” We h ...More

EJ Insight2018-09-18

West Kowloon terminus brings in Tim Ho Wan as anchor tenant

... n at Four Seasons Hotel, leased a 5,000 square foot space at the terminus for five years, according to Sing Tao Daily. That would make it the largest outlet in Hong Kong of the world’s cheapest Michel ...More

EJ Insight2018-08-13

新光圓成擬購中國傳動控股權 涉資百億

... 全資子公司Five Seasons持有的中國傳動(00658)的73.91%股份。 新光圓成擬收購的中國傳動股 ...全文


What Xiaomi's first IPO presser would look like

...  the Four Seasons Hotel in Central in connection with its much-awaited initial public offering in Hong Kong, with the founder Lei Jun himself presiding. It is expected to be a well-attended presentati ...More

EJ Insight2018-06-21


...  The Four Seasons of Buenos Aires,非常陶醉。全場滿座,好不熱鬧;零散幾人,亦 ...全文


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