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Tuen Mun Hospital medical mistake affected 9,400 patients

Tuen Mun Hospital has reported a medical error that affected more than 9,400 patients, the Hong Kong Economic Journal reported Thursday. The hospital’s department of pathology wrongly calibrated an in ...More

EJ Insight2015-07-23

Philippines isolates foreigner in second MERS case

A 36-year-old foreigner is under quarantine in the Philippines after testing positive for the MERS virus. Seven people who had close contact with him, including a Filipino woman who showed signs of sy ...More

EJ Insight2015-07-06

Filipino Hongkonger detained in Thailand over fake robbery claim

A Filipino man having Hong Kong residency is said to have been arrested by Thai police early Sunday after he allegedly made a false claim that he had been robbed, Apple Daily reported. Authorities det ...More

EJ Insight2015-06-23

Ships scrapped as freight rates fall

A growing number of dry-bulk carriers are being scrapped or mothballed as falling commodity prices and an oversupply of ships drive freight rates well below break-even levels, the Wall Street Journal ...More

EJ Insight2015-06-15

Part-time jobs for university grads up 70% in HK, survey shows

Part-time job vacancies for university graduates were up 69.8 percent in Hong Kong in the year to date, compared to the first five months of 2014, according to a report. As of May 6, as many as 2,227 ...More

EJ Insight2015-05-19

16% of Hong Kong job seekers embellish resumes: survey

Some 16 percent of job seekers in Hong Kong embellish their resumes, ranking them third in the Asia-Pacific region with the highest proportion of fraudulent employment application documents, Sky Post ...More

EJ Insight2015-05-15

HK online sellers stocking up in warehouses overseas

Merchandise stored in overseas warehouses by Hong Kong's e-commerce companies on eBay increased 64 percent in the fourth quarter last year from the same period in 2012. More than one-third of Hong Kon ...More

EJ Insight2015-05-11

After record payday, Mayweather-Pacquiao rematch unlikely

Floyd Mayweather scored the richest single payday any athlete of any sport has made when he beat Manny Pacquiao in the world welterweight boxing championship bout in Vegas late Saturday. Mayweather, w ...More

EJ Insight2015-05-04

How shareholders are pushing board members to do a proper job

It is annual general meeting season – the time of year when some of the world’s biggest companies gather to report to shareholders and have some semblance of a conversation with them. For the next cou ...More

EJ Insight2015-04-28

Overseas workers fuel boom in Philippines property market

Neighborhoods inspired by Beverly Hills, office towers and swanky malls resembling landmarks like St. Mark’s Square in Venice are sprouting up everywhere. It's not China in 2005 but the Philippines in ...More

EJ Insight2015-04-08

Most HK youth unwilling to take up mainland jobs: study

A survey has found that nearly 65 percent of Hong Kong youth are unwilling to take jobs in mainland China for various reasons. Lack of confidence in rule of law was cited by 22.8 percent of the respon ...More

EJ Insight2015-01-14

Up, up and away: Is HK property still a good bet in 2015?

Hong Kong's property market recorded an eye-popping performance last year. Second-hand home prices in the city shot up over 10 percent during the year, with small-sized apartments enjoying an even big ...More

EJ Insight2015-01-02

Li Keqiang on the way out? Rumors fly fast and thick

Premier Li Keqiang is likely to quit his post soon, am730 said on Tuesday, citing an exclusive report in the latest issue of Zheng Jing magazine. Zheng Jing, which means "politics and economics", is a ...More

EJ Insight2014-12-09

Philippine tourist dies after 'Mine Train' ride at Ocean Park

A 63-year-old Philippine tourist died of an apparent heart attack after riding the "Mine Train" roller-coaster at Hong Kong's Ocean Park on Thursday, Apple Daily reported. The male tourist arrived at ...More

EJ Insight2014-11-21

Beijing's favorite 'man of mystery' speaks out

An American aide to a prominent pro-democracy activist has been forced to move his family out of Hong Kong for safety reasons and pressed to deny that he is a spy for the United States, but he is vowi ...More

EJ Insight2014-10-31

China propaganda machine a money spinner

China's propaganda regime is straight out of the George Orwell masterpiece Nineteen Eighty-Four about a dystopian society controlled by a small ruling elite. But as powerful and pervasive as it is, th ...More

EJ Insight2014-08-29

Leung swings TV license decision, documents show

Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying’s opinions could be one reason behind Hong Kong Television Network (HKTV) losing out on a broadcast license. This is revealed in confidential memorandums of Executive C ...More

EJ Insight2014-08-28

More crop for the drop

The United Nations has called drought the "world's costliest natural disaster," both financially, imposing an annual cost of US$6-8 billion, and in human terms. Since 1900, drought has affected two bi ...More

EJ Insight2014-08-08

Musical chairs is never a fun game in Hong Kong

Who would like to come forward to serve in the administration of Chief Executive Leung Chung-ying Spare some pity for Allan Zeman, who was forced out of Ocean Park with a frank revelation that “I felt ...More

EJ Insight2014-06-24

Double happiness for corporate titan Peter Lam

It's been a week of two unions for mogul Peter Lam. Last week, Lam celebrated the marriage of daughter Emily to Kent Ho, son of Sing Tao Group chairman Charles Ho. This week Lam's Lai Sun Garment (Int ...More

EJ Insight2014-05-20

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