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... 息指出,佐敦The Austin 1座高層B室,實用面積916方呎,業主2013年11月以2365萬元一手買入 ...全文


Bring some cheer to unhappy Hongkongers

I stayed in Hong Kong this Easter holiday, and I took my family to the Tung Wah Charity Carnival for some fun. However, the long queues made the day truly exhausting. I had a chat with carnival staff ...More

EJ Insight2016-04-05

Mainland mothers regret giving birth in Hong Kong

... ng and exhausting travels cross-border students have to endure on a daily basis, she always worries about the safety of her child. According to the newspaper, many mainland parents now hope there will ...More

EJ Insight2016-03-30

四海皆煩惱 難為新總統

... 朋友在矽谷、奧斯汀(Austin)或其他高科技重鎮工作,不妨問問他們,由創業念頭發展至一盤創造大量職位的生意, ...全文

今日信報理財投資前沿思考John Mauldin2016年03月17日

港鐵賺130億跌17% 售樓收益減

... 014年依靠The Austin及Grand Austin帶動物業發展利潤大增兩倍,而去年入賬的項目較少所致。 ...全文


銀禧賠租轉賣 510萬速散貨

... 沙咀柯士甸站The Austin 3A座低層A室銀主盤,實用面積899方呎,銀主1月開價1680萬元放售,最終 ...全文


Democrats should retire and offer stage to younger ones

... al, an exhausting campaign that failed. Led by Edward Leung Tin-kei and his peers, as well as the vibrant groups like Youngspiration and Hong Kong Indigenous that they represent, the high-spirited new ...More

EJ Insight2016-03-07

4新盤混戰 周末齊推

... 的尖沙咀GRAND AUSTIN於1月撻大訂的T5A座6樓D室,周五重發價單,加價至1625萬元,加幅3.4% ...全文


Austine Place新示位藍綠對碰
單幢豪宅地利優 高層開揚遠眺維港

近期中上價以至逾億元豪宅交投暢旺,由興勝創建(00896)發展、位於佐敦的The Austine Place部 ...全文


生活化設計 拒絕浮誇

The Austine Place發展商以現樓打造兩個全新示範單位供參觀,將於短期內開放。 設於16樓B室的示 ...全文


How HK democratic movement has split and also evolved

The 2014 Occupy Central protests, an exhausting effort that failed, have reshaped today’s ideology. The path-blazing movement unfettered Hong Kong’s democratic bloc from the old, law-abiding dogma, an ...More

EJ Insight2016-03-01

Mercedes-Benz driver arrested after high-speed chase in TST

... ury Road, Austin Road and Parkes Street. It entered the opposite lane on Jordan Road and passed through five red lights. After a 5-kilometer chase that lasted more than 10 minutes, police cars finally ...More

EJ Insight2016-02-29

Five arrested in TST hotel bomb scare

... otel at 8 Austin Road in Tsim Sha Tsui. Police evacuated 1,600 people from three storeys of the hotel, including the Falun Gong members. The bomb disposal unit found a box containing pressurized liqui ...More

EJ Insight2016-02-25

娉廷增30%二按 映御設轎車服務

... 少於105伙發售。 Austine Place 5%回贈谷貨尾 興勝創建(00896)旗下佐敦The Aust ...全文


鄰盤入伙供應增 租金受壓

... 甸站新盤GRAND AUSTIN入伙,租盤供應大增,令租金受壓。 目前擎天半島約有40個租盤,其中3座中層A室 ...全文


Google search chief to be replaced by AI head

... esting to Austin, Texas last summer. Google said in a statement the move to northwest United States is partly to gain experience in "different driving environments, traffic patterns, and road conditio ...More

EJ Insight2016-02-04


... es和德州名校UT Austin研究如何自動化為劇目設計video algo的過程。視頻運算技術為競爭者所無, ...全文


Uber prepares US meal delivery service

...  York and Austin, Texas, will be able to use a new, dedicated UberEats app to order from the menus of local restaurants and have their food quickly delivered by an Uber driver, a company spokeswoman t ...More

EJ Insight2016-01-21

Falun Gong delegates evacuated as bomb scare hits TST hotel

... otel on 8 Austin Road, but a police bomb disposal unit said the objects did not constitute explosives and classified the case as a bomb hoax, Apple Daily reported. Police said a man called the emergen ...More

EJ Insight2016-01-18

印尼恐襲主腦曝光 藏身敍利亞

... 奧斯汀(Lloyd Austin)指出,IS一周內宣稱襲擊土耳其的伊斯坦布爾及印尼的雅加達,正是IS逐漸式微的 ...全文

今日信報EJ Global2016年01月16日

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