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Banks and the green leap forward

... ators and central banks should charge banks the real price for their polluting fossil-fuel portfolios, thereby permanently shifting incentives in favor of financing the green transition. As the Intern ...More

EJ Insight2022-01-26

The nightmare of being the close contact person

... riates in Central. Even HSBC last week warned its traders about Hong Kong’s two-week quarantine policy as one of the main risks to business continuity. Think of the few dozen social elites who ended u ...More

EJ Insight2022-01-26


... 作的樓花新盤ONE CENTRAL PLACE,佔地僅約948方呎,現址為一幢建於1960年代的6層高商住樓宇 ...全文


On"Dismantling Global White Privilege"-Chandran Nair

... aking his central claim, that white privilege is global ...全文

今日信報時事評論EJ InsightBrian Wong2022年01月21日

On “Dismantling Global White Privilege”-Chandran Nair

... aking his central claim, that white privilege is global. Over 224 pages, he moves from historical examples to international finance, from culture and arts to sports and the environment, and back to th ...More

EJ Insight2022-01-20


... 港元),購入220 Central Park South豪宅大樓第73樓複式單位,以及較低層一間工人房。同時, ...全文


斯洛文尼亞又親台 中歐關係更繃緊

... China and Central and Eastern European Countries)機制的成員, ...全文



... 另同系的中環ONE CENTRAL PLACE,涉121伙,已批出預售同意書,兩盤料於新春後開售。 在已開售新 ...全文


Why inflation is not a threat to REITs

... cle – the central banks are increasing interest rates because the economy is growing, and the growing economy and inflation is positive for real estate,” he wrote. In fact, logistics REITs might even ...More

EJ Insight2022-01-19

兩房637萬起 五新盤394戶周末登場

... 建局合作的中環My Central,2017年10月一日內加推兩張價單共60伙。 此外,2012年正值樓市火熱 ...全文


A bad year for US equity market?

... ome time, central banks were keeping policy rates low – significantly negative in real terms – even when the underlying economies were growing at rates above their potential. But now they finally seem ...More

EJ Insight2022-01-17


... 萬英鎊重新裝修購買的Central Saint Giles大樓內的辦公室,該棟大樓鄰近倫敦市中心的Covent ...全文


Cities and the climate-data gap

...  are more centralized, there could be greater incentives for political and corporate interests to skew them in their favor through lobbying and other means. And policymakers will need to ensure that a ...More

EJ Insight2022-01-14

Achieving operational resilience through risk management

... es having centrally managed security with fine-grain control measures. Cyberattacks and operational failures have forced organizations to identify their most critical business services, consider vulne ...More

EJ Insight2022-01-10

【30天免費閱讀】疫下貨幣角色 央行迎擊完美風暴

... primer on central bank response measures to COVID-19),剖 ...全文

今日信報理財投資CFA投資視野Olivier Fines2022年01月05日


... 式自治組織」(即Decentralized Autonomous Organization,簡稱DAO)成為行 ...全文



... 、PsycINFO及CENTRAL,截至去年8月1日的數據,發現只有21項與治療宿醉相關的研究,當中涉及386 ...全文

今日信報財經新聞StartupBeat 創科鬥室2022年01月04日


今個新春,恒基地產旗下H.COINS綜合會員計劃,涵蓋7大參與商場:MCP CENTRAL & MCP ...全文


Clouds over 2022

... y (though central banks in other advanced economies pursued radically accommodative policies of their own). But 2022 may be more difficult. The pandemic is not over. Omicron may not be as virulent as ...More

EJ Insight2021-12-31

YOHO Hub周日推209伙 雋薈120單位晒冷對撼

... 何文田Prince Central(101伙)、大埔白石角項目(共3期項目申請售樓紙,共涉1871伙)及屯門兆 ...全文


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