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MOUNT NICHOLSON呎售逾14萬 破亞洲分層新高

九倉(00004)及南豐發展的山頂聶歌信山道8號MOUNT NICHOLSON第三期售出分層單位16C及16D ...全文


MONACO ONE將提價5%加推170伙

... 的山頂聶歌信山道8號MOUNT NICHOLSON第三期早前推出6伙標售,黃光耀稱,該集團亦會於今日稍後公布相 ...全文


Net zero is not zero

...  in fact amount to yet another round of greenwashing and dangerous distractions that will delay and prevent the adoption of real climate solutions. That is because net zero is not really zero. For sta ...More

EJ Insight2021-11-05


... 示,串流平台Paramount+上季增加430萬個用戶,總數升至4700萬個,整體串流平台收入升62%,至11 ...全文


On the Mental Health of Our Youth

... is of paramount importance!) – but also the economic ou ...全文

今日信報時事評論EJ InsightBrian Wong2021年11月05日

Macro concerns weigh on bond investors

... to lower amounts of portfolio flows into EMs this time around and in turn limits the impact of a tapering induced volatility for bond markets. In fact, we believe the risk of early rate hikes is more ...More

EJ Insight2021-11-04

On the mental health of our youth

... is of paramount importance!) – but also the economic output that we generate. Full preface here, I do not think that we should be quantifying human lives and suffering through purely numbers; nor am I ...More

EJ Insight2021-11-04


... 重置的組裝組件(Demountable MiC)。 黃天祥表示,AI和Robotics技術在建築工程已有不少突 ...全文



... nificant amount of time going over the full agenda)。沙利文 ...全文



... 的山頂聶歌信山道8號MOUNT NICHOLSON第三期重推單位標售,涉及6伙,實用面4186至4601方呎, ...全文



... x,派拉蒙有Paramount+。 而傳統片廠和娛樂巨頭們,則紛紛擔憂自己的製作和發行不保,被各串流平台吃掉半 ...全文



九倉(00004)及南豐發展的山頂聶歌信山道8號MOUNT NICHOLSON第三期剛上載銷售安排,以招標形式 ...全文


晚節漸於詩律細 黃宏發推出英譯唐詩集

... Up in the mountains, we had better be.」發叔為何選中他?「他很有出世的味 ...全文


會地啟德新盤命名MONACO ONE

... 署第四季推售山頂豪宅Mount Nicholson頂層連天台及種植道11號獨立屋招租,將於稍後時間公布詳情。 ...全文


Nurturing unicorns

... ling the amount in the previous year. I hope that, on one hand, the StartupHK Fund can trigger more private funds to nurture local startups, on the other hand, the government can join hands to provide ...More

EJ Insight2021-10-25

班霸得意忘形 魚腩懷疑人生

... 卻目睹中場美臣蒙特(Mount)上演帽子戲法,加上赫臣奧杜爾(Hudson-Odoi)、列斯占士和芝維爾建功, ...全文


Ethics and politics

... sserted, amounted to political interference by a foreign party in Hong Kong’s affairs. But leaving aside this delicious opportunity for those so inclined to trumpet their unwavering support for redact ...More

EJ Insight2021-10-22

Accountability for climate catastrophes

... stimates amount to $5 trillion per year. In 2019 and 2020, governments spent 20% more on financing fossil-fuel projects than they did on reducing emissions. China is the largest public financier of co ...More

EJ Insight2021-10-20

Trade and the future of food

... s, would amount to tangible progress toward the food future we need. World Food Day offers an important opportunity to remember how and why food matters to people. But we must not forget the vital rol ...More

EJ Insight2021-10-19

Post-pandemic recovery must include the care economy

... tic work amounts to 15.9% of GDP, making it the economy’s largest sector, followed by industry (13.2%), and commerce (13%). If the vast number of domestic tasks carried out in Argentine homes every da ...More

EJ Insight2021-10-18

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