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潛在患者拍卡即示警 私隱勝健康碼

... ng for Destinations組別成為三隊優勝隊伍(Finalists)之一。此外,易寶時亦是遙距營商 ...全文

今日信報財經新聞StartupBeat 創科鬥室2020年08月06日

貪腐醜聞纏身 辯稱顧及王室聲譽

... ncess Cristina)與丈夫涉及貪污逃稅,成為西班牙首位受審的王室成員。眼見民怨沸騰,卡洛斯在2014 ...全文

今日信報EJ Global2020年08月05日


... r Me Argentina,同是可傳世的佳作,難怪安德魯萊特韋伯稱讚,柏加是電影界中真正懂得將音樂劇拍成電影 ...全文


Preventing the outbreak of Trump’s Falklands War

... inst Argentina in 1982. Second, battle around rarely-populated islands in boundless seas means the scale of battle, and thus, damage control, is relatively handy. And third, compared to previous dusty ...More

EJ Insight2020-07-30

A fictitious movie about HK under Beijing’s thumb becomes fact

... ing to destinations that recognize the passport. Airlines may also be sued if they deny boarding for BNO holders with Hong Kong permanent identity cards returning to the city. The larger issue is not ...More

EJ Insight2020-07-30

【信報短評】美元避不過危機 人民幣迎難以上

... 下跌,以至過往所謂的TINA(There Is NO Alternative),即沒有美元替代品的情況終會改變 ...全文


網上遙距學習 重塑他人命運

... t執行董事Chrystina Russell博士認為,SNHU為難民帶來一種富彈性、自由和實用的學習模式,也透 ...全文


Ripple-backed PayID aims to break down payment silos

... hrough multinational alliance Open Payments Coalition on the development of PayID, a universal payment identifier for users allowing for interoperability between payment networks. “Hong Kong has adopt ...More

EJ Insight2020-07-17

疫情打擊生計 抵押貸款助上車

... 群,蘋果通過與Destination:Home組織合作,料涉資5000萬美元(約3.9億港元),為無家可歸者增 ...全文

今日信報財經新聞StartupBeat 創科鬥室2020年07月15日


... ! 「假期不是destination,是mentality。」是心境。 自己深度遊,以深情、悠閒、放空。隨時隨 ...全文


遭控為美蒐軍事情報 最重判囚20年

... 特維延科(Valentina Matviyenko)即將離任的新聞後被解僱,據悉報社在壓力下撤回文章,政治版的 ...全文

今日信報EJ Global2020年07月09日

How Hong Kong businesses can become 5G-ready

... rce to destination will be key, helping IT teams troubleshoot immediate issues while becoming experts in 5G application delivery. Though the person in the captain’s chair sets the course, IT safely na ...More

EJ Insight2020-06-19

Contactless payment: path to a better HK public transit future

... travel destination, Hong Kong should accelerate to boost the efficiency and efficacy of its transportation infrastructure. “In Hong Kong, nearly seven out of ten face-to-face Visa transactions are con ...More

EJ Insight2020-06-10

Deglobalization will hurt growth everywhere

... its of multinational corporations and offering new high-return foreign-investment instruments for the wealthy, especially since 1980. In his 2014 bestseller Capital in the Twenty-First Century, Thomas ...More

EJ Insight2020-06-05

Why investors should not touch airline shares

... opular destinations such as France and Italy were hit hard by the pandemic. There’s also the fear that the virus may return in the winter. All this should give investors pause before investing in avia ...More

EJ Insight2020-05-13

Short-haul breaks are preferred in post-pandemic tourism: HKTB

... ons of destinations, as well as the hygiene standards of transportations, hotels and other tourism facilities, will become a top priority for travellers. As the coronavirus outbreak in the city has sl ...More

EJ Insight2020-04-27


挪威石油和能源大臣Tina Bru表示,石油出口國組織(OPEC)等產油國同意前所未見的減產舉措後,該國將很快 ...全文


‘We are entering a new normal in freight markets’: Flexport

... gin or destination," Ko said, as they have seen a spike in client interest in more flexible ocean services. Ko told EJ Insight that the firm has been helping consignees who are facing working capital ...More

EJ Insight2020-04-22


... (The Argentina Creditor Committee)已拒絕該國上周提出總值415億美元的債務重 ...全文


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