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Four recommendations for the budget on IT development

On the eve of the announcement of this year's Budget, due to the severe situation of the epidemic, it is understandable that the Budget continues to introduce counter-cyclical measures to support peop ...More

EJ Insight2022-03-21

Could the COVID-19 virus evade the vaccines?

It is now well known that SARS-CoV-2 can mutate to evade vaccine protection against infection. The Omicron variants – BA.1, B1.1, and BA.2 – can infect those who were previously infected by other vari ...More

EJ Insight2022-03-21

疫情下的精神健康 擁抱你的「內在小孩」(上)

Omicron變異株的出現,給世界各地帶來了重重一擊,香港也不能幸免,曾經緩和了一段時間的疫情,又再一次打亂了 ...全文


Humanity just one minute from midnight

Every year since 1947, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists – founded by Albert Einstein and scientists from the Manhattan Project who helped develop the atomic weapons used at Hiroshima and Nagasaki ...More

EJ Insight2022-03-18


不少專家提出,保護院舍長者最重要的工具是打針,去年底有兩成家人反對住院舍長者接種疫苗,更有逾三成就算身體狀況適 ...全文



統籌:陳志輝教授 主持:潘嘉陽、李靜宜 嘉賓:潘智豪(博勝集團聯合創辦人暨行政總裁)   潘 潘嘉陽   李 ...全文


Shielding poor children from the looming food crisis

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine threatens to cause more disruption to the global food system by dramatically increasing the cost of staple foods and the energy required to transport them. The Black Sea r ...More

EJ Insight2022-03-17

君實生物(01877) 其他-業務發展最新情況

君實生物(01877) 自願性公告-VV116治療中重度COVID-19的III期臨床研究完成首例患者給藥(1 ...全文


君實生物(01877) 海外監管公告-業務發展最新情況

君實生物(01877) 海外監管公告 - 上海君實生物醫藥科技股份有限公司自願披露關於VV116治療中重度CO ...全文


Four tips for SME survival during Hong Kong's fifth wave

The COVID-19 Omicron variant has swept through Hong Kong, severely impacting economic and social activity in the city. The government’s COVID-19 restrictions to battle the city’s worst outbreak have c ...More

EJ Insight2022-03-15

香港人壽送上 「健康御守」免費保障

鑑於近日確診個案不斷增加,香港人壽特別為客戶送上「健康御守」免費保障。由即日起至3月31日,於香港人壽之委任持 ...全文


How demographic challenges are shaping China's investment story

China’s latest national population census revealed some interesting demographic trends. The country has 264 million people aged 60 and above, which equates to 18.7% of the population, considerably hig ...More

EJ Insight2022-03-11

Closing the global childcare gap

When COVID-19 lockdowns began, the importance of affordable childcare suddenly became a lot clearer to many more people, especially working women. Last year, women spent three times as many hours as m ...More

EJ Insight2022-03-11

New TSMC factory rises out of Arizona desert

On a 445-hectare site on the northern outskirts of Phoenix, Arizona, dozens of construction cranes and lorries are working night and day to build the largest factory of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufactur ...More

EJ Insight2022-03-10


28歲姓林的影印機技術員,上月進行新冠病毒快速測試檢出呈陽性後,涉嫌蓄意光顧鑽石山荷里活廣場的元氣壽司,因懷疑 ...全文


Inflation concern won’t change positive outlook for tech stocks

Technology stocks have been particularly vulnerable at the start of the year. Despite the current market weakness, we believe technology will continue to be a principal driver of change in today's inc ...More

EJ Insight2022-03-09

包浩斯國際(00483) 其他-業務發展最新情況

包浩斯國際(00483) 自願公告 有關第五波COVID-19疫情之業務最新進展(128KB, pdf) ...全文


Breaking down biases and helping women who work

International Women’s day, on 8 March, is a day to reflect on and celebrate all women and their achievements worldwide. In Hong Kong SAR, we don’t have to look far for women to celebrate. Hong Kong bo ...More

EJ Insight2022-03-08

Digitising the information of underground drainage network

"Hong Kong is the first city in the world to adopt large-scale sewage surveillance in tandem with compulsory testing to trace infection cases with success. This is also testimony to the effective comb ...More

EJ Insight2022-03-07


從整體市場來看,過去幾年股市的表現確實是風高浪急。2020年,美股經歷了股市歷史上最嚴重的崩盤(曾下挫超過30 ...全文


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