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Social entrepreneurship: How far Hong Kong has come

Social entrepreneurship is seen as an innovative way to tackle social problems with so-called "social enterprises". Since 2001, the Hong Kong government has set up a range of funds to support social e ...More

EJ Insight2015-07-18

HK can use more Uber-like disruptive innovation

Hong Kong taxi drivers recently demonstrated against mobile apps like Uber that allow people to book a ride through parallel cab-style car or van services. The cab drivers claim they are losing busine ...More

EJ Insight2015-07-16

Is Uber illegal or is the law too outdated?

Thanks to the "go slow" protest staged by local taxi drivers earlier this week, Uber is now the most popular app in Hong Kong, according to top app lists in Apple Store and Android's Play Store. On so ...More

EJ Insight2015-07-11

How HK can build a startup ecosystem like Silicon Valley

Having positioned itself as Asia's World City, Hong Kong definitely has the potential to diversify its business activities and emerge as an innovation technology hub, experts say. The main task for th ...More

EJ Insight2015-07-07

Meet our humanoid neighbors Sophia and Han

Let's say hello to Sophia and Han. Well, don't be perturbed if they throw some awkward stares at you. Our new humanoid neighbors, after all, may need more time to imbibe social graces and learn the fi ...More

EJ Insight2015-07-04

Lilang confident orders uptrend will continue

Mainland menswear firm China Lilang Ltd. (1234.HK) expects to sustain an uptrend in orders as it prepares for the 2016 spring and summer trade fairs. Chairman Wang Dongxing said he's very confident th ...More

EJ Insight2015-06-30


內地經濟增長雖然放緩,但未有削弱市場對商務休閒男士服裝的需求。在內地經營男裝品牌的中國利郎(01234)表示, ...全文


Xiaomi opens 'Mi Home' experience center in HK

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi on Tuesday unveiled an experience center called "Mi Home" in Hong Kong. The 270-square-foot center, located in Hollywood Plaza in Mong Kok, marks the first such facilit ...More

EJ Insight2015-06-09

Mid-tier cities to see robust demand for office space, JLL says

China's mid-tier cities, which include Chengdu, Wuhan, Tianjin and Hangzhou, will see strong demand for office space amid vibrant corporate activity and expansion of middle-class households, according ...More

EJ Insight2015-05-29

Video streaming services to see rising demand, Akamai says

Video streaming services will see rising global demand amid robust growth in the number of online viewers who prefer high-quality videos, according to Akamai Technologies, a cloud service provider. Th ...More

EJ Insight2015-05-27

Fitness-sharing start-up targets Asia Pacific

KFit, a new fitness-sharing platform, sees huge potential in the Asia Pacific region compared with North America where subscriptions are lagging. "Asia Pacific is the fastest-growing region in the wor ...More

EJ Insight2015-05-26

Green buildings: Why they aren't just about energy consumption

Maybe you are not to blame for being less productive or absent-minded at work. It could actually be the building and the office environment that is the root of the problem. Lack of fresh air, improper ...More

EJ Insight2015-05-22

SCMP ditches veteran columnists Bowring, Rafferty and Vines

Three prominent British journalists who have written for the South China Morning Post for nearly 40 years combined will be deprived of their regular op-ed columns starting next month. Philip Bowring, ...More

EJ Insight2015-05-20

English-language news site HK Free Press to launch in June

Hong Kong Free Press (HKFP), a non-profit organization, is launching a free English-language news website next month after recently completing the first round of an online crowd-funding campaign. “We ...More

EJ Insight2015-05-18

HK personal finance site aims to become household name in Asia

Hong Kong residents have got used to receiving unwanted calls from banks and other financial institutions offering loan and insurance services at the most inappropriate time. But when faced with a rea ...More

EJ Insight2015-05-14

Wanda boss buys a Monet, China Telecom chief dines at Tsui Wah

Money is no object for China's well-heeled set, but what pleases the eye or palate is, of course, a matter of taste. For some tycoons, it's hanging a Monet on the wall of their living room, while anot ...More

EJ Insight2015-05-12

HK online sellers stocking up in warehouses overseas

Merchandise stored in overseas warehouses by Hong Kong's e-commerce companies on eBay increased 64 percent in the fourth quarter last year from the same period in 2012. More than one-third of Hong Kon ...More

EJ Insight2015-05-11

Dr Panda and Robert Chan's first love

After steering TVB during the golden age of Hong Kong television and presiding over the Hong Kong Economic Journal (EJ) for nine years during which he created a bilingual financial news media, Robert ...More

EJ Insight2015-04-30

Why Shenzhen property is a big draw for HK buyers, for now

The first mainland residential project of MTR Corp. (00066.HK) is almost sold out, thanks to hot demand from Hong Kong citizens. Over three thousand people lined up for 600 units of Tiara, a residenti ...More

EJ Insight2015-04-28

Jicheng Umbrella weaves magic over HK stock market

The pro-democracy Umbrella Movement may be over, but the impact of umbrellas on the Hong Kong stock market is way beyond expectations. Forget Alibaba or Tencent: Jicheng Umbrella (01027.HK), a tiny um ...More

EJ Insight2015-04-27

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