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5G phone battle: Huawei goes for US$2,600, Xiaomi at US$680

Huawei Technologies unveiled a US$2,600 folding smartphone on Sunday which it said was primed for next-generation 5G mobile connections. Huawei said it had taken the lead on developing phones for 5G, ...More

EJ Insight2019-02-25


2月24日,周日。上星期五老畢借香港亞太研究所經濟研究中心成員曾國平的大作,跟讀者分享了一些今時今日在市場、賭 ...全文


林鄭:致力增強創科能力 為港覓新增長點

行政長官林鄭月娥今日下午到訪南區數碼港和由數碼港在荃灣區營運的Smart-Space 8共用工作間。她表示,中 ...全文


China voiceprint recognition startup wins backing from HK fund

Shenzhen-based VoiceAI Technologies, a startup that provides voiceprint recognition technology and intelligent voice solutions, has completed a pre-A series funding round with the backing of a Hong Ko ...More

EJ Insight2019-02-20

決鬥吧,卡牌王! - Joseph Ku

「卡牌遊戲讓我學習到經營的智慧與應變的能力,在千變萬化的局勢中善用資源、制定策略,這些正正是創業所需要的技能。 ...全文


Ending analogue TV service will free up more spectrum for 5G

Hong Kong government announced last week that it would terminate analogue television services on November 30, 2020. This move will affect around 180,000 TV viewers. Why the sudden decision? The way I ...More

EJ Insight2019-02-20

Why Apple needs to enhance its Siri voice tool

With iPhone sales slowing, Apple is taking a fresh look at its business and realigning its priorities in a bid to enhance the services income and catch up on rivals in aspects such as artificial intel ...More

EJ Insight2019-02-19

South Korea offers lessons on how to develop artificial island

As part of an exchange program in South Korea held in October last year, I had a chance to visit the Songdo International Business District, a smart city on a reclaimed island near the Incheon Interna ...More

EJ Insight2019-02-18


羅氏集團積極推動本地創意產業,早年進行活化工廈,把旗下荔枝角工廈翻新成為D2 Place一、二期商場,出租予本 ...全文


Digitalizing to create next generation supply chains in Asia

At the vFORUM event in Hong Kong, I had the chance to discuss the topic “Good Technologists Solve Problems, Great Innovators Create Opportunities” with Iman Mak, Senior Vice President of Information T ...More

EJ Insight2019-02-15

ASTRI hosts Technovation Summit

It is widely believed that the evolution of Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be one of the most exciting developments in the technology sector in 2019. AI will make humans inseparable from smart syst ...More

EJ Insight2019-02-14

Five stages of big data development

Big data development is entering its ninth year in 2019. It’s now stabilizing after years of fast development. In the process of digitalization, corporates and cities have encountered different issues ...More

EJ Insight2019-02-14

Amazon bets on mesh Wi-Fi for smart home push

With smart homes seen as a big growth opportunity, tech behemoths are focusing on networking hardware that would ensure optimal distribution of Wi-Fi signals in people's homes. Routers that can help e ...More

EJ Insight2019-02-13

Walmart, Google-backed Deliv end online grocery partnership

Walmart Inc. and logistics firm Deliv pulled the plug on a key same-day grocery delivery partnership, dealing a setback in the retailer’s race against rival Amazon.com Inc. to deliver groceries to cus ...More

EJ Insight2019-02-13

港股兩日漲225點 港交所撐市 5G股熱炒

市場觀望周四起舉行的中美貿易新一輪談判,雖然隔晚美股三大指數個別走,但內地股市今日仍能承接昨日強勢,帶動港股創 ...全文


China electric toothbrush maker Soocas raises fresh capital

Shenzhen-based Soocas, a technology company focusing on personal digital products for health care, has completed a Series C funding round worth 200 million yuan (about US$30 million). The financing ro ...More

EJ Insight2019-02-12

HK to have digital-only TV services from December next year

The Chief Executive in Council has approved a plan to switch off analogue TV services by the end of Nov. 30, 2020, meaning TV services in Hong Kong will be transmitted solely by digital signals from D ...More

EJ Insight2019-02-12

中午升44點 醫藥5G新能源股突出

隔晚美股個別走,市場觀望中美貿易談判,港股昨日收逾5個月高後,今日於兩萬八水平爭持,盤中創5個半月新高。 恒指 ...全文


【異動股】中國之信復牌彈四成 主要股東遭斬倉致月初暴跌

中國之信集團(08265)復牌反彈,暫時最多升四成,見0.58元,現升27.7%,成交額653萬元。 集團公布 ...全文


棉紡會中學校長 助學生在「家」找自身亮點

作為棉紡會中學的新成員,黃定康校長2017年9月到任,笑容滿臉的他爽快道:「我很喜歡棉紡這個大家庭!」他相信: ...全文


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