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Mori Building starts US$5.5 billion real estate project in Tokyo

... high-rise towers for about 20,000 office workers and 3,500 residents. It will also be home to the British School in Tokyo with around 700 students from over 50 countries, serving as an “engine” to hel ...More

EJ Insight2019-08-22


... 在島上建Trump Tower煞風景,籲島民不用擔心,又暗示下月出訪丹麥時會再提出。 丹麥不稀罕「侵侵」毫不奇 ...全文


One Crown Place享雙地鐵站之利

... 住宅分為North Tower及South Tower兩座。根據項目代理世邦魏理仕資料,發展商先推出住宅部分發 ...全文


SoftBank's Vision Fund makes its first bet on energy company

... lt into a tower that can store and release energy. The technology aims to enhance the storage of renewable energy for later use – overnight or when demand surges, a key challenge for the large-scale r ...More

EJ Insight2019-08-15

緬甸蒲甘 萬塔之城

... Nan Myint Tower。這所觀景塔位於Aureum Palace內,以前要住在這裏才可登上,現在只要付 ...全文


Two ExCo members say 'mastermind' behind recent protests

... migration Tower recently, and this again shows that there is a mastermind directing their actions. However, he could say who the mastermind is, only pointing out that the person is capable of organizi ...More

EJ Insight2019-08-09

Zhang Xiaoming: HK facing worst crisis since handover

... e Revenue Tower in Wan Chai on Wednesday. Police fired tear gas to disperse protesters in Sham Shui Po, one of the city’s poorest districts, late on Tuesday. The city’s lawyers fear the justice depart ...More

EJ Insight2019-08-07


... 子是2016年在倫敦Tower Hamlets事件後的仇警、2014年的「Blue Lives Matter」 ...全文



... Vancouver Tower,是香港富商廖氏家族在八十年代末始建的,在新興的外形摩登至古怪的大廈群中,該廈顯 ...全文


杜拜商業灣 沙洲幻化曼哈頓
世博效應支持樓市 低稅吸引海外家庭

... Executive Towers,以及世界第二高酒店杜拜侯爵萬豪酒店(JW Marriott Marquis ...全文


佩利 現代建築正宗傳人

佩利(Cesar Pelli)設計的吉隆坡雙子塔(Twin Tower)高達452米,在1998年落成時,為全 ...全文


China: Most people in Xinjiang camps have 'returned to society'

...  and watchtowers. As Western countries have mounted more strident criticism of the camps, China has not backed down on what it says is a highly successful de-radicalization program in a region that ha ...More

EJ Insight2019-07-31


... migration Tower demanding the right to live in Hong Kon ...全文


摩通:騰訊三連升 招行績佳股價跑贏 留意騰訊購19120/招行購20489

... 據機構Sensor Tower預計,騰訊上季手機遊戲於蘋果應用程式商店收入按年升26%,按季升15%,如預測準 ...全文


How AI and IoT will interact

... cellphone towers, associated with and operated by different mobile network operators, resulting in incomplete coverage, depending on which mobile network operator a subscriber used, as well as what lo ...More

EJ Insight2019-07-22

哈利波特失威 Niantic銳氣未挫

... 究公司Sensor Tower卻潑冷水,估計Niantic與華納兄弟(Warner Bros.)旗下遊戲業務W ...全文

今日信報理財投資THE LEX COLUMN2019年07月05日

Lawmaker Priscilla Leung faces taunts after slamming protesters

... the Citic Tower nearby in a bid to free herself from the mob. However, they kept chasing her and were relentless in their questioning, leaving Leung with no option but to make a dash again for the Leg ...More

EJ Insight2019-07-04

Build your own talent magnet

... ry. Ivory towers are a thing of the past, at least with respect to the development of new technology. I am impressed by the number of senior university officials who now make this point. At the same t ...More

EJ Insight2019-07-02

樂高擴投資 樂園歸所有

... 主題公園Alton Towers。(路透圖片)   ...全文

今日信報EJ Global金錢圖譜2019年06月29日


... 景點吧。 我們中午在Tower Hill的酒吧吃過炸魚薯條,趕快在倫敦塔前拍照,在碼頭發現所買的Big Bus ...全文


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