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Debating as a pedagogical approach

Those who know me would know that I have long been a fervent advocate of promoting competitive debating – in both English and Chinese – across China, including, of course, in Hong Kong. Yet debating i ...More

EJ Insight2023-11-08

We Need to Talk About Bank Supervision

Bank capital is back in the financial headlines. In late July, US banking regulators, led by the Federal Reserve, announced plans to finalize the so-called Basel 3 reforms (which banks like to call Ba ...More

EJ Insight2023-09-27

Is America reverting to isolationism?

The first debate between the Republican Party’s candidates for next year’s US presidential election revealed major schisms over foreign policy. While former US Vice President Mike Pence and former US ...More

EJ Insight2023-09-06

Inequality and democracy

There has been much handwringing about the retreat of democracy and the rise of authoritarianism in recent years – and for good reason. From Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán to former Brazilian P ...More

EJ Insight2023-09-05

The siren song of big history

Behind today’s global disorder are two related narratives about countries’ relative strengths and weaknesses in the competition for global power. One is about the long-term rise and fall of nations an ...More

EJ Insight2023-09-04

Closing the clean-tech gap

In the debate about how to curb global warming, climate action is often confused for climate justice. Many European countries (including the United Kingdom) have taken to self-flagellation, atoning fo ...More

EJ Insight2023-09-01

A tech war without winners

US President Joe Biden’s recent executive order restricting American investments in Chinese semiconductors, microelectronics, quantum information technology, and artificial intelligence marks another ...More

EJ Insight2023-08-31

The fossil-fuel industry’s obstructionist climate-change tactics

As the world grapples with an unprecedented confluence of devastating floods, wildfires, and droughts, the debate about how to address the escalating climate crisis is increasingly distorted by big-bu ...More

EJ Insight2023-08-30

The debt supercycle comes to China

The 2008 financial crisis in the United States kicked off a debt supercycle, which spread to Europe in 2010 and has recently engulfed many of the world’s low-income and lower-middle-income countries. ...More

EJ Insight2023-08-18

Implications of generative AI in tech and beyond

Since the release of ChatGPT to the public late last year, generative AI has seen an exponential rate of adoption. The major breakthrough behind these models is the transformer architecture (first dev ...More

EJ Insight2023-08-10

The politics and philosophy of ‘Barbie’

I had the pleasure of watching ‘Barbie’ - by myself - earlier this week. Truth be told, I went in with relatively low expectations. I have a general aversion to movie hypes and hyped-up movies, and ha ...More

EJ Insight2023-08-09

鄭雁雄言論如強心針 紓緩社會氣氛

自從內地知名博客「靖海侯」7月初批評本港政壇「寧左勿右」,再到中聯辦主任鄭雁雄月中寄語港府「理性務實看監督」, ...全文


Is the net-zero transition endangering the Asian century?

Asian countries’ ability to thrive in the world economy over the next few decades hinges on their capacity to sustain their competitive advantages through continuous innovation. But to meet their comm ...More

EJ Insight2023-07-19

港面對四大挑戰 地緣政治危中有機

市場關注美國聯儲局後續會再次加息,財政司司長陳茂波昨日出席《信報財經新聞》舉辦的「信報50周年呈獻︰未來香港高 ...全文


The rise of the curated meeting

Covid-19 was the catalyst for a seismic shift in the way people work. The pandemic turbo-charged a revolution that was already underway, proving that technology can support productivity anywhere. At t ...More

EJ Insight2023-06-27

Do we possess the freedom to think?

Do we possess the freedom to think? There are really two questions embedded within this. The first, concerns the normative. Do we possess a reasonable claim, or liberty (both moralised concepts) to th ...More

EJ Insight2023-06-23

“Brexit has failed”

“Brexit has failed” – this was the astonishing admission last month of Nigel Farage, former leader of the UK Independence Party (UKIP) and the man most responsible for persuading the British people to ...More

EJ Insight2023-06-15

"Brexit has failed"

"Brexit has failed" – this was the astonishing admissio ...全文

今日信報時事評論EJ InsightMark O’Neill2023年06月15日

The US debt ceiling debacle not over

The tentative deal that was just struck to raise the United States’ debt ceiling won’t make the problem go away. Partisan standoffs over the federal debt limit have become a predictable feature of Ame ...More

EJ Insight2023-05-30

Globalization is greener

The debate about how to achieve climate goals – most notably, the transition to net-zero emissions of greenhouse gases – has fueled speculation that the world will deglobalize. Some argue that, since ...More

EJ Insight2023-05-17

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