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HK home prices: Why it's time for caution

... by global central banks. China, for its part, launched a 4-trillion-yuan stimulus package to keep its economy afloat after the crisis broke out. The nation's broad money supply or M2 has been staying ...More

EJ Insight2017-08-31

Lawmaker blames lack of leadership for slumping social movement

... he Occupy Central protests, he said. “Who is going to lead the next democracy movement?” Chu asked. Chu said the real question perhaps is how much Hong Kong people really want democracy. "If we only ...More

EJ Insight2017-08-30

How to revive northeastern China's economy

... hind. The central government is trying to figure out ways to turn around the region's fortunes. Lin, a former World Bank chief economist and a senior vice president, wrote a 300,000-word policy propos ...More

EJ Insight2017-08-30

Group steps up call to pedestrianize Des Voeux Road Central

A non-profit organization is stepping up a campaign for pedestrianization of Des Voeux Road Central, outlining a proposal to turn the area into a walk-friendly boulevard in the coming years. Walk DVRC ...More

EJ Insight2017-08-29

Mainland hikers rescued in mountains during typhoon

... , Kowloon Central divisional commander of the fire department, urged hikers to pay attention to the weather and evaluate their capabilities before they set out. -- Contact us at [email protected] TL/JC ...More

EJ Insight2017-08-28

Eurozone banks: The hardest battle ahead

Much has been done on debt and tech challenges may now be the hardest battle ahead. We crave turning points. As we mark five years since European Central Bank (ECB) president Mario Draghi’s “whatever ...More

EJ Insight2017-08-28

Company values increasingly important to Chinese organizations

... n that is central to their way of life. When Chinese companies attempt to deal with western laws the way that they deal with Chinese laws, it both can bring upon unwanted legal scrutiny, but can also ...More

EJ Insight2017-08-28

Look, no more excuse not to exercise

...  Those in Central near landmarks like Jardine House, Exchange Square, World-Wide House, Chater House and The Prince’s Building can walk around the Central Elevated Walkway. The Central-Mid-Levels esca ...More

EJ Insight2017-08-25

Low world inflation dogs central bankers, even as economies grow

The world's top central bankers gather in Jackson Hole, their confidence bolstered by a sustained return to economic growth that may eventually allow the European Central Bank and the Bank of Japan to ...More

EJ Insight2017-08-25

ECB minutes tend to favor upward trend of the euro

... sidered.” Central banks continue to believe in the stock effect. Market participants, however, care about the flow. In their assessment, policy tightening happens when the purchase pace is reduced. Re ...More

EJ Insight2017-08-24

Market dips could prove good buying opportunities

... universe, central banks in emerging economies have continued to cut interest rates even as the Federal Reserve gradually tightens policy. India is the latest example of this – the Reserve Bank of Indi ...More

EJ Insight2017-08-24

Democrats' victory in Tung Wah by-election not a done deal

... s elected Central and Western district councilor representing the Tung Wah constituency in Sheung Wan in 2011, and got re-elected in 2015. Her successive election victories were regarded by many in po ...More

EJ Insight2017-08-24

RTHK making a huge mistake in silencing BBC

...  known as Central People’s Radio in the mainland, and it will broadcast almost entirely in Mandarin. RTHK said the move was meant to “enhance cultural exchanges between the mainland and Hong Kong”. Ei ...More

EJ Insight2017-08-24

Tightening of liquidity worldwide set to hit asset prices

... by global central banks has played a critical part in inflating the valuations of bonds, properties and stocks over the past few years. How would asset prices respond if central banks start to tighten ...More

EJ Insight2017-08-24

Can reopening of Civic Square win over young people?

... he Occupy Central movement in late 2014. Leung's decision to put up the barriers was interpreted as a move by the government to silence protesters and refuse to listen to opposition voices. Lam’s inte ...More

EJ Insight2017-08-23

China expected to be a key AI player in five years: UBS

... own, both central and local authorities will get a better clarity on the regulation.” He believes the technology will not become mainstream in three years. China said it would invest heavily in AI to ...More

EJ Insight2017-08-23

The outlook for global central bank policy

Since the end of 2009 and the conclusion to the global financial crisis, the world’s three major central banks – the US Federal Reserve, the Bank of Japan and the European Central Bank – have collecti ...More

EJ Insight2017-08-22

Spanish police track down, shoot dead Barcelona attacker

...  into the central promenade of Las Ramblas on Thursday afternoon, attackers killed 15 people: 13 on Las Ramblas, the Cambrils victim and the man in the hijacked car. Of the 120 injured on Las Ramblas, ...More

EJ Insight2017-08-22

What if there's no WhatsApp in China?

... t now the central authorities appear to be tightening their grip on the internet. WhatsApp used to be banned in China, but the service was resumed after it was acquired by Facebook. Still it is not th ...More

EJ Insight2017-08-21

The pendulum swings

... hanges in central bank signals can impact on currency flows. For example sterling-dollar or yen-dollar look broadly in line with such differentials. A gap has opened up, however, for the euro, with an ...More

EJ Insight2017-08-21

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