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APAC investment outlook: Patience needed

... eeded its central bank’s targets. The risk of a further deterioration of energy supply threatens higher inflation ahead. The European Central Bank (ECB) lifted its interest rates by an unprecedented 7 ...More

EJ Insight2022-10-03

秘魯家鄉菜 酸甜老虎奶

... artínez領軍的Central Restaurante。2014年Chef Abel決定來港發展,並於20 ...全文


9月新盤售605伙 半年最少
Wetland 3期次輪價單沽98% 加推39戶

... 發展的東半山超級豪宅Central Peak,以內部轉讓形式售出Everex II 2樓Manor A,實用面 ...全文


A broader look at valuations

...  with us, central banks would need to dust off their old manuals and keep rates structurally higher for years to come. That would also mean that PEs have to be structurally lower, more in line with th ...More

EJ Insight2022-09-30

銀濤控股(01943) 《收購守則》所指的要約公司刊發的公告 / 《收購守則》所指的受要約公司刊發的公告

銀濤控股(01943) 聯合公告 寄發有關 聯合證券有限公司為及代表 CENTRAL FORCE PREMIU ...全文


The cost of the Fed’s challenged credibility

... important central bank, this is more than just a curiosity. It has implications for America’s economic well-being – and that of the rest of the world. On September 21, the Fed reinforced its two-month ...More

EJ Insight2022-09-29

The challenge of monetary tightening

...  European Central Bank and the Bank of England to do the same, though many economists still accuse all three monetary authorities of being behind the curve. Central banks in Indonesia, South Korea, an ...More

EJ Insight2022-09-29

銀濤控股(01943) 展示文件

銀濤控股(01943) 有關聯合證券為及代表 CENTRAL FORCE PREMIUM GROUP LIMI ...全文


Where shall we go and spend the money?

Although everyone in Hong Kong is covered in a mask, it is easy to tell they are not smiling. Why? People at the International Finance Centre in Central could tell that no one is making money in almos ...More

EJ Insight2022-09-28

In search of a development plan for Asia

... ld play a central role in such an approach, for example, by providing the data and processing power (through AI) to deliver bottom-up feedback and facilitate coordination. And connectivity hubs – from ...More

EJ Insight2022-09-28

Making net-zero pledges count

...  field. A central objective of the High-Level Expert Group is to map the needed regulations. Finally, accountability is essential. When companies, banks, investors, cities, and regions make net-zero c ...More

EJ Insight2022-09-27

Reaching overseas customers key to thriving in turbulent times

There are some things businesses simply have no control over. They can’t control inflation, or how aggressively central banks respond to it. They can do little about rising costs, which are pushing th ...More

EJ Insight2022-09-26

In the dollar we trust

...  European Central Bank, including at this week’s meeting of its Federal Open Market Committee. Meanwhile, the Bank of Japan is reluctant to move away from its ultra-loose monetary policy and has conti ...More

EJ Insight2022-09-23

Navigating a world in shock

...  Canadian central bank governor Stephen Poloz explains in his book The Next Age of Uncertainty, “when multiple long-term forces are acting together on the economy through time, and interacting with on ...More

EJ Insight2022-09-21

悉尼Penshurst華人青睞 屋價年漲17%
打入升幅龍虎榜五大 跑贏鄰區好市圍

... 列車開往中央火車站(Central Station)。Penshurst火車站只有2線行車,繁忙時段每小時有6 ...全文


What Liz Truss must do

... dependent central bank). On the eve of her party leadership victory, she sounded much more prime ministerial. But if Truss wants the broader electorate to view her as a capable leader deserving of re- ...More

EJ Insight2022-09-12

深度近視勿輕視 黃斑病變可制止

... 眼便出現了中央暗點(central scotoma),更影響日常駕駛,對教書工作造成極大不便。眼科醫生診斷為脈 ...全文

今日信報副刊文化視力健康陳家裕醫生 吳兆駿副教授2022年09月12日

Investment environment for Western firms in China deteriorates

...  goals of central and local governments in China, it said. “Foreign companies of high strategic relevance, such as hi-tech firms with a large investment presence in China, are likely to be more secure ...More

EJ Insight2022-09-08


... Basel、Art Central,還希望以AI、AR、VR和元宇宙等新科技,推動香港成為亞洲ArtTech展 ...全文


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