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Technologies African farmers need

... lects the central role that new technologies have played in transforming Ethiopia’s agricultural sector. By boosting crop yields and building resilience to extreme weather, these innovations have prov ...More

EJ Insight2023-11-27

悉尼Avalon Beach無敵海景 大屋受捧
洋房價低位反彈8% 60買家搶一間

... ,與悉尼中央商業區(Central Business District)相距37公里,約需45分鐘車程。雖然城 ...全文


Sanctimonious sanctions

... tiori the central government in Beijing? Does the elephant even notice when bitten by a flea? Worse, the ludicrous perception that it is an attempt to intimidate the HKSAR judiciary not to implement t ...More

EJ Insight2023-11-21

A rebalancing between city, suburbs and countryside

... ing the decentralisation trend. Globally, these changes also have an impact on property prices. Between 2020 and 2021, home prices in 20 British cities (excluding London) rose by an average of 8.9%, b ...More

EJ Insight2023-11-20

COP28 must focus on the climate-fueled health crisis

... South and Central America, Asia, and small island developing states – often bear the brunt of climate-related health risks. Given the urgency of the threat we face, the current pace of global efforts ...More

EJ Insight2023-11-16

Macau hands out cash to everyone

... nto their Central Provident Fund scheme, equivalent to our Mandatory Provident Fund (MPF). Based on the poor Hang Seng Index performance year-to-date, it would only be lucky if an average Hong Kong wo ...More

EJ Insight2023-11-15

A victory lap for the transitory inflation team

... tters for central banks monitoring changes in prices. In this and several other cases, prices actually came down.) Housing provides another example of this temporary, self-correcting phenomenon. Since ...More

EJ Insight2023-11-15

Bonds as the gateway to understanding the stock market

... ation and central banks increasingly signalling that they are at, or close to, the end of the tightening cycle. There are two main lessons to be learnt from the bond market developments of recent year ...More

EJ Insight2023-11-15

【私銀觀】中央調整政策重心 鞏固增長動力

... 格中央金融工作會議(Central Financial Work Conference),對如何處理房地產開發 ...全文


Can U.S. avoid a recession this time?

... her major central banks -- the Bank of Japan and the People’s Bank of China -- have also raised interest rates sharply. Yet, the U.S. economy continues to defy expectations. It grew at nearly a 5% ann ...More

EJ Insight2023-11-10

Debating as a pedagogical approach

... aken as a central component of education, at schools and in universities. Firstly, it is imperative that students are encouraged to ask, as opposed to merely answer, questions. Question-based dialogue ...More

EJ Insight2023-11-08

New frontiers in low-cost clean tech

The leaders’ declaration that emerged from the recent G20 summit in New Delhi highlighted the urgent need for collective action on climate change and sustainable finance. Central to the group’s Green ...More

EJ Insight2023-11-08

The stunning resilience of emerging markets

As finance ministers and central bankers convened in Marrakesh for the International Monetary Fund and World Bank annual meetings on October 9-15, they faced an extraordinary confluence of economic an ...More

EJ Insight2023-11-02

China: Further efforts to stabilise near-term growth

... illion in central government bonds to support infrastructure investment related to the reconstruction of flooded areas starting in Q4 2023. This implies an increase in the fiscal deficit of almost 1% ...More

EJ Insight2023-11-02


... 合租的屋,以及咖啡店Central Perk……這些都是戲棚搭景。 現場演出 大家欣賞劇集時,不時聽到觀眾笑聲 ...全文


China’s great leap backward

Ten years ago this November, the 18th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) held its Third Plenum, outlining a series of far-reaching reforms designed to sustain China’s rapid econom ...More

EJ Insight2023-10-27

Fixing global economic governance

... thanks to central banks pumping huge amounts of money into the economy in response to the 2008 financial crisis (which the private sector caused) and the COVID-19 pandemic. The result is a roundabout ...More

EJ Insight2023-10-26

Mideast war threatens China’s economic relations with Israel

... e Israeli central bank added the yuan to its reserves for the first time. Chinese firms have won contracts to build new ports in Haifa and Ashdod and part of the light rail system of Tel Aviv. They ha ...More

EJ Insight2023-10-24

Green property tech is emerging

... orm” is a central database of three-dimensional (3D) green building elements, making it easier for architects and designers to add green elements when planning and designing buildings. In recent years ...More

EJ Insight2023-10-24


... 王國結成「同盟國」(Central Powers)。以英國、法國、俄羅斯為牽頭的協約國嘗試煽動奧斯曼境內的猶太 ...全文


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