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China opens new railway to Europe, without Russia

...  with the Central Asian states through which they will run. He hosted a summit with leaders of the five states in Xian in the middle of May. Xi announced 26 billion yuan in financial support and grant ...More

EJ Insight2023-06-01

The US debt ceiling debacle not over

... ctions on central bank independence. With former US President Donald Trump very much in the mix to return to the White House after the 2024 election, who knows what else. The idea that hitting the deb ...More

EJ Insight2023-05-30

China education a mismatch for job market

... In March, Central Television (CCTV) showed a video by a young couple with college degrees who said that they earned 9,000 yuan a night selling street food, such as teppanyaki tofu and French fries, at ...More

EJ Insight2023-05-22

Sell in May and go away?

... t months. Central bankers doubtless remain troubled by the situation. One hopes the most recent figures are just a one-off exception. But if they are not, the Federal Reserve Board will confront a ver ...More

EJ Insight2023-05-18

The global climate system’s Himalayan hotspot

... uchare in central Nepal resembled a black rock pyramid this winter, devoid of ice and snow. Glaciers near Mount Everest have turned into large lakes. More than a tourist attraction or a place for high ...More

EJ Insight2023-05-16

Listening to Arab youth

...  region’s central banks continued tightening monetary policy to prevent inflation expectations from de-anchoring. Coupled with turbulence in global financial markets and increased policy uncertainty, ...More

EJ Insight2023-05-15

中環夏誌6.9開幕 玩足45天

... 理中環海濱活動空間的Central Venue Management(CVM)主辦,今年已踏入第七屆,以往每年 ...全文



... 理中環海濱活動空間的Central Venue Management(CVM)主辦,踏入第七屆的《Summer ...全文


Dollar relief for the global south

... hen major central banks tighten monetary policy. Last year was especially difficult for EMDEs. Initially plagued by sharp capital-flow reversals as investors sought higher yields in the United States, ...More

EJ Insight2023-05-12

Greening Eastern Europe’s growth engines

Over the past three years, a series of overlapping crises has exposed the structural weaknesses in Central and Eastern European (CEE) economies. Coming on the back of rising labor costs and declining ...More

EJ Insight2023-05-11

China’s consumption triangle: A possible trinity

... ackets of central banks in developed economies, China stands out as a relative “safe haven,” equipped with a growth premium, minimal systemic risks within the domestic banking and real estate sectors, ...More

EJ Insight2023-05-02

Sleepwalking into a global recession

...  European Central Bank began hiking interest rates last year, developing economies worried about the adverse effects of monetary tightening and a strengthening dollar on the global economy. The curren ...More

EJ Insight2023-04-28

Fed pause: Loosening monetary policy would be a mistake

... decade of central bank largesse which distorted all asset classes, including real estate. The tightening of credit could tip the US into a recession which has so far remained out of sight. At this sta ...More

EJ Insight2023-04-28

March’s stress events to tighten financing conditions

...  lines to central banks in major developed economies barely increased (though repo to other (EM) central banks rose by $50 billion in the weeks following the US bank run). Still, credit growth has slo ...More

EJ Insight2023-04-26

Taking HK businesses to next level with 5G and edge computing

... nd into a central data cloud. Optimising Resources and Costs Edge computing generates savings for businesses in multiple ways. Reducing cloud capacity requirements is one example. In a system where a ...More

EJ Insight2023-04-25


英國《金融時報》引述Central Banking Publications發布的外滙儲備管理趨勢調查指出,涵 ...全文



... 會2023和Art Central 2023已於3月下旬順利舉行,分別吸引約8.6萬名和4萬名訪客。 文藝盛事 ...全文


事隔4年再開齋 貴絕過去10個月新盤

... 島東半山超級豪宅項目Central Peak II(Central Peak發展項目第2期)洋房上月以約4.1 ...全文


How to improve smart mobility in addition to new toll scheme?

... shing new central business district (CBD) With a population of nearly 4 million in the New Territories and another 1 million expected in the northern metropolis in the future, if the CBD is still in T ...More

EJ Insight2023-04-17

保安森嚴 禁攜手機入內

... en's Road Central(解放皇后大道中)」等字句,呼籲減少該區行車流量。 ...全文


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