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Bond strategy: Be patient and accumulate duration on weakness

... is clear: central banks will likely need to raise rates further and keep them there for longer than previously expected. Nevertheless, it is important to realise how far we have already come in this t ...More

EJ Insight2023-03-01

What Europe’s economy needs now

...  European Central Bank to increase interest rates further and faster. What we need instead is targeted support, namely investments in sectors that are green and likely to promote resilience and compet ...More

EJ Insight2023-03-01

Who stands for freedom?

...  freedom. Central to this vision of capitalism is the freedom to exploit: Monopolies should have unfettered power to trample potential entrants and squeeze their workers, and firms should be free to c ...More

EJ Insight2023-02-28

APAC real estate: Opportunities to rise as borrowing costs bite

With major central banks outside of Japan tightening their monetary policies to counter rising inflation in recent months, borrowing costs have increased sharply in most developed Asian markets. Banks ...More

EJ Insight2023-02-23

信置少賺42% 售樓收入腰斬
中期息維持15仙 今年推6個新盤

... III、中環ONE CENTRAL PLACE、元朗柏瓏III,以及黃竹坑港島南岸第4A及4B期已取得預售樓花 ...全文



... 會2023、Art Central 2023、「宋懷桂:藝術先鋒與時尚教母」及「倫敦國家美術館名作(暫名)」。 ...全文



... 進「央行數碼貨幣」(central bank digital currency)──「數字人民幣」(E-CNY ...全文



... 港第二個核心商業區(central business district,CBD)的定位是否足夠清晰和明確的問題 ...全文


Richmond海角豪宅天下 內區樓價親民
三藩市受累加息 房價急回可撈貨

... mond(市場一般把Central Richmond歸納到Outer Richmond)。位處Richmond ...全文


Hong Kong:A crisis averted, but will justice be seen to be done?

... le to the central government. The interpretation said the Committee “has the power to make evaluation and decision on whether an issue concerning national security is involved.” Article 47, also inter ...More

EJ Insight2023-02-10

Hong Kong stunned by suicide in London of gifted student

... itain. In central London, there is a vibrant night life, which is expensive, but not in most other places. Young people in Hong Kong are used to going out in the evenings at a moment’s notice for wont ...More

EJ Insight2023-02-09

Hong Kong stunned by suicide in London of gifted student

... itain. In central London, there is a vibrant night life ...全文

今日信報時事評論EJ InsightMark O’Neill2023年02月09日

The Fed’s climate complacency

... rcises by central banks in Europe and elsewhere, the Fed is relying on scenarios created by the Network for Greening the Financial System (NFGS), despite a growing recognition that these rest on flawe ...More

EJ Insight2023-02-08

Could these two trends save Britain?

...  the UK’s central economic challenges. But the issue is not just high prices relative to incomes. Equally important are the regional disparities in housing prices. For many decades, housing prices in ...More

EJ Insight2023-02-08

Year of Rabbit: Leaping into a bumper year for digital payment

... donesia's central bank (BI) announced plans to use the digital Rupiah to buy products in the metaverse in the future. Many central banks around the world are also developing Central Bank Digital Curre ...More

EJ Insight2023-02-02


... 局合作的中環ONE CENTRAL PLACE,有望今年內推售。 此外,該集團夥中電集團合作發展的何文田St. ...全文


啟德靚地建簡屋 政府企硬不轉軚

... 謔原本定位為CBD(Central Business District,商業核心區)的啟德,與另一CBD(Ca ...全文


信置今年推5新盤 涉逾3000伙

... 4伙)及中環ONE CENTRAL PLACE(121伙)。 此外,該集團夥會德豐地產牽頭的西南九龍長沙灣維港 ...全文



... 都位於劍橋。一家是在Central Square的「十八鮮」,水餃麵很清淡,適合廣東人口味。另一家是228 B ...全文



... 角色說:「讓我帶你到Central Square的韓國超市H Mart。」 H Mart是美國最大的亞洲超市連 ...全文


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