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Boris Johnson leaves behind a sterling mess

... un on the central bank. Wilson sought to reassure the public that “the pound in your pocket” was as solid as ever. Labour’s subsequent election defeat suggests that voters saw through the pretense. Th ...More

EJ Insight2022-07-11

去貨速度冠澳洲 價廉物美取勝

... 市中心的中央火車站(Central Station)車程大約1小時。   從威靈頓角火車站附近的大街Mai ...全文



... 達東山臺。 比鄰豪宅CENTRAL PEAK的嶺南小學及嶺南幼稚園校舍,已於去年中已以5億元售出。另一方面,司 ...全文


Yes, crypto still matters

... rein even central banks are vulnerable to being dethroned by new forms of digital money. Yet the Cambrian explosion in cryptocurrencies, blockchain-based transactions, and fintech should be seen as mo ...More

EJ Insight2022-07-08

All that is solid melts into inflation

... rough the central bank. In both the United States and the United Kingdom, the treasury and the central bank had come to be seen as a unified “macroeconomic executive.” Regarding themselves as globally ...More

EJ Insight2022-07-07

Xi swears in new HK leader,declares capitalism will be permanent

... tem. “The central government,” he said, “fully supports Hong Kong in maintaining its unique status and strengths on a long-term basis, in consolidating its role as an international financial, shipping ...More

EJ Insight2022-07-04

媒體創意人才雲集 樓價200萬港元有找

... l區Salford Central火車站前面停車場及廢棄區域改造為商住區,毗鄰River Irwell的土地發 ...全文



... 鐘至Salford Central火車站,往機場車程只約24分鐘。 Novella高23層,提供211個1房及 ...全文


When central bankers become the target

... clared on central bank governors: They are being shot at from all sides. US Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell and his colleagues are accused of failing to spot the early signs of an inflationary thr ...More

EJ Insight2022-07-01

A stagflationary debt crisis looms

... uded most central banks and fiscal authorities – must admit to having been mistaken. The second question is whether the increase in inflation was driven more by excessive aggregate demand (loose monet ...More

EJ Insight2022-06-30

Inflation expectations: The 1970s revisited?

...  become a central issue. In early June, the University of Michigan’s closely watched inflation-expectations survey showed that respondents’ expectations of inflation over the next five years had risen ...More

EJ Insight2022-06-28

3D maps enhance disaster prevention and rescue

...  allowing central and local EOC commanders to view on-screen and arrange corresponding actions. The 3D GIS platform goes a step further to present a digital terrain model (DTM) displaying terrain and ...More

EJ Insight2022-06-28


... 政策的「中心角色」(central role)。芬蘭政府也研判中俄都想削弱美國的世界領導角色,和依照自己的假設 ...全文


Ignoble ease

... e Chinese central government’s perception and the hard, legal fact is that as the sovereign power, it can impose any law on Hong Kong that it wishes to. There remains the residual legal argument wheth ...More

EJ Insight2022-06-27

Silicon Hill累售560單位 套現逾45億

... 珀山及Prince Central的推售單位,相信未來日子將經常三盤齊發。 ...全文



... 中心重要性」(of central importance to security in Europe and ...全文


必嘉坊.曦匯收2161票 超購10.9倍

... 元。 Prince Central 4房戶呎售36154元 此外,新地(00016)旗下大埔白石角新盤Sili ...全文


Today’s crises are different

...  hands of central bankers and finance ministers. They included new financial regulations and fiscal and monetary policies to restore lost employment and output. Today’s crises, in contrast, are interd ...More

EJ Insight2022-06-17


... (00016)東半山Central Peak上月以雙破頂價售出一個特色戶,作價達2.88億元,實用呎價約10. ...全文


必嘉坊.曦匯收逾2000票 今截飛

... 島東半山超級豪宅項目Central Peak(Central Peak發展項目第1期)上月以2.88億元售出一 ...全文


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