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What is the diplomatic value of AIIB to China?

... Belt, One Road”. To achieve its goal, China needs money to build infrastructure, and the AIIB will be a strong fundraising platform. While attracting some rising economies to challenge the existing in ...More

EJ Insight2015-03-30

Lai Sun says major projects to deliver returns in two years

... servatory Road in Tsim Sha Tsui, which the company jointly controls with Henderson Land Development Co. Ltd. (00012.HK), the Hong Kong Economic Journal reported Thursday. Lease agreements for the Obse ...More

EJ Insight2015-03-26

Girl, 2, sets India national archery record

... nin, in a road accident in 2010, reports said. "When we came to know that the baby was on the way, we decided to mold her as an archer," French news agency AFP quoted Satyanarayana as saying. "The pre ...More

EJ Insight2015-03-26


... ras Basah Road)與橋北路,沿途擠滿向李光耀致哀的民眾,有數位女華裔長者更跪在路旁,泣不成聲。 無 ...全文

今日信報EJ Global2015年03月26日

Dying giant groupers saved from shuttered restaurant

A seafood restaurant in Sheung Wan is under fire after leaving eight giant groupers to starve for a week. Royal Dragon Seafood Cuisine in Connaught Road West has been closed since March 17 over a wage ...More

EJ Insight2015-03-25

How to navigate the investment landscape amid strong dollar

... Belt, One Road” strategy will support Chinese companies seeking overseas infrastructure projects. The move is aimed at connecting Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Myanmar. Future plans will include lar ...More

EJ Insight2015-03-24

Monetary easing, SOE reforms to remain key China themes

China's GDP growth is likely to moderate to below 7 percent in the first quarter of this year, which would pave the way for further monetary easing. And Beijing's push of the "One Belt One Road" strat ...More

EJ Insight2015-03-24

What Lee Kuan Yew did right

... nt from abroad, especially from the United States, Japan and Europe, to rekindle the local economy. What he strove to offer was an industrious, high-caliber labor force, sound infrastructure and an ef ...More

EJ Insight2015-03-24

How print media can leverage digitalization

... g winding road but there should be no fear for forward-lookers. High quality content with the right business model will pay off in the end. -- Contact us at [email protected] RC ...More

EJ Insight2015-03-23

Power, infrastructure sectors to benefit from new policies

... rigger a broad market correction. Market hype about financial plays will continue until the government formally announces tax reform. Its recent decision to allow local governments to swap existing hi ...More

EJ Insight2015-03-23

Digital transformation key to revive Europe's economy

... -quality broadband, both wired and wireless. As part of Europe’s Digital Agenda, policymakers have set out to connect 50 percent of European households to superfast broadband (100 mbps or greater) by ...More

EJ Insight2015-03-23

新加坡核心地段 交通配套完善
Havelock II及Southbank SOHO 全新零售項目

... th Bridge Road交界,接通主要幹道,而且只需步行3分鐘便可達Lavender MRT站,可享快捷的 ...全文


HK luxury shops cut prices amid slumping euro

...  a Canton Road Chanel shop in Tsim Sha Tsui district where buyers had to wait an hour to enter, the report said. A Hong Kong buyer, surnamed Chan, said he paid HK$34,000 (US$4,400) for a Classic Chane ...More

EJ Insight2015-03-19


... lp!、Abbey Road等專輯,他早以用醬汁在碟邊上表明心跡。 上桌最震撼的莫過於「泰姬陵」,造型絕對惹人 ...全文


How HK can benefit from China's 'One Belt, One Road' strategy

Hong Kong, as an international city with long history, can play a big role in China's "One Belt, One Road" strategy. The former British colony has been home to a number of internal organizations and s ...More

EJ Insight2015-03-18

How Qatar will benefit from yuan clearing deal

... Belt, One Road” strategy in cementing trading ties with western Asian nations. The reemergence of the Silk Road will have significant impact on global order in the long run. China and Qatar signed a m ...More

EJ Insight2015-03-17

China-backed AIIB unstoppable despite US attempts to foil it

...  the Silk Road Fund, set up to improve connectivity along the Silk Road Economic Belt, which is meant to connect China and Europe and will involve the construction of roads, railways and pipelines, am ...More

EJ Insight2015-03-17

世界遺產地 冰川公園遊

... o-the-Sun Road,由冰川往洛基山走,經Choteau 和Wolf Creek,直達懷俄明黃石公園入 ...全文


Why Middle Asia will gladly join China's silk road plan

Although "One Belt, One Road" is commonly regarded as China's strategy to balance the United States' pivot to the Asia-Pacific region, its impact on Russia should not be ignored. The Silk Road Economi ...More

EJ Insight2015-03-16

倫敦核心區豪宅 配套完備
Westminster Quarter佔盡地利優勢

... 皇道(King's Road)之間的地標購物熱點Harrods Department Store也十分便捷。 ...全文


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