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Housing Society seeks to ease restrictions on subletting scheme

... owners of designated HKHS housing units are allowed to rent out rooms to households waiting for public housing. Although about 13,000 HKHS flat owners are qualified to apply for the scheme, only 13 of ...More

EJ Insight2019-05-22

英式簡約 軟木家具

... 設計師(Royal Designer of Industry),並與日本設計師深澤直人合著,分享獨特的美學觀。 ...全文


寵物樂園 寫意空間

... (Sim-Plex Design Studio) 設計主題 : 清簡柔和   撰文:黃靜美智子 jimmywo ...全文


Creating a circular economy for plastics

... ntion and design. The Hong Kong government should adopt the Producer Responsibility Scheme (PRS) and provide economic incentives for manufacturers to make more durable and environmentally-friendly pro ...More

EJ Insight2019-05-21

HKSTP launches smart living initiative 'InnoCell' for IT talent

...  flexible design and communal facilities, to promote cross-fertilization among talent. At the commencement ceremony, Hong Kong's leader Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor pointed out that the government had a ...More

EJ Insight2019-05-21

Can Huawei survive US trade ban with its Noah's Ark?

...  chipset, designed by subsidiary HiSilicon, is considered to be able to compete with Qualcomm’s high-end chips. Nevertheless, it remains questionable whether Huawei will be able to rely on itself comp ...More

EJ Insight2019-05-21

Hong Kong: China demands right to extradite

...  bill was designed to enable Hong Kong to return him to Taiwan to face murder charges. But Taiwan has said it will not accept the suspect if its own nationals may be subject to extradition to the main ...More

EJ Insight2019-05-20

US lawmaker seeks probe over rail tech from China

US Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer is asking the federal government to investigate if a plan for new subway cars in New York City, designed by a Chinese state-owned firm, could pose a threat to ...More

EJ Insight2019-05-20

日永續商品店 謝絕衝動消費

... 著名設計獎Good Design Award)的設計商品,卻以非常便宜的價格售賣。他不禁問:「為何上好的產品最 ...全文


China wants Europe to replace US as strategic partner

... te -- had designated China as their top global rival and competitor. The worsening trade war is the most dramatic sign of this historic change. Amid this situation, Beijing wants Europe to replace the ...More

EJ Insight2019-05-17

Architect I.M. Pei dies at 102

I.M. Pei, whose modern designs and high-profile projects made him one of the best-known and most prolific architects of the 20th century, died early on Thursday at his home in Manhattan, the New York ...More

EJ Insight2019-05-17

Why the world needs national development banks

... helped to design policies to encourage investment in renewable energy – particularly solar – and provided significant initial funding. As a result, Germany and especially China have been major global ...More

EJ Insight2019-05-16

HK startup seeks to help kids on personal finance habits

... e startup designed a variety of cartoon stickers as rewards for children who complete tasks such as logging in daily in a given period, and set up wish lists. Co-founded by Chester Szeen and Teresa Ch ...More

EJ Insight2019-05-16

Data visualization only first step toward building a smart city

I'm currently working on a training program for the Beijing municipal government on ways to build a data-driven smart city and design a framework for precise decision-making. Many people mix up a deci ...More

EJ Insight2019-05-16

簡樸木質 和諧開揚

... Pure AW's Designers) 設計主題 : 現代簡約   撰文:黃靜美智子 [email protected] ...全文


Spare that Hong Kong icon Grappa's

... arks of a design, though by whom I am reluctant to suggest. Our ever-sensitive property tycoons are hell-bent on replacing traditional shops with yet more retail outlets for big brands like Gucci and ...More

EJ Insight2019-05-15


... 話係佢放低,就唯有代designer阿Ken個仔同佢講句「多謝」,因為係呢個小朋友要印花去換筆袋喎(好似係用嚟 ...全文


澳洲新晉設計師 「誠實設計」忠於材質

... 計」(Honest Design),同樣追求忠於材質,並且注重作品的耐用性。Tom去年更成為連卡佛2018年悉 ...全文


WhatsApp urges users to upgrade app after spyware attack report

...  exploits designed to compromise information stored on mobile devices,” a spokesman said. “We are constantly working alongside industry partners to provide the latest security enhancements to help pro ...More

EJ Insight2019-05-14

Swine flu case prompts cull of 6,000 pigs in Sheung Shui

... o an area designated by the Environmental Protection Department in the Northeast New Territories Landfill in Ta Kwu Ling, where disinfectant powder was sprayed on them. The FEHD spokesperson noted tha ...More

EJ Insight2019-05-14

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