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Promoting smart construction with interactive map dashboard

In order to promote digital transformation in the construction industry, the Construction Industry Council (CIC) has recently launched an interactive map dashboard called “Smart Construction in Hong K ...More

EJ Insight2021-12-20

Sustainable investing: Driving change through engagement

The focus on sustainability across both the investment industry and around the corporate world has intensified significantly in recent years. One thing that may be driving this is the recognition that ...More

EJ Insight2021-12-20


澳洲廣播公司(ABC)報道,澳洲國防部正為學生和公務員提供豐厚的獎學金,鼓勵他們進修核子科學和工程,為澳洲與美 ...全文

今日信報EJ Global2021年12月20日

Italy’s consumer-blind trustbusting

This month, Italy’s antitrust regulator, the Autorità Garante della Concorrenza e del Mercato (AGCM), fined Amazon €1.13 billion ($1.28 billion) for abusing its market dominance and forcing third-part ...More

EJ Insight2021-12-17

Water as an asset class

Just over a decade ago, I predicted the arrival of water as an asset class. I foresaw “a massive expansion of investment in the water sector, including the production of fresh, clean water from other ...More

EJ Insight2021-12-17

Avoiding the worst in Ukraine and Taiwan

Two dangerous flashpoints, in Europe and Asia, could bring the United States, Russia, and China into open conflict. The crises over Ukraine and Taiwan can be resolved, but all parties must respect the ...More

EJ Insight2021-12-16


本港8名中學生組成的隊伍在第六屆國際大都會奧林匹克表現卓越,贏得團體賽銀牌外,亦在個人獎項中,奪得四金兩銀一銅 ...全文


Stopping the for-profit ‘pandemic’

It has been less than two years since phrases like “flatten the curve,” “contact tracing,” “social distancing,” and many others related to the COVID-19 pandemic entered the lexicon and became part of ...More

EJ Insight2021-12-14

Can Hong Kong’s education system prevent ‘involution’?

In recent years, the term “involution” has become a buzzword, used to capture the discontent experienced by young people, referring to excessive and vicious competition as well as persistent economic ...More

EJ Insight2021-12-13

Digital transformation of HK's construction industry

In face of ageing labour and rising costs, how can local construction industry use technology to turn crisis into opportunities? According to the estimate from the Hong Kong Construction Association, ...More

EJ Insight2021-12-13

法規將收緊 未成年或不可參與

國際航空聯盟(FAI)香港競速無人機公開大賽於上周六在2021數碼娛樂領袖論壇期間舉行。16位競速無人機選手( ...全文

今日信報財經新聞StartupBeat 創科鬥室2021年12月13日

Remembering Anita

It's usually rather hard to put pen to paper on a stran ...全文

今日信報時事評論EJ InsightBrian Wong2021年12月11日

Republican martyrs

One might well wonder what a pudgy teenager was doing roaming the streets of a Midwestern town with a semi-automatic assault rifle, claiming to be a defender of citizens and property. But that is not ...More

EJ Insight2021-12-10


引言︰ 立法會選舉本月19日舉行,選委會界別共佔40個議席,成為立法會內最大板塊。繼昨日登出立法會選委會界部分 ...全文


Notpla A輪融資 維港投資領投

可持續包裝初創Notpla宣布,完成1000萬英鎊A輪融資,由長和系創辦人李嘉誠旗下維港投資領投,原有投資者A ...全文


Omicron: A wake-up call

The writing had always been on the wall. We spend decad ...全文

今日信報時事評論EJ InsightBrian Wong2021年12月09日


引言: 立法會選舉本月19日舉行,選委會界別共佔40個議席,成為立法會內最大版塊。繼昨日本報登出立法會部分候選 ...全文



可持續包裝初創Notpla宣布完成1000萬英鎊A輪融資,由長和系創辦人李嘉誠旗下維港投資領投,原有投資者As ...全文


Remembering Anita Mui

It’s usually rather hard to put pen to paper on a stranger. It’s even harder to articulate clearly one’s thoughts on a stranger who had passed before one has come of age. Candle in the wind – Elton Jo ...More

EJ Insight2021-12-08

Advancing ESG efforts

The word of the week, unfortunately, is Omicron. With yet another new COVID-19 variant dominating the headlines, the global spotlight on climate issues following last month’s COP26 conference is quick ...More

EJ Insight2021-12-08

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