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Donald Trump’s Federal Reserve

... All other central bankers, finance ministers, and even presidents run a distant second. If that seems hyperbolic, it is only because most of us don’t really pay attention to the Fed on a day-to-day ba ...More

EJ Insight2017-11-03

天匯最後一伙 豪花2000萬裝修

... 3)發展的中環My Central亦於今日進行第三輪34伙銷售,其中20伙預留予S組向隅客優先認購,市傳昨日累 ...全文


Govt mulls plan to allow early use of MPF savings for first home

... ngapore’s Central Provident Fund (CPF), which allows contributors to withdraw money from the accounts to buy homes. He noted that the CPF scheme has three sub-accounts: for retirement, home purchase a ...More

EJ Insight2017-11-02

National anthem legislation: what the opposition could do

...  law when central authorities can interpret the law anytime to suit their desire. The Secretary for Constitutional and Mainland Affairs Patrick Nip Tak-kuen on Wednesday said Hong Kong has the constit ...More

EJ Insight2017-11-02

New faces to dominate Beijing’s coordination group on HK

... er of the Central Coordination Group for Hong Kong and Macau Affairs. Over the years, the central coordination group has remained a high-level but low-profile body charged with overseeing Hong Kong an ...More

EJ Insight2017-11-02

Climate leadership means ending fossil-fuel production

...  question central to it all is not being seriously addressed: what is the plan for weaning ourselves off oil, coal, and gas? That question is becoming increasingly urgent, because governments around t ...More

EJ Insight2017-11-02

Europe's hard core problem

... ance, and Central Europe. Now, populists blame her for not just refugees, but for terrorism, too. Similarly, Macron has not done himself any favors in Central and Eastern Europe. His criticism of the ...More

EJ Insight2017-11-02

Documentary on Joshua Wong in Oscar nomination race

... he Occupy Central protests in 2014. The documentary has already won the audience award in the World Cinema Documentary category in January this year, and will now compete for next year’s Academy Award ...More

EJ Insight2017-11-01

Hong Kong's observation wheel to reopen at HK$20 a ride

Hong Kong’s observation wheel is set to reopen as part of a new AIA Vitality Park at the Central harbourfront. The new operator, The Entertainment Corporation Limited (TECL), has partnered with AIA Gr ...More

EJ Insight2017-11-01

Are 1967 riots, 1989 Beijing events 'less important' in history?

... ad of the central government's liaison office in Hong Kong, invited school principals and teachers here recently to discuss issues related to the Chinese history curriculum. It only shows that Beijing ...More

EJ Insight2017-11-01

Eight dead in truck attack on Manhattan bike path

... market in central Berlin, killing 12 people and injuring 48. In April of this year, a failed asylum seeker careened down a busy street in a truck in central Stockholm, crashing into a department store ...More

EJ Insight2017-11-01

本地家族1.25億購My Central三頂層戶

長實(01113)與市建局發展的中環大型單幢豪宅My Central連番沽清,更有投資者不惜付辣招稅入市。項目 ...全文


My Central周五第三輪推34伙

長實(01113)旗下中環豪宅項目My Central兩度推售皆沽清,短短約一周套現逾36億元;項目周五(11 ...全文


Dining with man's best friend

... lways the Central stalwart that is Staunton’s Wine Bar, on the escalator, which has long been a favorite for people-watching, brunch and casual evening drinks. And staff supply water bowls for thirsty ...More

EJ Insight2017-10-30

Protesters oppose Union Church redevelopment plan

... week. The Central and Western Concern Group cited an open letter from church members who pointed out that the church has not opened a tender for the project nor consulted experts to prove that the chu ...More

EJ Insight2017-10-30

Concerns over Xi remarks on HK unwarranted: Rimsky Yuen

... eject the central government's exercise of power according to law or even challenge the bottom line of the "One country, Two systems" principle in the name of high degree autonomy. As for comments by ...More

EJ Insight2017-10-30


... 9年3月底。 My Central加推最後3伙價單 另外,長實與市建局合作發展的中環My Central,上周 ...全文


Why Japanese equities are a good bet

... ares: the central bank’s ongoing purchase of ETFs tracking the Nikkei Index. Bank of Japan holds about 16 trillion yen (US$140 billion) of ETFs, according to Citibank’s estimate. That number could go ...More

EJ Insight2017-10-27

The next Federal Reserve chair

... bility in central banking. Yellen, whom I have known since we worked together in 1977, has performed very well in her nearly four years as Fed chair. Though she hasn’t confronted a crisis, she did hel ...More

EJ Insight2017-10-27

My Central超額16.6倍 18人爭1伙

長實(01113)及市建局合作發展的中環嘉咸街My Central周五(27日)進行次輪賣樓共68伙,市場消息 ...全文


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