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China tightens regulation of digital information

... said Jake Parker, vice president of the US-China Business Council. The draft is open for public comment until May 11 and could change in its final form. Other recent Chinese cybersecurity regulations ...More

EJ Insight2017-04-12

Edwardian-style Red House in Quarry Bay

...  50 Mount Parker Road, the house was built with red bricks and is the oldest of the five. Constructed in the mid 1920s, the house served as a residence for senior staff of the Taikoo Sugar Refinery. B ...More

EJ Insight2016-12-30

Confessions of Joseph Lau about his ex-girlfriend

...  that her Parker Road residence is still under his name and the two diamonds he bought for their daughter Zoe will be passed to her after his death. Lau, who has vastly improved after a kidney transpl ...More

EJ Insight2016-11-16

Three more suspects arrested in machete gang attack

... ppened in Parkers Street and Ning Po Street. Two officers opened fire after the suspects ignored verbal warnings and continued to attack the victim with knives and machetes. Two of the suspects were h ...More

EJ Insight2016-10-05

Singapore rolls out world's first self-driving taxis

... ce,” Doug Parker, chief operating officer of nuTonomy, said in an interview Thursday. “We’re in a technology race here and I think there are going to be a handful of winners.” NuTonomy’s test vehicles ...More

EJ Insight2016-08-26

Urban legends about Taikoo Sugar and Mount Parker cable car

... the Mount Parker area, and developed Hong Kong’s first ever cable car system in 1892, connecting Murray Place (now Quarry Bay Street) to Quarry Pass, so that workers of the dockyard and the refinery d ...More

EJ Insight2016-04-29

Nike unveils power-lacing sneakers, other innovations

... tive Mark Parker said the new version of the app -- set to be launched in the US market in June and later elsewhere -- will offer a more tailored service, including personalized product recommendation ...More

EJ Insight2016-03-18

Oscars host slammed for unfunny jokes about Asian kids

... said Nina Parker, host of Access Hollywood. All told, a lot of people were upset about both examples of tasteless humor. "Was that another anti-Asian joke just then, from Baron Cohen/Ali G? I can't. N ...More

EJ Insight2016-03-01

Japanese grenades keep turning up for these war relic hunters

... the Mount Parker hillside in Quarry Bay. A year ago, the group recovered four grenades, 54 bullets and a mortar in Black’s Link. Wartime Japanese grenades found near Hong Kong Parkview (Nov. 30, 2015) ...More

EJ Insight2016-01-28

Popularity is not something to be shrugged off by our leaders

... d Camilla Parker Bowles. If the queen did eventually pass her throne to her grandson rather than Charles, it would suggest that even though the British monarch is not elected, public opinion and appro ...More

EJ Insight2016-01-26

Would you drink water from this toilet?

... ," Alison Parker, lead researcher on the project, told the foundation. "The pathogens remain in the waste at the bottom of the holding chamber, so the water is basically pure and clean." Cranfield Uni ...More

EJ Insight2016-01-08

Jogging up Mount Parker of Hong Kong Island

...  at Mount Parker on Hong Kong Island is highly recommended. I often start at Quarry Bay Park, jogging past Nan Fung Sun Chuen and then climbing uphill via Quarry Bay Tree Walk. Soon I arrive at the si ...More

EJ Insight2015-12-19

War relic hunters recover WWII grenade

...  at Mount Parker in Quarry Bay. On Jan. 16, David discovered four WWII Japanese hand grenades, 54 bullets and a mortar on a slope at 60 Black's Link. -- Contact us at [email protected] DY/JP/FL ...More

EJ Insight2015-11-12

Retrial for US cop who threw man from India to the ground

A US police officer is being retried for throwing a man from India to the ground, causing serious injuries, in an incident recorded on video. Eric Parker is being retried in federal court on accusatio ...More

EJ Insight2015-10-29

Why Nike wants Michael Jordan to sell sneakers to women

... tive Mark Parker told Bloomberg Television’s Stephanie Ruhle in an interview. “The opportunity is to give the consumer more choice in that brand, carefully.” The latest efforts will gauge Jordan’s cur ...More

EJ Insight2015-10-16

TV journalists murdered in on-air shooting, suspect kills self

US viewers are reeling from the cold-blooded killing of two television journalists during a live broadcast. Alison Parker, 24, and cameraman Adam Ward, 27 were gunned down and a woman they were interv ...More

EJ Insight2015-08-27

HK tycoon gives US$25 mln to take UN news service private

... ector Ben Parker told a news conference in Geneva on Thursday. The changes were made possible by a donation from Jho Low, director of Jynwel Charitable Foundation. Low said the aim is to scale up cove ...More

EJ Insight2014-11-21

Samsonite acquires Gregory for US$85 mln

... utive Tim Parker said Thursday. "The deal will enable us to cover the outdoor market with two well-known brands -- Gregory in the premium segment and High Sierra in the mid-market," he said. Founded i ...More

EJ Insight2014-06-19

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