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Is China winning the AI race?

... sanitaire by using AI-enhanced algorithms to track residents’ movements and scale up testing capabilities while massive new health-care facilities were being built. The COVID-19 outbreak coincided wit ...More

EJ Insight2020-08-05

Trump’s hypocrisy on China

... moderated by a warm international embrace, would become freer at home and more cooperative abroad, has ended in failure. In fact, Nixon never sought to democratize China – he needed Mao’s help to end ...More

EJ Insight2020-08-05


... 布的一份聲明,微軟和ByteDance正在就收購TikTok業務進行談判,特朗普本人和美國外資投資委員會深度捲 ...全文


中美繼續嗌交 邁向斷絕社交

... k的母公司字節跳動(ByteDance)儘管一直否認指控,奈何技術上根本無法自證清白,何況中美兩國已然陷入針鋒 ...全文


Why Hong Kong is the ideal place to resolve commercial disputes

... reatments by other common law jurisdictions. Subject to the relevant laws and procedural rules, a party simply needs to show in a new proceeding that the Hong Kong judgment is a money judgment for a d ...More

EJ Insight2020-08-04

How Visa enables open innovation with fintech partners

In recent years, financial technology, or fintech, has experienced rapid development in Hong Kong with many startups launched. The granting of eight virtual banking licenses last year by the Hong Kon ...More

EJ Insight2020-08-04


... 中國軟件商字節跳動(ByteDance)洽談收購短視頻平台TikTok,預期9月15日或之前會有結果。 ...全文


HK investor proposes new cities abroad for thousands of migrants

... ion taken by the Department in this matter.” Ko has previously acknowledged that the VHG has not travelled to Ireland due to pandemic restrictions, so – despite the publicity – it would appear that th ...More

EJ Insight2020-08-03

Principled prosecutor

... etermined by a jury, there will be occasions when the DPP could, in theory, relinquish responsibility to the jury but this would be an abdication. A prime example of the necessity for the DPP to be to ...More

EJ Insight2020-08-03

Local universities help foster financial technology development

... published by the Economist Intelligence Unit (ElU) in June this year, over 80% of the senior executives of the interviewed banks also pointed out the talent issue as the major challenge in AI adoption ...More

EJ Insight2020-08-03

特朗普插手 微軟續向字節跳動洽購TikTok

全球最大軟件商微軟發表聲明,指繼續與中國軟件商字節跳動(ByteDance)洽談收購短視頻平台TikTok,預 ...全文


How to close America’s COVID-19 testing deficit

... nd money. By the time you know the result, it is too late to do anything different. For “surveillance testing,” an essential part of preventing outbreaks, two highly unequal worlds are emerging. Big c ...More

EJ Insight2020-08-03

納瓦羅指特朗普將處置TikTok 共和黨議員支持美資接手

... 府迫使中國字節跳動(ByteDance)放棄短視頻平台TikTok美國業務,由美國企業接手的計劃。 美國總統特 ...全文


蓬佩奧:特朗普將採取行動 應對中國軟件商

... 中國軟件商字節跳動(ByteDance),危及美國國家安全。 另外,財長努欽接受媒體訪問時指,財政部轄下的外國 ...全文


美股高位勢危 專家促減持套現

... 資主管Ben Kirby指,選擇轉持歐洲股票,因為當地疫情較美國緩和,經濟前景較明朗。 ...全文


特朗普最快今下令封殺TikTok 不支持微軟收購

美國總統特朗普表示,將最快在美國時間周六採取行動,封殺北京字節跳動(ByteDance)旗下短視頻平台TikT ...全文



... ,要求北京字節跳動(ByteDance)放棄TikTok的控制權,以釋除TikTok可能將美國用戶資料交給中國 ...全文


特朗普計劃簽署命令 逼字節跳動放棄TikTok控制權

路透報道,美國政府將採取行動,剝奪北京字節跳動(ByteDance)對旗下短視頻平台TikTok的控制權,以釋 ...全文



... ulled him by the tail; and when I observed he was a fin ...全文


新地上水廣場及PopWalk天晉滙 聯手推出外賣自取連環賞

... The Point by SHKP/PopWalk會員更可尊享積分換領美食優惠券及抗疫禮品,場內指定食肆亦推出 ...全文


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