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The gathering stagflationary storm

The new reality with which many advanced economies and emerging markets must reckon is higher inflation and slowing economic growth. And a big reason for the current bout of stagflation is a series of ...More

EJ Insight2022-04-29

Keeping afloat in Hong Kong’s tech ‘talent tsunami’

The employment environment in Hong Kong’s tech industry is currently undergoing a talent shake-up. With a tech talent supply shortage, the power is in the hands of job seekers rather than organisation ...More

EJ Insight2022-04-27

Applying the COVID blueprint to cholera

Since COVID-19 engulfed the world two years ago, “unprecedented” has become something of a buzzword. But while the coronavirus has posed unique challenges at a time of deep global interconnectedness, ...More

EJ Insight2022-04-27


倫敦4月底,早前陽光普照、攝氏十七八度的日子,逐漸成為過去。英國氣象局預測踏進5月,會有寒流襲英,有些地方還會 ...全文


時勢造就 情騙橫流

交友應用程式的流行和針對新冠疫情而實施的社交距離措施為人際關係帶來重大變化。近年欺詐案在香港特區層出不窮,升勢 ...全文

今日信報時事評論龍虎山下謝國生 章穎芝2022年04月27日

The growth engines are sputtering

The International Monetary Fund’s revised World Economic Outlook (WEO) is sobering. It is rare for the organization to revise down sharply its projections for economic growth just one quarter into the ...More

EJ Insight2022-04-26


今年2月,美國白宮出版拜登的首份「印度太平洋戰略」文件。由於白宮文件的諮詢草議已於去年開始,本文綜合去年至今印 ...全文


Will the Ukraine war upend the sustainability agenda?

The casualties in Russian President Vladimir Putin’s war against Ukraine extend well beyond the Ukrainians whom Russian forces are directly targeting. Russia’s aggression also threatens the global sus ...More

EJ Insight2022-04-25

Smart city starts with smart planning

Smart city starts with smart planning, and geographic information system or GIS is the foundation technology for smart city development. It empowers town planners to determine how, where, and when the ...More

EJ Insight2022-04-25

惠陶集團(08238) (修改後標題) 公告及通告 - [股東周年大會通告 / 暫停辦理過戶登記手續或更改暫停辦理過戶日期]

惠陶集團(08238) 更改股東週年大會日期及暫停辦理股份過戶登記期間以及更新COVID-19相關指引(546 ...全文


惠陶集團(08238) 股東周年大會的結果 / 暫停辦理過戶登記手續或更改暫停辦理過戶日期

惠陶集團(08238) 更改股東週年大會日期及暫停辦理股份過戶登記期間以及更新COVID-19相關指引(546 ...全文


This inflation is demand-driven and persistent

Commentators have generally offered two arguments about advanced economies’ performance since COVID-19 struck, only one of which can be true. The first is that the economic rebound has been surprising ...More

EJ Insight2022-04-22

What we need for long-term peace and prosperity

Russia’s war in Ukraine is a humanitarian catastrophe that violates the United Nations Charter and international humanitarian law, and has exacerbated socioeconomic and environmental crises around the ...More

EJ Insight2022-04-21

Horse racing never dies

Show me a business that stayed resilient in March, the toughest month so far this year. Not even HKTV mall, a popular online shopping site that reported a decline in sales due to the logistics shut do ...More

EJ Insight2022-04-20

KFM金德(03816) 內幕消息

KFM金德(03816) 內幕消息 由於COVID-19疫情導致上海封鎖對業務運營造成的影響(191KB, p ...全文



美國今年3月的液化天然氣(liquefied natural gas, LNG)總出口量增至約743萬噸,再創 ...全文



俗語:「盧醫不自醫。」意指是醫生雖然能給人治病,卻不能醫治自己的病。這是普通常識,甚至於古代不通文墨的人都會明 ...全文



新冠病毒蹂躪人類兩年多,令一些確診者身體出現了各種古靈精怪的症狀。有救護員在上門接收新冠病人時,看到一個詭秘的 ...全文


Reopening story in Asia and renewed investment opportunity

The lack of energy supply globally caused by the Russia-Ukraine situation, pressure on prices and the Fed's rate hikes, and the reopening story in Asia will continue to shape the global economy in the ...More

EJ Insight2022-04-14

Europe’s economy on a knife edge

Europe’s economy is finely poised between recession and growth. The knife edge is sharp because European policymakers have exactly zero control over the outcome. Before Russian President Vladimir Puti ...More

EJ Insight2022-04-14

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