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Office decentralisation trend in Hong Kong

... aditional central business districts (CBDs) on the Hong Kong island. Hong Kong has long been an international finance hub and the need for quality office spaces can no longer be met by solely traditio ...More

EJ Insight2021-05-06

The climate tipping point we want

... ll play a central role in these dynamics, because it affects both the demand and supply sides of low- and zero-carbon technologies, offering both carrots and sticks, domestically and internationally. ...More

EJ Insight2021-05-05

A tale of two Carries

... ended the central government because “they have foreign connections,” an automatic disqualification from being regarded as patriots, whatever that means. Dr. Lam and his two sons by La Lam are all Bri ...More

EJ Insight2021-05-04

HK property prices firm despite outlfow of capital into UK

... igners in central London, second equal with Americans and mainland Chinese, after French with 14.6 per cent. Hong Kong newspapers are crowded with advertisements for British properties, not only for ‘ ...More

EJ Insight2021-05-03

倫敦Hackney Wick公園簇擁 樓價相宜
位處地鐵2區 藝術氣息濃 重建留古蹟

... ,可轉乘地鐵中央線(Central Line)及Jubilee線前往倫敦其他地區。另區內有巴士直達倫敦市中心, ...全文


高手過招重時機 投資有時不講理

... CBD(中央商業區,Central Business District)將移至九龍東,好多大型保險公司、金融公 ...全文


Measuring what matters

... anet were central to defining humanity’s progress. Using this approach, more than 50 countries drop out of the very high human development group based on UNDP’s standard Human Development Index, while ...More

EJ Insight2021-04-28

How to stop the poverty pandemic

... uation is central to program success, as Graduation’s 20-year evolution in Bangladesh has shown. And by examining a program’s effects on different population groups and continuing to tweak and test it ...More

EJ Insight2021-04-27


... 東半山司徒拔道18號Central Peak發展項目第2期,涉19伙;大坑宏豐臺10號,涉6伙;汀九85號則佔 ...全文


Why the Xinjiang genocide allegations are unjustified

...  East and Central Asia after the September 2001 attacks: to stop the terrorism of militant Islamic groups. As the Hong Kong-based businessman and writer Weijian Shan has recounted, China experienced r ...More

EJ Insight2021-04-23

Can multilateral cooperation coexist with great-power rivalry?

... sters and central bank governors and the International Monetary and Financial Committee, are still to be worked out. It would not only involve a record new $650 billion SDR issuance to countries in pr ...More

EJ Insight2021-04-22

Greening of the Asian financial ecosystem takes great strides

... d China’s central bank announced in late March that it is co-operating with the European Union to push for greater convergence of taxonomies of green finance and investments across the two markets. Th ...More

EJ Insight2021-04-22

Will US stimulus spending lead to higher interest rates?

... on of the central bank taking away the proverbial punch bowl initially tends to lead to a decline in economic activity, which is hard for central bankers to stomach. What seems for now to be a one-off ...More

EJ Insight2021-04-21


... minal 2,距離Central Bus Station較近。我拿到行李後狂奔,預早拿走了飛機上的枕頭和毛氈 ...全文


Biden’s climate opportunity in Latin America

... ng on the Central American migration crisis, it must not miss the opportunity to drive urgently needed climate action to help the region rebuild after the pandemic. Given the scale of Latin America’s ...More

EJ Insight2021-04-20


... 效率降低的問題。根據Central Banking刊登的中國國際金融論壇2020報告,在沒有碳排放的情況下,生 ...全文


Then, now and next: Retail’s roadmap for cryptocurrency

...  in the decentralized and anonymous nature of blockchain. And, as access to cryptocurrencies expands along with acceptance, digital-native consumers who have grown up alongside the payment method will ...More

EJ Insight2021-04-16

娛圈NFT之父非陳奐仁 而是獎門人

... 是去中心化應用(Decentralized Application)的一種展現形式,並將與電影《聖人大盜》(T ...全文


Is stagflation coming?

... elow most central banks’ annual 2% target for over a decade. The first holds that the United States has enacted excessive fiscal stimulus for an economy that already appears to be recovering faster th ...More

EJ Insight2021-04-15

連續三年登英國西北城市宜居榜首 普雷斯頓市中心矜罕豪宅項目The Exchange售價僅12.6萬英鎊起

... ersity of Central Lancashire(UCLAN),該校是全歐洲最富有的大學之一,資金實力 ...全文


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