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Google parent unveils new cyber-security unit

...  research lab and into the holding company - a process it calls "graduating", Reuters noted. The earlier initiatives involved healthcare unit Verily and self-driving vehicle company Waymo.  -- Contact ...More

EJ Insight2018-01-25

設創新實驗室 投資金融科技

... nnovation Lab),目前仍處於初期構思階段,理念是發掘港交所有可能應用而具顛覆性的金融科技,也不排除 ...全文


Google, Tencent join US$15 million funding for pharma startup

... icated AI lab in the country. -- Contact us at [email protected] CG ...More

EJ Insight2018-01-24

Why is Google seeking ties with Chinese tech firms?

... future collaboration on technology. The agreement will help Google and Tencent cooperate with each other so that they can "focus on building better products and services for their users," a Google exe ...More

EJ Insight2018-01-23


... Kaspersky Lab)固然是國際首屈一指的電腦安全企業,但去年美國國土安全局因卡巴斯基實驗室懷疑與俄羅斯 ...全文

今日信報EJ GlobalEJ GLOBAL plus 環地視野陳偉信2017年12月30日

UrWork rebrands shared-office service after trademark lawsuit

... m Context Lab also participated in the round, which values the company at US$1.3 billion. Mao said in the statement that the new funding will be used to implement its global expansion plans, as well a ...More

EJ Insight2017-12-28

China ride-hailing giant Didi raises US$4 bln in fresh funding

... n R&D lab in Silicon Valley which focuses on intelligent driving technologies and AI-based security. Didi also is looking to expand to Taiwan via a local partner, LEDI Technology. Some of the new ...More

EJ Insight2017-12-22

Restaurant group accused of serving fake grouper

... th Point. Lab tests later corroborated the suspicion as there was no grouper found in the dish but catfish instead. All of the braches were charged with "supplies or offers to supply any goods to whic ...More

EJ Insight2017-12-21

Kaspersky Lab asks court to overturn US govt software ban

Russian security software maker Kaspersky Lab said it has asked a US federal court to overturn a Trump administration ban on use of its products in government networks, Reuters reports. Referring to a ...More

EJ Insight2017-12-19


... 提出「Global Lab」,由英美多國招聘人才到港。 張翔的身份認同亦成為會面焦點,有學生問他認為自己屬「中 ...全文



... 導共益企業的機構B Lab更推行了一種認證制度,讓世界上任何以地區的企業都可以申請為認證的共益企業。目前已發展 ...全文



... ,數碼港的Test Lab能否共用金管局的Sand Box(沙盒),助金融科技公司測試。林向陽回應稱,早前已與 ...全文


Twitter 'bots' boost Russian backlash against Olympic ban

...  Research Lab of the Washington-based Atlantic Council think tank. Twitter did not answer written questions sent by Reuters but referred to its user policy which prohibits spamming by both automated a ...More

EJ Insight2017-12-11


... 成立了公司級的AI Lab(人工智能實驗室),並在美國設海外實驗室。在醫學發展上,研究機器篩查和分析醫學影像, ...全文


How WeChat monitors information flow and tackles fake news

... ence (AI) lab with WeChat, described WeSeer as a powerful software that can predict which articles are likely to go viral in the next hour, pinpoint key accounts driving the spread of information, as ...More

EJ Insight2017-11-27

廖偉芬咖啡濃情 成長路甜苦交織
廖創興家族後人 高質品味暖貧民

...  Roastery Lab,發現與傳統的coffee shop很不同:裝修簡約,以黑、白、灰作主調,最特別是一 ...全文



... NITH Defy Lab 44毫米Aeronith錶殼搭配真力時振盪器(ZO 342型自動機芯),60小時動 ...全文


鐘錶版「奧斯卡」 鑑賞奪獎佳作

... NITH Defy Lab奪得,絕對實至名歸,此腕錶正是目前全世界最精準的機械錶,重點是將1675年科學家Ch ...全文


AV Concept斥1000萬攻網媒

... 地內容,並藉830 Lab培育本地創意行業人才,這兩項業務的行政總裁蘇智燊直言,香港有不少創作人才,但可能缺乏 ...全文


US issues technical alert on 'North Korea cyber attacks'

... Kaspersky Lab’s software on their systems in a review prompted by concerns the antivirus firm is vulnerable to Kremlin influence, a security official told Congress. Jeanette Manfra, assistant secretar ...More

EJ Insight2017-11-15

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