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Hong Kong unveils list of intangible cultural heritage

Hong Kong is known worldwide as a shopping paradise, but it has much more to offer. The city has a rich and unique cultural heritage that offers so many intangibles such Cantonese opera, the Dragon Bo ...More

EJ Insight2014-06-17

The Italian space capsule: Where no espresso has gone before

Italian astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti is on the frontier of creating space history. Not only is Cristoforetti to be the first Italian woman in space, she is tipped to be the first of any nationalit ...More

EJ Insight2014-06-17

Phone battery runs out? Have a coffee

Feeling helpless when your smartphone runs out of battery? No worries. Have a coffee. Starbucks has tied up with battery maker Duracell to provide wireless charging in Starbucks outlets across the Uni ...More

EJ Insight2014-06-16

759 noodle shop talk sends CEC stock surging

CEC International Holdings Ltd. (0759.HK) surged 10 percent Tuesday on news it's preparing to open its first 759 wonton noodles restaurant in Hong Kong. It mattered little that founder Lam Wai-chung s ...More

EJ Insight2014-06-04

Prawns replace abalone in recipe for austerity

You know something has changed on the mainland when a developer cannot open a eight-story clubhouse in prime Shanghai real estate to give the city's elite the space to rub shoulders.  Reuters reports ...More

EJ Insight2014-05-26

Volvo hitches up to Yongche for China rental ride

Volvo hitches up to Yongche for China rental ride Looking for cachet on wheels but don't have the cash? Want arrive in comfort but don't have much room to move on the budget? A Volvo rental could be t ...More

EJ Insight2014-05-22

Freelance courier app gains traction but doubts linger

Care to moonlight as a courier delivery person and earn some extra dollars? If the answer is yes and if you are in China, an online app can just help turn that wish into reality. One-year old Renrenku ...More

EJ Insight2014-05-20

Keep some energy drinks out of reach of children

Three of 19 energy drinks tested by the Consumer Council contain more caffeine than a cup of coffee and are not suitable for children and pregnant women, Apple Daily reported Friday. The council said ...More

EJ Insight2014-05-16

Online door opens for offshore ginseng sales

Changchun in Jilin province has opened a gateway for ginseng to the world with the launch of an international ginseng business-to-customer e-commerce platform, Xinhua reported Wednesday. Teng Hongyan, ...More

EJ Insight2014-05-15

BOCHK roadtests QR code security for mobile payments

BOC Credit Card (International) Ltd. is still hammering out security issues with ​mobile quick response (​QR​)​ code payments ​to safeguard customer details but QR code electronic coupons could be up ...More

EJ Insight2014-05-05

Yunnan cannabis: A matter of agriculture or crime?

Investors with a taste for risk are betting on a new product – the cannabis plant grown in the southwest province of Yunnan. It can produce the marijuana drug or hemp which is refined into oil, seed f ...More

EJ Insight2014-04-23

QQ and WeChat: When is a little sibling rivalry unhealthy?

Tencent Holdings (00700.HK) has watched its QQ instant messaging service take a back seat to its hugely popular younger sibling, WeChat. But the lopsided attention they have been getting from the mark ...More

EJ Insight2014-04-16

Huiyuan to acquire Suntory Shanghai Foods units, filing says

Beverage maker China Huiyuan Juice Group Ltd (01886.HK) said in a regulatory filing Thursday it is acquiring the entire interest in Suntory (Shanghai) Foods Co. Ltd., a unit of Japanese beverage produ ...More

EJ Insight2014-03-21

China Goubuli in talks to buy into US coffee chain, paper says

Restaurant chain China Goubuli Group, famous for its steamed stuffed buns, is in talks to take a minority stake in Dunkin' Donuts, 21st Century Business Herald reported Wednesday, citing various unnam ...More

EJ Insight2014-01-22

Tianjin Goubuli to acquire US coffee chain, report says

Tianjin Goubuli Group Co. Ltd., a renowned Chinese food chain that was founded in 1858, said on Wednesday that it will acquire a well-known US-based coffee shop chain in the first half of this year, T ...More

EJ Insight2014-01-09

Dongfeng negotiates stake in Europe's No. 2 automaker

Dongfeng Motor Co. is negotiating the purchase of a stake in PSA/Peugeot-Citreon, Europe's second largest automaker, in what would be the most important foreign acquisition by a Chinese carmaker. In 2 ...More

EJ Insight2013-12-09

Price fall to hit record Yunnan coffee harvest, paper says

Mainland coffee bean prices are expected to fall to less than 15 yuan (US$2.45) per kilogram based on futures prices on the New York market, National Business Daily reported Monday, citing the Yunnan ...More

EJ Insight2013-10-28

Starbucks China prices: Tempest in a coffee pot

Chinese media are finally discovering something that I've known all along, namely that Starbucks (Nasdaq: SBUX) coffee here is ridiculously overpriced. Some might say a new investigative report from n ...More

EJ Insight2013-10-23

Taiwan's growing allure for Hong Kong emigrants

Henry Leung is 36, university-educated and lives alone in the 70-square-meter apartment in Tsimshatsui he inherited from his parents. Despite a fine education, he cannot find a good job; he earns a li ...More

EJ Insight2013-10-21

Is Starbucks ripping off its Chinese customers?

A cup of Starbucks latte costs US$3 in United States, but in Shanghai, you have to shell out 27 yuan (US$4.4), a 46 percent mark-up, for the same brew. Given the average discretionary income of an off ...More

EJ Insight2013-10-10

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